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Prevail Web Management - You have an idea of a great website? Do you want to get a presence on the internet? Come on in well talk about web design and layout and getting the most from your web server.

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  2. Here is a page from nixCraft that is super simple and covers everything for you. Compressing the files, making one compressed file to send, even backs up your MySQL data too. https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-to-back-up-a-web-server/ The only twist I love to do this is set the shell script in a root folder and root permissions. Now setup Anacron to run that shell script every day or every week. The system will not ask for passwords or prompt you if the script is correct. It should run quietly in the background doing it job once a day or once a week. Cron vs. Anacron. Cron will require the machine to be on at the set time every day it suppose to run. If the time is missed the script does not run period. Anacron if you miss the run time it will still run the shell script if missed then flags that the script has ran for this period and waits for the next period. Not time or date sensitive. #!/bin/bash # A Simple Shell Script to Backup Red Hat / CentOS / Fedora / Debian / Ubuntu Apache Webserver and SQL Database # Path to backup directories DIRS="/home/vivek/ /var/www/html/ /etc" # Store todays date NOW=$(date +"%F") # Store backup path BACKUP="/backup/$NOW" # Backup file name hostname.time.tar.gz BFILE="$(hostname).$(date +'%T').tar.gz" PFILE="$(hostname).$(date +'%T').pg.sql.gz" MFILE="$(hostname).$(date +'%T').mysql.sq.gz" # Set Pgsql username PGSQLUSER="vivek" # Set MySQL username and password MYSQLUSER="vivek" MYSQLPASSWORD="myPassword" # Remote SSH server setup SSHSERVER="backup.example.com" # your remote ssh server SSHUSER="vivek" # username SSHDUMPDIR="/backup/remote" # remote ssh server directory to store dumps # Paths for binary files TAR="/bin/tar" PGDUMP="/usr/bin/pg_dump" MYSQLDUMP="/usr/bin/mysqldump" GZIP="/bin/gzip" SCP="/usr/bin/scp" SSH="/usr/bin/ssh" LOGGER="/usr/bin/logger" # make sure backup directory exists [ ! -d $BACKUP ] && mkdir -p ${BACKUP} # Log backup start time in /var/log/messages $LOGGER "$0: *** Backup started @ $(date) ***" # Backup websever dirs $TAR -zcvf ${BACKUP}/${BFILE} "${DIRS}" # Backup PgSQL $PGDUMP -x -D -U${PGSQLUSER} | $GZIP -c > ${BACKUP}/${PFILE} # Backup MySQL $MYSQLDUMP -u ${MYSQLUSER} -h localhost -p${MYSQLPASSWORD} --all-databases | $GZIP -9 > ${BACKUP}/${MFILE} # Dump all local files to failsafe remote UNIX ssh server / home server $SSH ${SSHUSER}@${SSHSERVER} mkdir -p ${SSHDUMPDIR}/${NOW} $SCP -r ${BACKUP}/* ${SSHUSER}@${SSHSERVER}:${SSHDUMPDIR}/${NOW} # Log backup end time in /var/log/messages $LOGGER "$0: *** Backup Ended @ $(date) ***"
  3. So some of you might not know this but I managed to smoke 2 hard drives in 2 machines quickly in one day. Basically started out with my machine just being lazy after 7 years of service. I was doing clean up and re-tuning to lighten the loads. After a few reboots the /home directory of Linux was unreadable. So during boot you would see a job started to mount / home folder but errors out. I took out that hard drive and move over to Eileen's PC to attempt to read my main hard drive. Eileen's computer crashed. Second hard drive failed. Now Eileen's hard drive I was able to rebuild in about any hour being there wasn't much there. That was my life raft to keep the website going. I order a SSD drive (PNY) that is 250 GB in size. This is my new / (root) folder drive. I partitioned it out in half. So there is now two 125 GB partitions for one Linux Root files and then Windows in a VirtualBox. There is a reason for Windows in a virtualbox. This way if Windows picks up a virus it not going to load on my physical drive but to a virtual drive that is in a box and cannot infect the rest of the machine. Then second I want only read only files more so on the SSD to extend life of the harddrive. Now my new /home folder drive will be here in August 11 roughly. This is a Seagate Hybrid drive that is a 7,200 RPM and combo'ed with a small SSD drive as well. This give me the stability of a mechanical drive and then a speed of 7,200 RPM drive on top with even more speed of SSD drive. It took me a couple of hours from installing the new SSD drive to installing a fresh copy of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on the drives. I was check the benchmark of the PNY which Ubuntu clocks the drive at 532 MB per second. Where my old 2TB Hard Drive barely 134 MB per second. Installing Ubuntu was super fast on that SSD maybe 15 minutes including downloading updates while installing. Total Cost for this upgrade... $111.46 PNY SSD hard drive - $30.99 2.5 Inch carrier to 3.5 inch bay - $7.99 Seagate Hybrid 1TB drive $72.48 Now I'm waiting on the other hard drive to get here.
