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  2. Well thinking my VP44 died during injector install. Background; Truck 2001 Dodge 2500 5.9 with 302K miles, DS Power puck, and FASS DDRP-02 that delivers 17.5 psi at idle and 15 psi at WOT. I replaced my tappet cover gasket about two months ago and needed to remove the VP44 at the time, looked at the data plate, and thought I took a picture of it, but didn't. It looked to be the original VP44, didn't notice and rebuild information. Restart went as expected bleed the system, cranked several time fired and ran fine. Then about a couple weeks ago, I decided to install a set of Bosch RV275 injectors. Install went as expected, torqued hold down bolts to 89 in #s, and injector tubes to 27 ft. #s. Restart was more difficult than before. Once started lots of white smoke and rough running. *&(%&(*$*^%#%! So I replaced the stock injectors, thinking bad new injector, same results. Truck is not where I am currently at so, called it a day. about a week later, I put back the RV275's being extra careful, and same white smoke. One thing I noticed this time was prior to attempting restart, I pressurized the fuel system ahead of the VP44 by bumping the starter. This is with injector lines 1,3,& 4 loose, at that point I had fuel at those ports, I didn't think the 17.5 psi that my FASS lift pump provided would push fuel through the VP44 to the injectors. Thanks for input
  3. Yesterday
  4. Well I haven't posted here in a while, mostly because I was super busy and hadn't had time to play with the truck. But I did put some used 19.5's on it a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn't find many pictures of these on 2nd gens so I thought I post a couple here. I have to say that I have vibration and the centramatics didn't help that at all. So I'm thinking either the tires are worn unevenly, or I have other issues I'm not aware of. Going to start working on that soon. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos. The top is the "before" with 4th gen 17" 235/80, and the bottom is "after" with the 245/70/19.5.
  5. Teardown and Rebuild

    Still counting mine in drops not quarts.
  6. Teardown and Rebuild

    It took me 2.5 quarts of power steering fluid to get home Sunday night from Longmont co. pulling the 5ver home. about 450 miles. It's hydroboost rebuild time.
  7. Perfect shot to break down near Michael Nelson and end up on the river. It was a great time and very surreal to see the darkness with the sun so high. It was very hot there but the effect of the eclipse and the cool ocean kind of breeze it brought forth was amazing. It was so good to see Mopar Mom, Michael, and Diesel Dog again and Dan and Jennifer where so very interesting to visit with for the 3 days. They made the stay wonderful and fun every moment. Except I was bad when I knocked on their rv too early one morning
  8. Did some fine-tuning of the wastegate today, and I can hit 47 psi on the mechanical gauge at WOT full wiretap (quad spikes to 58 psi lol). 35 psi on CANBus. Good enough for me, and it feels torquier down low. Definitely glad I went back to the smaller housing.
  9. At least its being handled and he's got a RV to live out of till parts come.
  10. Thanks a ton guys. To take the slack out do I pull the apps cover and adjust it in there somehow? Last I thought the cable terminated like any other dirt bike throttle cable and just had slack. I don't remember a set screw to hold the cable to adjust it and take out the slack. Also I just got off the phone with a Phil at DPC and he says my converter needs restalled. Firepunk told me it was slightly lower than stock stall speed, I relayed that to Phil and told him my old engine setup, how it seems to bog and make the metallic sound on lockup, after the D&J engine went in, and he says the metallic sound might be a loose bolt but the converter with my 62mm SXE and S475 needs restalled back to stock. Does this sound right? I asked why they would have shipped it with lower than stock stall speed and his explanation didn't exactly resonate with me. He said the engine would come on sooner with lower stall speed, but no hard numbers, and I dont see why my current setup would need something different?
  11. Problem Exporting Logs

    I haven't had much time to play, busy summer. All I can say for sure is my samsung smart phones work great, and my android head unit does not. -Kole
  12. If you gotta break down, is there a better spot?
  13. New Flash!!! IBMobile isn't so Mobile any longer. He is currently stuck in Riggins, ID with a dead VP44 injection pump. I've got a VP44 ordered up for him and going to be heading back up there soon to take care of his downed truck. He's in an RV park and in safe hands for the moment.
  14. Fifth gear nut

    Ok thanks, i need to order one in,
  15. Fifth gear nut

    One listed above will work.
  16. Fifth gear nut

    Im mainly interested in what socket yall used to get it that tight
  17. I doubt anyone's eyes would be good enough to notice a diffence in down road light between 4k and 5k bulbs. point of demisihing returns.
  18. trreed's upgrade thread

    Running 5k bulbs in my Morimoto D2S lights. Slightly on the bluish side not bad. Still can see the reflection off the bottom edge of road signs during the daylight hours.
  19. TV cable adjustment is part of the issue. When adjusted properly the throttle and transmission shouldstart together, move together and end together. Your sounds like too much slack in the cable so throttle is moving quite a distance before the transmission valve does.
  20. I just got a set of 4500K's on order. Should be here in a few days.
  21. Here in my area we saw it at 85% of totality, didn't get as dark as I imagined it would but it was an odd gray dimness that cast shadows through trees I had never seen before. My dogs and cat didn't act any different but the farm yard not far from my house has all sorts of birds and animals and they all started carrying on like they do at night just before roosting time. They started this at the very beginning and carried on until the end of it.
  22. writing my own tunes

    MM3 is sold without tunes. Touch comes with canned tunes. Im sure of that.
  23. Same impression... but I've heard different things. I'm trying to get to the bottom of it. MM3 seems to use UDC Pro so same tables... but not sure how it deletes.
  24. Does mm3 has access to different / more tables than the touch? I was under the impression that the tuning tool / platform was the same, but the touch had built in canned tunes?
  25. Still researching... The Touch is not able to do deletes, but I am not sure on the MM3 yet. The MM3 comes with a CommMod so its' actually cheaper than a touch/commod.
  26. The 2 minutes of totality up in Garden Valley went by way too fast! It was quite awesome. Around 85-90% it got noticeably darker and cooler, shadows got fuzzy, and the crickets started their evening chirping routine. As the last 0.01% of sunlight faded it got dark quick and the coronoa appeared! We were able to see stars, most notably was Venus. What a great show!
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