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  2. Dually suggestions

    So let me hear your opinions on this matter fellas, currently, there are a few trucks up for sale on Craigslist. https://kpr.craigslist.org/cto/d/2001-dodge-3500-cummins-4wd/6491915104.html https://kpr.craigslist.org/cto/d/2005-dodge-dually-cummins-6/6508947329.html https://lewiston.craigslist.org/cto/d/built-98-dodge-dually-4x4/6508126640.html https://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/d/2007-dodgel-cummins-6-speed/6492144661.html There's others on eBay i have been eyeing. Several others that are just ridiculously priced also. Here's a search tempest result: https://www.autotempest.com/results?make=dodge&model=ram3500&model_kw=&radius=any&zip=83856&keywords=Dually&minyear=1996&maxyear=2002&domesticonly=1&minprice=10000&maxprice=20000&minmiles=&maxmiles=&transmission=man&bodystyle=truck&saleby=any
  3. Worst I ever saw was 25 below actual temp for a little over 2 weeks. Dont remember what the wind chill was. We were building a TGI Fridays up in ggne Pocono mountains. It snowed over 10 feet that winter, breaking wearher records the whole time I was there. My plumber would come by my apartment to jump my truck just to rough in the slab during that couple weeks. Dug the ditches with a jack hammer. I stayed in the office, to darn cold for me.
  4. Don't let these guys know around here.... you'll need the meanest full time guard dog you can find
  5. I think Moparman does 10 ounces for 10 gallons. Me.... I usually guestimate pouring a full bottle of 2 stroke filling a 3/4 empty tank. Engine seems to thank me for doing that.
  6. Yeah I know you guys do back east. Don't know how you do it. For years I worked mostly in the rain which is cold when 35-40 in winter. Worked in snow as well but rarely snows out west in the lowlands. The minus 5 was very unusual for us out here.
  7. Lift Pump took a dump

    Amazing a business will behave like that. News like that spreads like wildfire. A company with a helpful polite attitude usually ends up the most successful.
  8. Ha ha I worked in negative temperatures outside plenty of time but it's definitely for yong blood.
  9. Injector ash

    Yeah mine were definitely dirtier than that...how much 2cycle do i add to say 10 gal diesel?
  10. Valuable parts question

    I often thought about starting my own junk yard ha ha.
  11. Worse we ever had was minus 5. The wind was howling and it was so cold the most I could take was Quickly filling a wheel barrow with firewood and getting it up to the door. That was with long johns heavy jacket, jeans and hat on. Can't imagine what you guys go thru. I had an outside job, but we all stayed home till daily highs went back to normal averaging 40 for the high.
  12. Injector ash

    This is not normal. Cetane booster tend to add soot to the injectors. 2 Cycle Oil you might try it. I'm going to bet my 80k miles injectors are cleaner that your 2 year injectors.
  13. probably ought to change over to low ash 2 stroke oil.
  14. For me, anything above 32*F is warm and that jeans and tee shirt weather. Now between 0*F and 32*F is cold requires a good heavy coat. Below zero is plain frigid and dangerous survival at these temperatures is very short if out in the weather. Add wind to that you talking serious life threating problem. @Marcus2000monster It's all good. We both live in the cold country. That one of the reasons I don't carry a bunch of spare parts in the truck and tools. I carry food, water, blankets, extra clothing, gloves, etc. My own survival is more important than trying to fix the truck. The truck can be towed to safety. As for MoparMom and me, our lives are much more important.
  15. Injector ash

    I dont,im kicking myself in the butt for not taking pics
  16. Injector ash

    Got any pictures of the nozzle?
  17. Injector ash

    Level #4 since jult 2017
  18. Injector ash

    what level on the smarty are you running?
  19. So i pulled my injectors when i installed valve springs and mantons...well they were dirty as heck and full of ash.could barely see the holes,truck has had optilube every tank since injectors went in (2 yrs ago).is this normal??thanks
  20. Lift Pump took a dump

    I bought mine in July 2017. 🤷‍♀️
  21. Lift Pump took a dump

    Hmm,,, interesting that they supplied that in your kit. . Not included in mine and I just got mine . kit made Jan. 2018 ,
  22. Lift Pump took a dump

    Couldn't tell ya on the owners. I had a nylon fitting that was 3/8" quick connect to 1/2" barb. Not a pushloc fitting. But a single barb with a clamp.
  23. Lift Pump took a dump

    I called Fass to see if they would send me the correct fitting and the guy that was answering their calls that day denied that it was wrong and was a jerk. Maybe a new guy working their I should call again and ask for one of the owners? Is Matt one of the owners? . .
  24. Lift Pump took a dump

    I still have the fitting you're talking about. I had to look at it for a hard minute to figure out where it came from! But they also supplied me a version of the fitting you linked, so that is in the package. Cause I had a 1/2" drawstraw from day 1 with that pump.
  25. Lift Pump took a dump

    Yes, Fass puts a Wrong fitting in their kit. I hear that they know Its wrong. Its for when they used 3/8" fuel line before they started using 1/2". Why dont they correct that ? :D . .
  26. Lift Pump took a dump

    The FASS came with one I never used.
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