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  2. Kind of tough to figure out ABS issues without being able to see codes. As you see my thread is based on fighting an ABS issues for over 2 years and spent lots of money on sensors and ABS module rebuild. I'm hoping is a basic issue like broken wire or a sensor that isn't fully plugged in.
  3. I did not check the bearings for any debris. The ABS light was on when I replaced the bearings and I hoped that would solve the problem. I have pulled the connectors off of the computer plugged and unplugged them a few times. greased them and reconnected them. I also did the same to the connector just behind drivers front wheel. Have not ohmed anything as of yet.
  4. Going to check all the connectors this week .Will update what i find....Thanks for all the help.
  5. I also vote for Quadzilla. Way better fuel to boost management. Then the ability to adjust your timing curve and cruise timing is something no other tuner can do for the 24 valve Dodge Cummins.
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  7. My vote goes to getting a Quadzilla. Let's here what mods are already done to the truck. I'm sure once everyone sees what's already done to the truck different ideas will flow. Good looking truck
  8. Sharp looking truck. Love the color L8tr D
  9. Need to know what your WOT pressure is like. This is the most important number.
  10. IT IS FINISHED! i started the project yesterday, and quit at sundown as it got too cold to continue. I was able to get the bed apart, the fascia pulled off and the floor board ripped out. Didn't have to take out the slide or anything. Propped up the slide with some 1x to keep it from dropping once i pulled the floor board. The board about fell apart getting it out! Had to get everything cleaned up and prepped for the new board. Today i got the board reinstalled, everything glued and sealed. Had to use new fasteners for allot of areas. I caulked the crap out of every joint. It was absurd as to how little of any sealant was used for anything! Went through a tube of sika and 2 tubes of silicone caulk. I gotta say, i spent less than $100 to do this repair and maybe 12 hours work. I just saved a boat load! I Was told it'd be several thousand to do the repair. Oh! I also used a can of flex seal on all the slides at the bottom areas! That stuff works great!
  11. You have to use a pump and pump it out of dip stick tube like some boats, lol just kidding. That's weird.
  12. If it worked before I'd leave it alone, unless you're planning on making big power. As long as you didn't have 1/4 or 1/3 tank issues where if you slammed breaks or took off to fast and lost pressure, you should be fine. Factory basket is reduced to 1/4 id, 3/8 is way better. Or you can modify your basket to all 1/2 or buy one already done. You will have a slight flactuation in psi but should be minimal for DD. It's WOT is where it may drop more.
  13. Cummins new lifetime oil change is is this a defect?
  14. Currently have all fuel lines removed from fuel tank to VP44. The lines that are inside the fuel module are 3/8 in size (about 8 inches worth)? All other lines to VP44 are ½ inch. So just the line inside the fuel module are 3/8. Before I took the Air dog pump off , was at 21psi at idle using Vulcan pressure gauge. Unsure about fuel PSI in actual use, just at idle, before I took it apart . (Also going to install pressure gauge) How much do you think or guess a 8 inches of 3/8 line inside fuel module will affect PSI at VP44. The reason I don't want to change out smaller fitting now is because the fitting in top on module has been glued in and don't want to take chance of breaking the thing.
  15. From what I heard, if you have an auto then run what's in the tranny. If you got a stick then any auto tranny fluid that is compatable with owners manual. Reason for tranny fluid is, if a seal goes bad between tcase and tranny and if fluid mixes it won't cause any problems. At least that's what local rebuilder told me. I'm running amsoil signature atf in mine.
  16. Any problems. How many miles
  17. NAPA atf+4
  18. Yesterday
  19. I'm torn between the Lucas since it's got all three and they have a pretty good reputation. Or the valvoline transfer case fluid I've been running valvoline for years with no problems but I doesn't really say what's in it. I think it's more for the ford xl-12 and gym auto trak
  20. Fresh oil change today, runs great. Used to have an edge comp box on it now it doesn't have anything. Trying to decide between a comp box and a quadzilla. Any help would be great. Not looking to molest my truck, just for pulling purpose and figured it could use something with the amount of fueling it has. Just doesn't seem right to have compound turbos and no tuning at all.
  21. Darn spell checker dextron.
  22. I got a seal that was bad so my intervals pretty well checked. I've never heard of section oil. I'm surprised you running atf+3.
  23. We never did much other than oil changes when they first showed up. A couple techs hot rodded them from the factory and even on the stock ones we ran them around 2200-2600 hp on 100% duty. The tweaked CAT 3412s were up around 3200hp for one season, then kaboom. I think the philosophy changed not too long after I left that side of the company and they actually built a PM program.
  24. Here's a sneak peak. Just a few more things left to assemble and it's done!!!! whooo-hooo!
  25. Sounds like an APPS to me. Run through the P0121 code troubleshooting on the Article tab it should pin point the APPS. If u do replace it go with a Timbo. I think they are $165 or so. Easy to install and calibrate
  26. It's posted in the article section under general.
  27. Those are massive engines... 1500 HP is nothing to sneeze at.
  28. We have two of these machines and the engines have been really impressive other than normal leaks here and there. We did have random injector failures on both machines at roughly the same hours so we replace the injectors every 6k hours as routine maintenance.
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