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      Quadzilla Tunes   06/12/2017

      QUADZILLA TUNE REPOSITORY - There is now a Quadzilla tune download area. When you submit a tune file to the download area it will automatically create a forum topic that allows discussion of your tune. So export your tune and upload it to the site. Then we all can help out in building better tunes. Check it out gang...
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      911 Support Group   06/22/2017

      Hey Gang, I've got the 911 support group database back up and running once again. It's listed in the 911 support category. It will allow members to list their contact information and location so other have a listed of members to call upon in the time of need. So if you wish to support other member please stop by and add your listing into the database. https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/911-support.html/contacts/

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  2. The tappet cover is under the intake manifold. Ignore the box for the 53 block
  3. Time to check and replace all the injector and crossover tube O-rings as well as the copper washers that go around the tip of the injector. Sounds like the cylinder pressure is causing fuel to get pushed past the washer and o-ring and getting into the head. Wouldn't drive it with it like that though, wouldn't want to run the risk of spinning a bearing.
  4. Hi, My friend is planning to buy a truck for his company. As I am a truck driver in a firm here, he asked for my suggestions regarding the companies specializing in the truck loans. But, I don't have much idea about them as I haven't consulted any of such companies before. Does anyone know the companies offering a help to secure truck loans? In my recent search, I came to know about some of the commercial trailer financing companies in Canada. But, I haven't heard of them before. If you know the details about their services, please be kind to share it with me. And do you know about the documents to be produced for the application of a truck loan? Hope you would help me here. Thank you.
  5. Is this a dealer covered item or is it a, "oh yeah, this is whats wrong, but you pay it." Type fix?
  6. A couple clips my buddy shot:
  7. Yesterday
  8. Here is a tire chart. The math method that Micahel does is how I used to do it; however, I think these are more accurate since they are published just for that reason. https://toyo-arhxo0vh6d1oh9i0c.stackpathdns.com/media/2125/application_of_load_inflation_tables_20170203.pdf
  9. This might not be related but when I first bought my truck, it had the "NO BUS" message and dead gauges. Under the hood, inside the fuse box, there is a large electrical connector held down with a bolt. Mine was a bit loose, and a bit corroded. I had to clean it up and tighten. Brake cleaner (not carb cleaner!) works alright for cleaning electrical contacts, but will not prevent future corrosion. Do not over tighten. Mine is stripped and I have to hold my tongue right to get it perfect and snug. This fixed it for me. The only other time I saw this was when I had my HID's in without capacitors/error cancellers. I can't really explain that one, and I had to switch back and forth between regular bulbs and HID's and halogen about 5 times because it couldn't believe that was actually the problem. Some weird noise issues from the ballasts.
  10. I run 45 in the front, 55 for dd in the rear, and then 65+ in the rear for towing, depending on load size. My truck is as cushy as can be unloaded!
  11. I use the blue ones too. Thanks for turning me on to them. Pretty good price wise also if you buy several as I remember.
  12. I am running around 7800 right now. Got to empty the back seat for the current job. The rear is a little stiff with 65 but the front likes the 65. I do pump them up for towing though.
  13. I misunderstood then about the tent sites. However, she did say she would try to get me close to IBM or Mopar Man And she did say too that since I'm so small that she could also get me a parking spot near her building if need be. Michael if you drive back/ forth, Daniels and My Frig will be full of food and drinks anyway.
  14. Yes, but they are often the Fram made Mopar filters and not the Fleetguard made ones. I prefer Donaldson Blue filters. Nothing else touches their ratings or life.
  15. Walmart near me carries mopar filters
  16. Empty tire pressures for my truck are... 60 PSI Front 40 PSI Rear Now what will it carry??? 60 / 80 = 0.75 x 3042 = 2281 x 2 = 4563 pounds on the front axle 40 / 80 = 0.5 x 3042 =1521 x 2 = 3042 pounds on the rear axle 7605 pounds carry weight My truck actually scales at about 7,400 pounds with Mom, Diesel and myself in the truck. Trailer towing 60 PSI Front 60 PSI Rear Now what will it carry??? 60 / 80 = 0.75 x 3042 = 2281 x 2 = 4563 pounds on the front and rear axle 9126 pounds carry weight (Remember the truck is rated for 8,800 GVWR) 5200 + 6084 = 11,284 pounds carry capacity. I hardly doubt your anywhere near that empty. Even doubtful with your RV. I know it big and heavy but 2,484 over GVWR...
  17. I misspoke and was a bit misleading, at least by us you can get bosch or KN filters at wal mart and you are 100 percent correct on using a quality filter. 90 percent of the time I run a wix or napa gold I always have a spare fuel and oil filter around since the oil filter always gets changed before the oil, I use oil analysis to know when to change my oil. I have the luxury of being able to give a friend the entire used filter and about a quart of oil for free and his shop runs the test
  18. Caution... Wal mart sells el cheapo bottom of the line Fram oil filters. that I wouldn't trust on my lawn mower rather than put my 24v. at risk. No matter where you change your oil or what you use make sure you have a quality oil filter like fleet guard, mopar or even a Donaldson on hand. Oil filters are no place to save a few bucks weather its for convienence or quality.
  19. Toyota 2006-2008 RAV4 with the 2AZ-FE engine has been experiencing high oil consumption due to poor piston rings and there is a service bulletin, T-SB-0094-11, that explains the fix. There are other Toyota models in the 2011 year with the same problem. Toyota is not the only car manufacture to experience this problem. The 2007-2011 Volvo 3.2L engine had the same problem due to poor piston ring material.
  20. It is the same over hear in NC. Turns out the eclipse is passing a little south of where I live. I am sure getting something around here is just as difficult.
  21. I just got of the phone with Judy, a real nice lady, at Catfish RV and confirmed that I have a reservation for site #7. She said that her RV park is full now with 100 RVs and no tent sites available. I'm glade I made that reservation a year ago. There are a couple of places up the road from there that you can dry camp at but I'd get there early because they expect a lot of people to show up for the weekend.
  22. My truck had 310k on it when I switched to synthetic no change in leaks or noises the only difference I can visibly see is, in winter oil pressure comes up faster but in summer a little slower. Overall it has a way more consistent time to build pressure then with dino oil from summer to winter. If you do it in your drive get it to the safe range then level the truck and top off or go to wally world with a drain pan start draining the oil then walk in buy the oil, filter and all other shopping then come out make sure it stopped dripping install filter and plug then add oil....
  23. Still chasing down the noise I'm hearing. Only have about 100 miles on this oil change. I drained a quart out and will drive it today to see if my oil level rises. Top sample is fresh rotella, bottom sample is from the oil pan. Oil still smells like fresh oil, can't smell diesel.
  24. So much for a big leadership turn out.... It's supposed to be the busiest weekend in the hotels/campgrounds/roads of the year, or more. There are news articles on it every week or so right now.
  25. Come on guys don't forget to hit the GOING button on the calendar... So far I only know of 2 people going. Attendees JAG1 Mopar1973Man IBMobile Declined AH64ID
  26. Explain your jumper wire... The PDC under the hood doesn't have any ground connections except inside which requires you to split the case open. The fuse panel in the cab has no grounds that I know off. FASS fuel pressure is because the return line is either kinked shut or the ball and spring is malfunctioning.
  27. Gasoline engines have vacuum at the manifold so all you need is worn valve seals and it will draw in small amounts of oil into to the combustion chamber.
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