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      Mopar1973Man.Com will now start using two-factor authentication to protect users accounts. All staff, donors, and customers will be required to use the Google Authenticator which you can download for free. Just scan the QR barcode and the app will provide the lock code. If you attempt to guess the code it will lock you out of the site. So please don't guess at the code. This will only appear to users that are accessing mission critical data to the member or the site.   I also enable the question and answers. If anyone has other ideas for question please PM to me and I'll add them to the system as well. The Question and Answers work similar and you must answer the questions to gain access to a protected area.  

Dodge Cummins Technical Articles

This section contains service and repair information for Dodge Ram Cummins Turbo Diesels trucks for all generations.


  1. Dodge Cummins Truck Articles

    Discussion and/or submission of service or repair articles for Mopar1973Man Article database. This covers all generations of Dodge Ram Trucks with a Cummins Turbo Diesel power train.

  2. Other Article Discussions

    Discussion about current articles in the article database. This should cover updates to current articles within the article database, article database issues and/or suggestions.