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      Quadzilla Tunes   06/12/2017

      QUADZILLA TUNE REPOSITORY - There is now a Quadzilla tune download area. When you submit a tune file to the download area it will automatically create a forum topic that allows discussion of your tune. So export your tune and upload it to the site. Then we all can help out in building better tunes. Check it out gang...
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      911 Support Group   06/22/2017

      Hey Gang, I've got the 911 support group database back up and running once again. It's listed in the 911 support category. It will allow members to list their contact information and location so other have a listed of members to call upon in the time of need. So if you wish to support other member please stop by and add your listing into the database. https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/911-support.html/contacts/

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In the Quadzilla Tunes Forum you cannot start a topic. The only way to start a topic is to submit your exported tune file into the Download area. Once you uploaded your tune file the forum topic will be created here in the Quadzilla tune forum. This will allow for discussion of your tune and allow other like design vehicles/owners to test, review and aid you in making a better tune.

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    • dripley
          My door sticker says mine came with 245 75 16's. I opted for the 265's instead and I seem to remember the sales sticker reflecting the 265's were optional. @Mopar1973Man what does you door sticker say?
    • jlbayes
      I got a multifunction switch Sunday. Went to pull mine out and low and behold we got pushed out pins in the connector. I did install the new (junkyard) multifunction switch. The retainer that holds the wires in the connector are long gone. The lower column bushing is hosed as well. Gonna do some searching in the junk yards to find a decent column. Oh the joys of old trucks!
    • AH64ID
      Thought so. The OP has a DRW so no need to compare him to a stock 265.    Interesitng on your door stickers. I've never seen one that didn't show what the vehicle came off the assembly line with. I have seen dealers change the tires quite often, but that's not the mfgrs fault. Is this 90% error fact or opinion?    In all the vehicles I've bought, or my family has bought, over the last 25 years I've yet to see one with the wrong OEM tire size on it. I'm having a really hard time believing there is an actual 90% error rate. 
    • trreed
      You're only allowed 20%?  In Golden we can have up to 35%.  Thought that was a a state wide thing. When I did my emissions in February,  I went in all happy with my road-tested, smoke free DD tune set to 70% on level 1, and the guy was still able to get smoke out of it (10%!).  I think I was starting off with fueling at 82% back then, but don't remember the other parameters.  Long story short, it took me by surprise and I was sad.
    • Mopar1973Man
        3500 series yes... 2500 was 265's for 4WD I'm sure of. As for the 235's the only series I knew for sure was the 3500. This goes back to the argument of the information posted in the door jam about tire size and information. Which 90% of the time is untrue. Even both of my truck post wrong information. My 2002 states 245/75 R16 was stock (wrong it was manufactured with 265/75 R16) then my 1996 states 215/75 R16 was stock (it was manufactured with 235/85 R16). So as for the 245's I think that was more of 2WD series tire personally I've never seen it on any tire as of yet.   Still in all getting back to the OP there should be any issue towing with his combo. Might just have to add more fuel and it would pull better.