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  • P0177 Water In Fuel

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    Monitor & Set Conditions

    Water-In-Fuel (WIF) sensor circuit is monitored with ignition on. DTC will set if WIF sensor indicates the water in the fuel filter needs to be drained.

    Possible Causes

    • Water-In-Fuel (WIF) Sensor
    • WIF Sensor Signal Circuit Short To Ground


    1. Turn ignition on with engine off. Disconnect WIF sensor harness connector and note operation of WATER-IN-FUEL light. WIF sensor is located at bottom of fuel filter/water separator on driver's side of engine, just behind fuel injection pump. WATER-IN-FUEL light is located on instrument panel, just below the tachometer. If WATER-IN-FUEL light is off, go to next step. If WATER-IN-FUEL light remains on, perform DTC P0178: WATER IN FUEL TEMPERATURE SENSOR TOO LOW test.

    2. Turn ignition off. Note location of drain valve and drain hose on fuel filter/water separator. Place drain pan below drain hose. Pull handle on drain valve upward and allow water to drain from fuel filter/water separator. Release handle on drain valve. Reinstall WIF sensor harness connector. Turn ignition on with engine off and note operation of WATER-IN-FUEL light. If WATER-IN-FUEL light remains on, replace WIF sensor. See appropriate REMOVAL, OVERHAUL & INSTALLATION article. If WATER-INFUEL light is off, test is complete.

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