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Vendors & Dealers

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This forum is where vendors and dealers can show off there products.


  1. BBI Injectors / Smarty


  2. Diesel Auto Power

    3072 North 750 East Layton, Utah 84041 - (801)927-4600
    Diesel Auto Power

  3. Dynamic Transmissions

    8311 N. Glenarvon Lane Newman Lake, WA 99025 - (503) 880-5451

    dynamic custom transmissions

  4. Mopar1973Man.Com Store   (2,449 visits to this link)

    5525 Highway 95 New Meadows, Idaho 83654 - (208) 628-3645

  5. Quadzilla Power

    072 N 750 E - Layton, UT 84041 - (801) 872-5472

  6. RockAuto

    6418 Normandy Lane Madison, WI 53719 - (608)661-1376

  7. South Bend Clutch

    709 W. Jefferson Blvd Mishawaka, IN 46545 -  (574) 256-5064


  8. Vulcan Performance

    30718 NW 10th Ct. Ridgefield, WA 98642 - (360)263-6037
    Vulcan Performance

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    • dripley
      Did Daniel Espey own that hardware store. Went to school with my younger brother, but we all ran around with each other back in my long haired hippie days,
    • Me78569
      Popping up top means you need to back timing down.  Make note of what epm it is popping at and drop timing by 1*   Little laggy will be the nature of the best if you want it to run clean.  You can only tune so much before you run into issues with mechanical injectors.  We cannot adjust injection pressure on our trucks.   I would suggest driving on the tune as it is now for a few days and see if your driving style gets used to it.   126% should absolutely Max out canbus.  It only really takes 112% at wot to Max out fueling.   If egts are still an issues I'd drop wiretap more, say 1200.  You have a ton of mechanical fuel for that turbo.
    • tbo1450
    • Mopar1973Man
      If you ask Dynamic he'll say to place the sensor in the pan not the hot line of the cooler.
    • woodtrucker
      Welp. After owning this truck for 3 years without clear coat, I've finally got it fixed. I couldn't be happier.