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  • Fuel filter and Water Seperator Replace

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    on 2013+ trucks there are 2 filters that should be changed every 15,000 miles.  this should be done when you do your oil filter


    Parts needed / Part number

    1. 68197867AB fuel Filter

    2. 68157291AA Water separtor

    3. 29mm socket f or the fuel filter cap

    4. ratchet / extensions / elbows 

    5. oil filter rubber wrench is helpful for the water seperator


    Filter Locations




    Filter 1 is on the driver side of the engine mounted to the block. You will need a 29mm socket to undo this.  You will also likely need a elbow or 2 to get around the hood cowl.  Note the cap is plastic so take care not to strip it.  



    Filter 2 is located just in front of the Rear Axel centered above the drive shaft.  This filter is a screw on filter.  


    ** please note that you will get a good amount of fuel spillage when you unscrew this filter.  Ensure your eyes are not going to be leaked on.  




    Note the water in fuel sensor / drain.  this sensor can be unplugged from the truck harness to make removal easier.  


    The Part number for this is PFRK54553  but you dont need to replace unless damaged.  a new o-ring comes with the filter.

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