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    • Mopar1973Man
      Two wire plug. Green and blue wires.
    • hex0rz
      Is that the one single big black/ orange striped wire?
    • Me78569
      are you sure your gears are 3.73?  that would be very strange unless someone did a gear swap.    Honestly with a snowmobile on deck and 1000 lb 15/16 mpg ( 14l /100k) isn't bad.    Bigger tires is not helping, slipping trans is also not helping.     Any codes? or any real reason to be worried about your injectors / pump etc?  The vp44 is really a lot tougher than most give credit for, our injectors are good to beyond 300,000 k on average.      I would suggest you unload the smarty until you get the trans sorted.  Depending on how you have the smarty setup it can and will go right to full fueling right offidle, which is VERY tough on a trans and also very poor for mpg.  
    • notlimah
      Looks good man. Truck has a nice stance to it even with the trailer loaded! I think I'm ditching my 2in level for a 1in.   Good to hear about the brake upgrade, when I start towing more, I'll be looking at this upgrade more seriously.
    • JPENNER79
      Ok, 4" exhaust, intake, hx35 turbo (auto tranny), smarty tuner, 3:73 gears, 285/75r16 tires. No lift. Highway is prob 14-15L/100km (Canada). I carry a bit of tools and have a snowmobile deck on. Max weight in bed is approx 1000lbs. I bought truck used with 300,000km. It has a reman Bosch inj pump with a fass drp lift pump (replaced before I bought truck). I'm concerned injectors, or lift pump, or inj pump going. Oh and it's on stock tranny which slips slightly. I know it will need to be replaced soon enough. Thank for the help.