  4. Just found a app for Linux and Android which allows Android mobile device to your Linux PC wireless over WiFi. On the Linux PC you need to install GSConnect. On the Android side you need to install KDE Connect. Once you install the software to both now pari up and you can remote control your cellphone from you PC and visa versa. Like if my cellphone rings it automatically stops the media on my PC, reduces the volume, then displays the caller information on the screen. Even text messages are displayed on the screen. You can send SMS messages from your PC now. If you lose your phone just click ring. It will make the phone ring so you can find it. Spin it around now you can control the mouse with the screen of your phone. Takes a bit of getting used too and the gestures you've got to use to do functions. You can do file transfers from your phone over high speed WiFi. Like my LG G5 cellphone is capable of 5GHz WiFi so it can transfer much faster than most USB cords. Gnome Extension https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1319/gsconnect/ Android App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.kde.kdeconnect_tp&hl=en_US
  5. At least that info is out for the iApple stuff no the site now. Thanks @AH64ID
  6. The Apple OS won't let you pass data, but certain apps will. Thou I've never found it to be an issue, as it still does everything via Bluetooth that I ask it to.
  7. One small hitch with Apple devices. Can't pass data on Bluetooth connection. Which is the only limitation Apple devices have that I know of.
  8. IIRC iPhones can have up to 7 Bluetooth connections at once, thou I’ve never tried more than 2.
  9. @LegendaryKing can I ask if you are using a iPhone? Just went to the garage and checked. I can hook up to 3 Bluetooth signals all at the same time. Quadzilla iQuad Cheap China Stereo listening to music iRadar Cobra Radar Detector LetsCom Fitness watch (standby) Then on the fly select my Bluetooth earbuds without dropping the audio for a quick second as it switches.
  10. Buy a better phone. Mine does two Bluetooth at the same time. My LG G5 (Android) hook up automagically with my cheap China made stereo and the Quadzilla at the same time.
  11. Now days we all have multiple products that work on bluetooth in our trucks but unfortunately our cell phones can only connect to a single bluetooth instance. What are you guys using as a bluetooth hub/router for your cell phones in your truck? Does it work with all your aftermarket toys?
  12. The trick with batteries is to never use them to dead empty. Always charge them back up before they reach like 15-25% then the battery doesn't take the damage as bad. This is why I install the fast charger in the truck so if the phone is discharged I can still use it in full duty and charge it back up in quick time. My old USB charger would only hold the charge at whatever state and required the phone to be turned off to charge quickly. Now I can charge my LG G5 cell phone and my Garmin GPS just as easy.
  13. Probably not but it does last longer and the older the battery the less it wI'll charge
  14. I doubt there is a cell phone battery that can withstand 13 to 14 hours of constant screen on without being plugged in.
  15. On Amazon I found a bigger amp hour battery for my S5
  16. Yeah, that was me trying to get the domain name move from the old server to the new server. The SSL certificate was being slow on transferring.
  17. I tried to log onto site last night (UK) firefox wouldn't load it saying something about security cert. I added an exception and the page that loaded had the right name but it wasn't this site. All ok today though ?
  18. On the Linux Side I use KDEnLive freeware and works awesome. kdenlive.org
  19. I know this is kind of an old thread but I use VSDC. Its a free program and its pretty good. I used to use GoPro Studio but they stopped supporting it so I switched to VSDC. I had to watch some YouTube videos to learn the basics but after that it was pretty easy to use. I shoot a lot of video from my kayak fishing adventures here in Oregon. I also do some videos with a local chapter of Heroes on the Water that I run. You can check out my youtube channel here The last 3 or 4 were done with VSDC and the rest were done with GoPro Studio or GoPro Quik
  20. As I said it was all ok until 6th december (figured this out after finding out what had happened) this coincided with a new version of gmail being forced on users at least here, I had resisted the change as I was up to end user as the old version I was using put next to nothing into spam and was much simpler/easier to use, 6th december end of choice, and end of notification emails as all were being put into spam by Gmail not me which is not easily visible by default, all sorted now as I said
  21. Grrr... That might explain some of the email problems with Gmail. I just got done with a battle on another server and it was a different problem but Gmail was quick to spam box most stuff from Invision Power Board software.
  22. Do what ? I never did anything, new version of gmail made the decision for me, took me a while to figure out what had happened because I don't have the time to spend in front of a computer hence the question, once I'd found where the notification emails were it took a few seconds to add this site to my trusted list and all notifications are now in primary email and NOT in spam where GMAIL put them not me as I said from the start
  23. Please don't do this! This puts the Mopar1973Man.Com on the blacklist and then will prevent all gmail.com user from getting email. Yes sounds weird but Google keeps score of how many are listing the email as spam then eventually puts us in the blacklist and then all members here with a gmail.com account will be denied email including new members trying to register. https://mopar1973man.com/notifications/options/ Please go to this link and set what you want for email. Instant, one per day, one per week. Then there is "Only send one email notification for content I follow until I revisit the community" make sure that is checked then it only sends the one time till you return.
  24. All sorted now left the notifications as they were, all down to being forced to use a new version of gmail which puts a lot of stuff in a spam folder which is not really visible

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