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  • P0602 ECM Fueling Calibration

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    Monitor & Set Conditions

    Engine Control Module (ECM) fueling calibration error is monitored when ignition is on. DTC may be stored if any parameter is out of range for one second.

    Possible Causes

    • Good Trip Counter Equals Zero
    • ECM


    1. Turn ignition on with engine off. Using DRBIII(R) scan tool, check for DTCs. If Good Trip Counter for DTC P0602 is displayed and equal to zero, go to next step. If Good Trip Counter for DTC P0602 is displayed and not equal to zero, DTC is not present at this time. Using scan tool, clear DTCs. Test is complete.

    2. At this time, conditions required for DTC to be stored are not present. Ensure ignition is on with engine off. Using scan tool, read and record FREEZE FRAME data. Road test vehicle under conditions displayed in FREEZE FRAME data parameters. Check for pertinent technical service bulletins that apply to vehicle. Update ECM calibration using required equipment. If ECM calibration is updated before reading FREEZE FRAME data, the FREEZE FRAME data will be erased. Using scan tool, check for DTCs. If DTC P0602 does not return, test is complete. If DTC P0602 returns, replace and program ECM. See appropriate REMOVAL, OVERHAUL & INSTALLATION article. ECM is located on driver's side of engine, just in front of fuel transfer pump and contains a 50-pin connector.

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