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      Quadzilla Tunes   06/12/2017

      QUADZILLA TUNE REPOSITORY - There is now a Quadzilla tune download area. When you submit a tune file to the download area it will automatically create a forum topic that allows discussion of your tune. So export your tune and upload it to the site. Then we all can help out in building better tunes. Check it out gang...
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      911 Support Group   06/22/2017

      Hey Gang, I've got the 911 support group database back up and running once again. It's listed in the 911 support category. It will allow members to list their contact information and location so other have a listed of members to call upon in the time of need. So if you wish to support other member please stop by and add your listing into the database. https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/911-support.html/contacts/



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    • Cronus577
      The tappet cover is under the intake manifold. Ignore the box for the 53 block
    • Cronus577
      Time to check and replace all the injector and crossover tube O-rings as well as the copper washers that go around the tip of the injector. Sounds like the cylinder pressure is causing fuel to get pushed past the washer and o-ring and getting into the head. Wouldn't drive it with it like that though, wouldn't want to run the risk of spinning a bearing.
    • Julius
        Hi,   My friend is planning to buy a truck for his company. As I am a truck driver in a firm here, he asked for my suggestions regarding the companies specializing in the truck loans. But, I don't have much idea about them as I haven't consulted any of such companies before.   Does anyone know the companies offering a help to secure truck loans? In my recent search, I came to know about some of the commercial trailer financing companies in Canada. But, I haven't heard of them before. If you know the details about their services, please be kind to share it with me.   And do you know about the documents to be produced for the application of a truck loan? Hope you would help me here. Thank you.
    • hex0rz
      Is this a dealer covered item or is it a, "oh yeah, this is whats wrong, but you pay it." Type fix?
    • Texas CTD
          A couple clips my buddy shot: