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    • I'm trying to find the store as well on android, same thing pops up as Threadzy...   BTW, are you still selling any high idle kits?
    • @IBMobilethis question is for you. The solenoid you recommended (ss598) is a different style than the one you used. Does this matter? Seemed to work fine when I first installed then me wife took truck out of town and commented on how hard it was to start. Solenoid doesn’t work now. Any ideas? Did I just get the wrong part or...??
    • I have gone through 2 sets of glowshifts since I've owned the truck. They were cool looking since you can change the colors, but after a year or 2, they would start freaking out and not working properly. The needle would randomly peg out jumping all over the place. I ordered a boost gauge from them, and it rattled badly from the first drive. Sent it back, they called me and said there was nothing wrong with it, and that it only rattled on my end because I had it tapped into the intake elbow.......really? Because the last boost gauge I had of theres worked fine all the way up until it just crapped out....They Charged me a re- stocking fee for a defective gauge, and I will never buy from them again. Horrible customer support.   I've been slowly building up an isspro collection as well. Expensive, but I've got to say, my fuel pressure gauge (ev2) is almost 8 years old, and I still dont have a snubber on it yet, so it works hard and has taken the fuel pressure spikes for a long time. Im impressed with Isspro for sure.
    • I'll give it a go.    I broke the brake light switch dont even know why I unplugged it. 
    • As others have said do not combine them with a T.    Nearly everyone I know that has been unhappy with airbag performance has been unhappy for two reasons, 1 is plumbed together, the other is overinflating them.    Keeping the separate not only allows for side-side adjustment but it's also a form of vehicle anti-sway as the spring rates change as you go into a corner making the outside spring stiffer and the inside spring softer.    In terms of air pressure be sure you are letting the leaf springs still carry some payload. Let the truck sag 1-1.5" and then use the airbags to keep it there. The will provide the best ride and vehicle stability while towing. 
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