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      High Idle Sale through 12/31/17   12/07/2017

      Use the Coupon Code "HighIdle" at checkout and get %10 off the purchase of a Mopar1973man High Idle kit!  From all of us here at Mopar1973man.com Merry Christmas! 
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      Classifieds Ads   11/26/2017

      We now got a full classified ads area on the site. Looks more professional that posting in the message forums. At least the classified ads will be seen around the site in the side bar or in the footer. If you have any problem please create a support ticket and we'll get after it. 
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      I ran across a fun little plugin for the site which a lot of folks will like. It's a back to top function. There is now a little ^ icon on the lower right of the screen (this includes mobile devices) so when you click on it the screen will scroll to the top and bounce like a rubber ball. which is kind of a neat effect. No more of that constant scrolling with your finger on mobile device or rolling the mouse wheel to the top.

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  2. Might go to his forum and post your comments there. https://mopar1973man.com/forum/151-vulcan-performance/
  3. Thanks guys. I contacted Eric and order has been placed with Vulcan. I cannot say enough good things about Vulcan and Eric is great!!! Leaky
  4. HE351 swap

    Sounds like that’s the ticket...
  5. I would definitely call Eric. With Chritmas and all he can probably get them to as quick as anyone. Unless you know someone who has them on the shelf in Il.
  6. Finally install airbags.

    To be honest I used it about dozen times in past 3 years, but every time it was well worth having it. Few times to air up bags, few people I knew had low air in tires, tractor in field with a flat I helped out with. And once had a low tire when getting firewood found a screw in it, pulled it out used one of them worms and was i glad to have air. I thought about just getting one in a carry bag but decided to mount one permanently. I would think it will last a long time the way I use it. I did by a relay with a shutout switch built in viair offers so if you leave switch on after it reaches certain psi it will shut off. Hope it helps.
  7. The new ECM is clouding your thoughts Rick. Everything is better when the truck runs right. Just kidding of course.
  8. Finally install airbags.

    That was the brand I was going to install because of reviews I read. But most reviews are written up just after install and still new. Have you had yours for sometime ? Working as advertised? Would you buy another? Thanks
  9. Today
  10. 4x4 light

    im assuming these truck have a 4x4 light since the CAD on the front has a switch to activate the light. But I've looked all over the dash and never see a light on whenever it's in 4x4, It works fine also. I also know the switch works cause I needed to test something in my 95 1500 the other day. Can anyone take picture of there dash with the 4x4 light or tell me where is should be, I'm thinking the light is burnt out but no clue where it is. thanks!
  11. Finally install airbags.

    I put a viair compressor under the truck where my spair tire used to be and plumbed it in my rear bumper as air tank. Just never got to making it completely push button for bags to go up and down still use a hose to do it. But as often as I need it I don't mind.
  12. buffed my old headligts

    Make sure to spray a clear coat of lacquer. This will prevent the lens from yellowing again.
  13. Talk to Eric at Vulcan Performance. he would know. http://www.vulcanperformance.com/
  14. Is that some kind of in-tank hot-rodded set up? I like JIC fittings, Got 'em on my truck. Im not sure about the fittings Airdog uses, quick disconect plastic & O ring stuff ??
  15. On a previous job, I used the same weather stripping tape just wrapped around the tubes to fill the void. Something that is wide but not overly thick.
  16. Yesterday
  17. I guess the "when" is when in the rpm range the vp will be tapped out?
  18. Just a side note on this topic, I think Nick mentioned earlier that 7x.013s are plenty to max out the VP and I would agree with this statement. Where some might disagree with is "when" this occurs.
  19. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    Cool! Now I just need to find a second set of 7x.013's to set them up lol.
  20. Killer223, Thanks. I will pull the Ignition Control Module again. I got a bad once already, this one might be suspect also. Appreciate the feedback. Leaky
  21. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    Its a dynomite dyno it is a load cell type I know for sure. Iv had my 12v on it in the past. I will get with him today and see what he can do. I also have a hard time making time but after Christmas my busy season will be over so ill have time to play.
  22. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    I would be interested if it's for the right price and within the next couple of weeks. Problem I have with a lot of this is that I work too much so finding the time to work/play with the truck is limited. How much do you think he would charge? Do you know what kind of dyno it is?
  23. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    @Carbur8tr My bud with the dyno is in the Houston area just wondering if you were closer than me. we could get some discount dyno time from him. @kzimmer Injectors are boxed up and should go in the mail tomorrow. After closer inspection the bodies look good but the nozzles are a little nasty but we shall see if they are salvageable.
  24. I made my return out of jic fittings but it takes a bit more time and ingenuity. The one to the lift pump I did use one from Vulcan because it clips in place of factory pump and travels up and down with the basket. My return is aluminum cut short maybe 1/2" of bottom. That was before they offered 2 fittings in one kit.
  25. I was talking about my hand held vacuum pump to test these vacuum pods. I'm know where that one is, I just replaced it and dammit was that expensive..... Lol. I think I have everything I need now. I can't find anything to replace the seal that goes around the heater core and evap tubes... It's a semi soft rubber sheet. I might have something at work that might work. Thanks Bob
  26. It's in line with power steering pump all one unit. First vacuum pump and ps pump bolts to it. Under injection pump.
  27. Defueling at 1900 rpm fummins

    When I first saw it I was like what a dambas. that made that happen. I would love to have hubs and serviceable bearings like old days as I only use it maybe hand full of times a year, why all this unnecessary wear. Plus a weak link and geometry of the whole axle .
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