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  2. They are head gasket destroyers when used as Nick has described in the thread. Me being one of them lol. At the time it happened when knew very little about how the smarty actually "tuned" the ecm other than it added timing and fuel. High load at low rpm with a fast spooling turbo is a very bad mix. Why mine went. The engine being cold did not help either.
  3. I think the main issue with head gaskets comes from guys running the canned sw5+ levels then not rolling into the throtle. If you look at the logs of those levels, without revo, you will see tons of fuel thrown at sub 1500 rpm with 17-18* of timing. that's gonna wreck a head gasket.
  4. I have a Holley dominator 12-1800 with a regulated return. Holy overkill for most of you.
  5. I guess I just thought we had this discussion before (the one of smartys being HG destroyers) and pretty much came to the conclusion that if they were really that bad we would have see hundreds of reports saying or at least pointing towards the smarty being the issue? Honestly not trying to start a debate debate as I plan on getting a quad soon and really only got the smarty so I could fix my speedo but just seemed weird to me that this was coming up again.
  6. What are you running @jlbayes?
  7. My addiction

    If you stick with the edge and smoke is a concern I would not go over 7 x .010's or if you do you will be driving with your right foot to control smoke. If you jump ship to the Quad then I would suggest you run no less than 7 x .012's or 6 x .013's Gotta remember i am running a tiny he351ve 65-69 lb/min flow with 7 x .012's and it is nearly a perfect fit in terms of fueling. 7 x .010's would be significantly lacking. Here's a video of me towing my ~25' gooseneck at ~5500lb going heavy throttle from a stop Bigger injectors with less aggressive tuning put a ton more meat under the curve compared to smaller injectors with more aggressive tuning.
  8. Battery cables

    Bit of trivia... What happens if the P1693 code is on the ECM? Its not the companion code any more... Now the code is point back to the primary computer. Yes, its possible to get the P1693 on both computers at the same time basically pointing fingers at both computers having issues. So the computer that is reporting the code it pointing towards the other for error.
  9. truth, we are guessing as to the actual conditions. in this case I will assume.
  10. Battery cables

    Alright thanks guys! And the truck is a 2000 so I’m assuming the p1693 is a companion code and I have more that my scanner will read which is arriving this afternoon...
  11. JTEC refers to the controller, PCM.
  12. Battery cables

    Just wait until you have a code reader to read the code. then troubleshoot hte code. Most of the time you can use a multimeter to check the thing the dbr tool can. IE sensor voltage.
  13. Without seeing a data log of the apps you have no idea how much throttle input the ecm is seeing. Just sayin.
  14. Battery cables

    The only year the key trick works on correctly is the 2002. 1998.5 to 1999 doesn't work 2000 to 2001 typically report only the PCM which end up being P1693 which is "error codes on other computer." End of story... 2002 will report both PCM and ECM correctly. This is why I typically just suggest an OBDII tool and be done...
  15. Battery cables

    Got it so I’ll check for more codes as soon as my code scanner gets here this afternoon
  16. My addiction

    I would not put anything less than a 6x.013 with what you have. Weston would likely give a bit more insight as to what he would like to see in it. Remember though I am a hp guy. The 7x.010s may do exactly what you want. For me I know they would not. lol
  17. I don;t think the s03's timing is bad for the situtation nighthawk layed out, I think the situtation where it is dangerous is where you go to signficant throttle input, say > %40 load and fueling spikes at 1500 rpm with timing held at 17-18*. the oem tune has a "safe gaurd" in place to pull timing in that range in that situtation. I get the " I know how to drive my truck thought process" and that's fine, but I am not sure I agree with it. in my opinion you shouldn't have to walk someone through driving your truck if for some reason they end up driving.
  18. Today
  19. thanks, I will call them today & see what they have to say. the guy I talked with initially seemed pretty knowledgeable. thanks folks. Bob
  20. My addiction

    Ya, the DDP 120's liteing the injectors off was my first experience with them being "lit". I am going down to sea level, and definitely am at a crossroads as to if I put 150s in, or use TFaoro's tuning (perhaps tweaked to my application) with some 200s or 220s. So do I go 6x0.013 (200-220hp equiv, Im thinking 6 hole, because the truck already seems to haze half the time anyway) or 7x0.010 ("150hp equavalent", I understand this hp rating doesnt really stand for anything). I'll still want to tow my 28' trailer with bikes in it to the dirt bike track when I can. Its an aluminum trailer though.. 3300lbs dry. It seems like the quadzilla can tame the smokiness with the less than baseline fueling capability.
  21. The delay WTS light is the single most damming piece of evidence on a vp44 truck. If you have a delayed WTS then you have a ECM that is not booting. cummins is j1939 obd is sci and jtec apepras to be for gassers http://buy1.snapon.com/products/diagnostics/downloads/manuals/DomesticVCS(EAZ0025B01CRevB)/07 ChryslerTesting.pdf
  22. Battery cables

    1693 is just telling there is another code in the PCM. The key trick only reads both modules on the 02's and some 01's. Anything earlier and it only reads the ECM. Kind of hit and miss using the key trick.
  23. Communication issues (& more)

    Good bet. If the wait to start light doesn't come on the ECM is basically brain dead you can attempt to start the truck it will not start at all till that wait to start light does come on. Now the software is loaded. Being its having issues loading the software the other codes could be caused by bad data or software on the ECM.
  24. Yes it will work. The transmission is "dumb" for all intensive purposes. You will just need to swap in the 96 transmission electronics into the re.
  25. one thing that is still confusing to me is this, My OTC has what appear to be 3 scan modes (Cummins, OBDII & JTEC). Which one talks over which bus' & to which computers? If I take the test procedure I performed last night explicitly the ECM is "bad". would you agree with that & this is where I need to start? I had planned on contacting the folks that "re-manufactured" it & ask them exactly what they found was wrong & what they did to fix it. I have a feeling though............ that Im not going to get answers that satisfy me.
  26. Battery cables

    I didnunhook hem last night to do the apps reset would that have anything to do with it? Kinda hijacking my own thread. But I just heard bout the key trick for checking codes and I got a p1693 code!
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