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30718 NW 10th Ct. Ridgefield, WA 98642 - (360)263-6037
Vulcan Performance

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    • Carbur8tr
      Seems that over the last year or so my steering wheel has developed a popping/clicking inside the cab. I've read a few posts in the past where people said it could be the clock spring or the bushing but both seem to be hit and miss fixes. Just curious if there's anyone out there who's actually fixed the issue and what worked for you.   Doeant matter which way you turn the wheel the problem still exists.    The noise is definitely from the column and it sounds more like a bearing when it's gone out.    Any advice is appreciated.
    • dripley
      I did mine last week end and could not remember which way to turn them. I did not take long to figure it out though.
    • Mopar1973Man
      Or... Go to my article...  
    • crf450ish
      Sorry for the delayed reply.    I bought My mag pan used in excellent shape on eBay, it did have the tapped port already, not sure if previous owner did it or if it comes like that.   Jon suggested Goerend flywheel because of their good rep. For $350, its cheap insurance on a $4,500 tranny...  
    • Tractorman
      That's even easier to remember!   - John