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  • P0168 High Injection Pump Fuel Temperature

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    Monitor & Set Conditions

    Engine performance is monitored with the engine running. DTC will set if fuel temperature sensor signal indicates fuel temperature has exceeded the engine protection and/or pump protection limit.

    Possible Causes

    • Overflow Valve
    • Fuel Injection Pump Module


    1. Test operation of overflow valve located on the fuel injection pump. See OVERFLOW VALVE under FUEL SYSTEMS in SYSTEM & COMPONENT TESTING - RAM PICKUP - DIESEL article. If overflow valve operates properly, go to next step. If overflow valve is defective, replace overflow valve. See appropriate REMOVAL, OVERHAUL & INSTALLATION article.

    2. At this time, Fuel Pump Control Module (FPCM) is assumed to be defective and must be replaced. FPCM is incorporated into fuel injection pump and is non-serviceable. Replace fuel injection pump. See appropriate REMOVAL, OVERHAUL & INSTALLATION article.

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