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Discussion area for people in the Southeast States including Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida

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    • notlimah
      Hey guys, finally getting around to wiring up my trans gauge. It's the isspro ev gauge so it comes with the amplifier box. I'm already using a couple other key on 12v sources so looking to use another one if I can. Is there a list or diagram I can reference to check?    I tried splicing into one one in already using but I'm not getting correct reading on th gauge so I'm trying to isolate the power to help troubleshooting. 
    • Mopar1973Man
      Might be in the same boat myself. Quad has a dead spot at 1 to 2% throttle and misses and studders. Above that it same to run normally. Unhook the Quad the problem doesn't exist normal throttle. Gotta call Spencer next...
    • CTcummins24V
      centramatics, they work. Have on my truck now, no weights.  
    • Dieselfuture
      Mine was doing something similar, more I turned up my quad more it surged. Ended up being alternator. 
    • Alexio Auditore
      Thanks for all the replies. I have one more thing to ask,( for now at least) I am thinking I have a issue going on with my edge ez. It's been doing some weird things I notice under light acceleration where the pedal almost becomes dead but when I give it just a hair more throttle,  it's like I'm giving it a lot more throttle( this is with it turned onto 3, the highest setting which it's always on) Also had a couple times cruising freeway and the motor surged for a sec then went back to normal. I am thinking it's the edge, I turned it to one and acceleration seems much smoother. I am probably grasping at air, could a faulty edge cause other electrical issues to flare up?( I'm probably really grasping at air to be honest)