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Great Lake States

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Discussion area for people in the Great Lake States including Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia

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    • Killer223
      ideally you want to keep the oil changes at or around 500 hours. that's the spec for most modern oils. yes some can and do go longer. but 500 is the formula cummins recommended for the new trucks. 15K miles equals about 500 hours with the average speed being around 35 mph.
    • Rhagfo
       Best way is to contact Blackstone labs, and ask for a sample kit. Cost is currently $38 to analyze for extended changes. They will send you a report, and how long you may go. I did this and when sample was sent at 10K they said it was good enough to go for 12,500, I like 10K and that is what I am doing.
    • Killer223
      ok well from what i see, running the WARP software and the UDC, there is an option int he WARP that is not in the UDC. screen shots to fallow, on the left there is a diagnostic option on WARP and it's not there in UDC. all else looks the same.   and it' sunder said diagnostic options that you can do all kinds of things.. things i have no clue about.    
    • Dieselfuture
      @TFaoro wow you have the shitiest luck man, how does a line blow like that. I heard on common rail it's a problem #4 I think, but I guess you have custom lines to go to p71
    • leon
      I got a quote for $125 per tire to have my wheels powder coated, and that doesn't include the tire removal, mount and balance.  Too rich for my blood. Is it just me or does it look like the above only did the simulators/wheel covers?