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In the Quadzilla Tunes Forum you cannot start a topic. The only way to start a topic is to submit your exported tune file into the Download area. Once you uploaded your tune file the forum topic will be created here in the Quadzilla tune forum. This will allow for discussion of your tune and allow other like design vehicles/owners to test, review and aid you in making a better tune.

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    • Mopar1973Man
        Would you share it with me anyways it would be nice to understand some of the calculations... I'm still struggling to get timing right Like I've got 60 MPH working really good as far as I can tell be attempting to get the rest of the ranges to follow would be great just need better idea of how its done.
    • JHFIII
      Hey guys, This is my first post over here. Id like to thank Mopar1973Man for having this forum and for all the information he contributes. The trouble code walkthoughs are an amazing resource.   I am trying to resolve P1689 and P0215 DTCs.   Truck: 01 QCLB CTD Auto 4wd. Pertinent upgrades: FASS system 95gph, smartry and original quadzilla adrenaline. There are lots of other upgrades, but none that should relate to my question.   Backround: Truck was sitting for the better part of two years. When I stopped driving it, it was running well. When I came back to start it again, I had a no crank issue that ended up being a bad ignition switch. After that was fixed it will no crank but not start. It has fresh fuel and chraged batteries.No blown fuses or bad relays that I can identify. I checked for codes both on the odo and the smarty and I have  a P1689 and a P0215. I had a link in my supply fuel line which I subsequently replaced, but those codes existed before and now after that ( I have read sometimes youll throw a P1689 after opening a fuel line). At this point I found the code diagnostics on this site and began to go through them. As a side note, I believe the VP44 is actually bad. I jumped it and still couldnt get the truck to fire. I do have fuel at the inj pump and the lines are bled etc. There is a secondary issue, and I am not getting voltage to the pump as you will see...   P1689 After going through the first couple of steps, verifying the codes and checking the connectors are secure and there are no visually obvious breaks or problems I moved to step 3 to verify that I was getting voltage to pin 7 (red/grn) wire on the FPCM, I am getting .1v, so no voltage essentially, to pin 7. The guide then directs you to to the P0215 diagnostic.   P0215 1) I have 12.5v to relay 85 2)Relay is good, has 70ohm and was taken from the horn slot which works 3)ECM pins 30 and 49 have 12.5v 4)Relay 86 to ECM pin 36 shows about .3 ohm 5)Relay 86 to ground gives me a reading of between .1 and .5 ohm. It says I should be getting 100 ohm or more.   In the guide it states for #5  "If resistance is less than 100 ohms, repair short to ground in Brown/White wire between PDC and ECM." which seems to be the case.    I am just looking for some reassurance that theres nothing else it could be. I cant understand how I could get a short in the wiring harness just sitting there for and extended time. Has anyone here experienced something like this? I just want to make 100% before I go tearing open the wiring harness. Does anyone have some tips or tricks on how to go about the repair? Would it make sense to tap the brown/white coming out of the pdc and coming out of the ecm connector to verify thats  the problem first? Any insight would be much appreciated!  
    • Marcus2000monster
      Ok I figured to problably should do it before...
    • Me78569
      This is where the Road for the Quadzilla Tuning on a 2nd gen and MM3 / UDC pro Tuning go different ways.      It is a waste of time to try and make the quadzilla tune as exact.   We simply do not have the resolution to do so, we can model tunes off of trends, using start and end points for timing, but we cannot get as persise as the mm3 / udc pro could   This is not the right thread for it, but the real question that I dont know that we can answer is, how much better can you make a tune?     IE: my tune with the Quadzilla is %98 smoke free right now,  I make good power and the truck drives nice.  I am starting at %66 of stock duration.  Could the MM3 tuning make the truck run the same at %68 of stock duration on take or, or %70 with the same smoke levels?  What's the % of difference would you see......  wish I knew.
    • trreed
      Put the oil on before the fuel so it mixes as the tank is filling.  1oz of two-stroke per gallon of fuel is the general rule.