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Prevail Web Management - You have an idea of a great website? Do you want to get a presence on the internet? Come on in well talk about web design and layout and getting the most from your web server.
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  2. Disaster... I tried to recondition a used hard drive for Eileen's computer and made a fresh partition table and formatted the hard drive fully. Then this morning 24 hours later the drive failed again. So I've got to buy a another set for her computer and get it fixed as well. She has a laptop with windows 10 but its not fully compatible with my network and printer setup.
  3. Here is a page from nixCraft that is super simple and covers everything for you. Compressing the files, making one compressed file to send, even backs up your MySQL data too. https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-to-back-up-a-web-server/ The only twist I love to do this is set the shell script in a root folder and root permissions. Now setup Anacron to run that shell script every day or every week. The system will not ask for passwords or prompt you if the script is correct. It should run quietly in the background doing it job once a day or once a week. Cron vs
  4. So some of you might not know this but I managed to smoke 2 hard drives in 2 machines quickly in one day. Basically started out with my machine just being lazy after 7 years of service. I was doing clean up and re-tuning to lighten the loads. After a few reboots the /home directory of Linux was unreadable. So during boot you would see a job started to mount / home folder but errors out. I took out that hard drive and move over to Eileen's PC to attempt to read my main hard drive. Eileen's computer crashed. Second hard drive failed. Now Eileen's hard drive I was able to rebuild in about any hou

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