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Economy tune 7 x 0.010 @ 320 Bar 1.0.3

About This File

This is an economy tune based on the 7 x 0.010 @ 320 bar. This is not a performance tune per se but it does perform rather well. EGT's are super low at about 600-650*F with 2,400 RPM and running 80 MPH down the interstate. 65 MPH floats about 550*F in EGT's. I've high marked at about 47 to 50 PSI of boost.


SAFETY WARNING: Be careful the wiretap comes on at 15 PSI and its strong enough to break the tires loose at 60 MPH with half throttle. Smooth but very strong puling.


Issues: Coolant temp runs about 197*F to 206*F running above 2,000 RPMs.

What's New in Version 1.0.3   See changelog


  • Change Minimum TPS setting on the wiretap from 0% to 35%


This change allows for normal daily driving and not trigger the wiretap while climbing grades or accelerating in town.



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