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  • IAT Sensor Cleaning

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    I just want to attempt to kill off some Internet myths again. Cleaning IAT sensor WILL NOT improve engine performance or fix any engine problems.




    This right here is an IAT sensor for 98.5 to 02 Dodge Cummins 24V engine. This sensor has about 50k miles of gunk on it. This has ZERO impact on the sensor ability to read air temperature in the manifold. Cleaning the sensor will do nothing for performance or MPG. The way to check the IAT sensor for problems is with a live data tool like OBDLink, ScanGauge II or even the Quadzilla Adrenaline. Now at first key on of the day take note of the coolant and the IAT temperatures. The ECT and IAT temperatures should match. If they do match then nothing needs to be done as the IAT sensor is working correctly. If the ECT and IAT temperatures don't match then the IAT sensor will most likely need to be replaced. When doing this testing make sure the block heater is not plugged in for that night. 

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