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    • notlimah
        Yea I can't imagine being disappointed haha!
    • Russ Roth
      You won't be unhappy.  
    • notlimah
      Thanks for that @CSM makes sense! My thing is I pretty much know the biggest turbo I want to use is a 62/65/12, I'll probably have (soon) no bigger then 285 tires, and 3.55 gearing. Don't tow much and if/when I do it's going to more then likely be less then 10k. So hopefully that's enough info to figure out what a good stall speed would be for me.   @Russ Roth appreciate your take on your two trans. Once it gets a little closer I planned on touching base with Jon again to go over some final stuff. I figure stall speed will be one of those topics, but ultimately I trust his judgement on what he thinks is best!
    • Russ Roth
        I have a deep pan and a temp gauge.   I had the pan and gauge already.  He used the Georend flex plate.  Had trouble with welds on what he had been using and upgraded.  
    • Chris O.
      Since you are in the beta testing team of my overhead gauge. Whatever you do don't replace the CTM yet until you receive my beta test gauge please.  You will be able to read the codes if there is any, i would really love to see the log files.
      Just keep this in mind ok.