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    I just got done rebuilding the front drive shaft. Rather easy task and the parts are easy to common by even to rebuild the cardan joint ball. Also forgive me I got the camera lens greasy on my phone.


    Before you break down the double cardan joint mark it so you get it back together the same way. I used a file a scratch a line across all the pieces. It hard to see but there is a line across the left joint cap, the middle joint and the rear joint cap.



    Now using my Harbor Freight Ball Joint Press I'm simple driving the cap out the other side and disassembling the double cardan joint from the flange end working towards the shaft. When you take it all apart now check your centering ball and bearing. Mine was in sad shape. As you'll see all the needle bearing fell out (ashtray) and no grease was left. 



    So I made a cal to the local NAPA store and they had the centering ball in stock bit pricey at $80 but I needed. It made by SKF and part number is UJ617.0317171227a-m.jpg


    Now you need to clean up your old end remove all the grease and dirt. I piled up a good goob of grease in the bottom before installing the ball. 



    Now using a socket to drive the ball into the joint end.



    Now drive your seal in place with the same socket just do it very light tapping with your hammer or small ball peen. Now the grease should of been shoved into the needle bearings. You notice there is a small hole for the grease to ooze out the bottom and filled the needle bearings.0317171231-m.jpg


    Now start to assemble your u-joint is the shaft. Again using a Harbor Freight Ball Joint Press which is awesome because you'll never have to strike the drive shaft with a hammer or worry about needle bearing to falling over. Now during this process the first cap I will drive too far to the other side but not out of the yoke. This is to push the cross over to the other side a bit more so when you place your other cap it already started on the cross arm and less risk of the needle bearing falling out. before driving it in place your clip on the first cap.



    Now I did things a bit different and assembled my last joint in the rear flange. What you have to do is place your spring in the shaft with a bit a of grease to hold it. Then tilt the ball just enough to so you can start the cross of the u-joint and the centering ball at the same time. Be patient there is enough room and it will go in.0317171246-m.jpg


    Finished product... So when you are done it should move in all directions freely without binding. Make sure to grease all your joint before installing the shaft.



    For the front joint I just used the vise and pump grease till the red was seen in all ends. 



    Now install the front driveshaft...


    What a double cardan joint looks like moving...

    Image result for double cardan joint

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    Was useful to see before getting into it, especially since I never torn one down before. Helped to reference when needed.

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    Always learning something new, this was pretty easy to do yourself with basic tools, no need to pay hundreds of dollars to somebody else. 

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