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  • Cummins Support

    Mopar1973Man, myself has been providing technical support to thousands of members within the USA now since 2004.


    There are several ways of getting support:

    • Forums
    • Support from key staff members
    • Phone support with me 

    Phone Support

    Phone support requires your personal profile to be up-to-date. Real Name and Phone Number are required to be correct. Make it nicer to ask for "John Doe" than someones username then have all the confusion trying to reach someone. Your phone number I use to verify who you are and prevent fraud. You would create an appointment on the calendar and then I would approve the appointment. Once that is done I will call you at the set time. You don't need to call me. If you have Facebook and arranged a friendship with me I will even do video calls to be able to see what you're dealing with.


    All support is at the cost of $40 an hour. The first hour is paid in full, all other time beyond the first hour is charged in 0.1 hour intervals. In the description box please give me a good description of what your troubles are and any information about your vehicle. 



    Support Ticket

    Support tickets can be used for many things. If you find issues with the web site and want to report bug or issue. Just create a support ticket so staff can get busy with the issue. We will continue to work with you till the issue is fix. This could be an either website issue or Cummins issues. Support tickets can be done on the website from the link above or by email. Best to use website directly that way I've got your account details and some info about what I'm dealing with. Support tickets are typically a small handful of tech in my group. Support ticket are available for subscribing members. 



    Staff Directory

    Found out who does what here on Mopar1973Man.Com. You just want to reach out to single person. 

    Contact Us

    If you contacting us about other business matters. Like getting your vehicle repaired. Then this is the page you can get directions to my shop and contact me for repairs on your vehicles. I have been servicing Dodge Ram Cummins truck for most of the local ranchers. I'm not limited to Cummins I will work on just about any gasoline or diesel powered vehicles. Even including other types like backhoes and farming equipment. Shop labor rate is $85 an hour. 



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