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      Back to TOP   11/22/2017

      I ran across a fun little plugin for the site which a lot of folks will like. It's a back to top function. There is now a little ^ icon on the lower right of the screen (this includes mobile devices) so when you click on it the screen will scroll to the top and bounce like a rubber ball. which is kind of a neat effect. No more of that constant scrolling with your finger on mobile device or rolling the mouse wheel to the top.
    • Mopar1973Man

      Classifieds Ads   11/26/2017

      We now got a full classified ads area on the site. Looks more professional that posting in the message forums. At least the classified ads will be seen around the site in the side bar or in the footer. If you have any problem please create a support ticket and we'll get after it. 
    • Me78569

      High Idle Sale through 12/31/17   12/07/2017

      Use the Coupon Code "HighIdle" at checkout and get %10 off the purchase of a Mopar1973man High Idle kit!  From all of us here at Mopar1973man.com Merry Christmas! 
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Stock injector Race tune 1.0.1

About This File

This tune is suited for stock injector trucks, it has a lot of canbus fueling offidle with a rapid rampup of fueling.  This tunes Wiretap will give you no less than %50 if you go WOT.  *** This tune is very aggressive run at your own risk

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


added some more timing up top to make it pull better in the 2500+ rpm area.  fueling curve is more aggressive offidle as well.