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    Edge Comp Settings

    From what I understand when your setting you power levels you got the main number (1-5) and the sub level (1-5). To set the sub-level press the power switch and hold for a few seconds and release. The LED bars will be flashing rapidly. Now you can adjust the sub-level.

    The main number controls the maximum fuel rate and maximum timing advancement. This it the amount of total fuel at WOT that will be used. Higher the number the more fuel at WOT.

    Main Level Horse Power / Timing
    1 40
    2 60
    3 80
    4 100
    5 120

    The sub number is how quick it will get to maximum fuel rate and maximum timing advancement by boost pressure. Higher the number the less boost required to get to full fuel rate and timing advancement. This also might create black smoke during acceleration.

    Sub Level Fuel Rate / Timing
    1 33% of Fuel is supplied until 20 PSI of Boost then 100% is supplied
    2 50% of Fuel is supplied until 15 PSI of Boost then 100% is supplied
    3 67% of Fuel is supplied until 10 PSI of Boost then 100% is supplied
    4 adds less fuel than Sub-level 5
    5 adds the most fuel at low boost

    Recommended setting is 4x4 or 5x5. Reason being is that most of you every day driving on city streets and highways you will never be able to keep the boost above 10 PSI. That means once the Edge falls in de-fuel mode you've lost you time advancement and any kind of fuel enhancement. The de-fuel mode is a de-fuel stock mode which you want to avoid. De-fuel mode was designed for people that have a large turbo and/or large injectors and it gives them a way to control smoke till the turbo spools up.

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