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    • notlimah
      I guess I just thought we had this discussion before (the one of smartys being HG destroyers) and pretty much came to the conclusion that if they were really that bad we would have see hundreds of reports saying or at least pointing towards the smarty being the issue?    Honestly not trying to start a debate debate as I plan on getting a quad soon and really only got the smarty so I could fix my speedo but just seemed weird to me that this was coming up again.
    • Me78569
    • notlimah
      What are you running @jlbayes?
    • Me78569
      If you stick with the edge and smoke is a concern I would not go over  7 x .010's or if you do you will be driving with your right foot to control smoke.   If you jump ship to the Quad then I would suggest you run no less than 7 x .012's or 6 x .013's  Gotta remember i am running a tiny he351ve 65-69 lb/min flow with 7 x .012's and it is nearly a perfect fit in terms of fueling.  7 x .010's would be significantly lacking.     Here's a video of me towing my ~25' gooseneck at ~5500lb going heavy throttle from a stop     Bigger injectors with less aggressive tuning put a ton more meat under the curve compared to smaller injectors with more aggressive tuning.  
    • Mopar1973Man
      Bit of trivia...   What happens if the P1693 code is on the ECM? Its not the companion code any more... Now the code is point back to the primary computer. Yes, its possible to get the P1693 on both computers at the same time basically pointing fingers at both computers having issues. So the computer that is reporting the code it pointing towards the other for error.