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    • deehammer
      New issue here turn signals just went out.  Flashers work fine.  No trailer hooked up or anything.  For as bit the turn signals would come on for about 2 clicks then go out both left and right.  Now I get nothing.  I looked under the hood and on the side panel for a signal relay but did not see one.  Anyone have any advice where to go from here?
    • Me78569
      Just watched your video.    Is your tc unlocked during that?  I have to say I can't even begin to guess what is causing it.  It looks like your tc is unlocking or something.        Gonna think on it.
    • Meady24V
      Is there a link to the downloads for the old tunes? I want to flash the old tune and see if I still have the same issue. I had the ADR2_COMP before I flashed the V2. Don't want to go through the hassle of shipping it to quadzilla.
    • Me78569
      Is the starter solenoid getting 12v when you turn the key to crank?     How about jumping your nuetral safety switch?     I would start there and work backwards to find where the issue is.
    • Me78569
      Meh no issues here,  However I am well within the map of the turbo