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    Fishing report for the day was 2 little walleye and 1 pretty damn big sturgeon. guessing the sturgeon was 40-50". my niece caught it first cast on a $30 zebco with #5 test.
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    Today was the first time I've hooked to our RV with the 3500. I need to do a slight adjustment to the hitch but over all she looks good. Camper is a tad high in the front but I will be loading some of my own firewood in the bed and we have not packed up the camper yet either so I think it'll level out. I don't have the WD bars on in the pic since I only moved her from the side of the garage to the driveway so we could begin preparing for our trip next weekend.
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    Thanks for the reply @sooxies! I did some more online digging and found this. It's the entire assembly of lines and fittings with the one I needed all hooked together and all brand new for $13.82 and $9 shipping so I pulled the trigger on it. Mopar part number is 55056421AA in case anybody else runs into this problem. https://www.rockauto.com/en/parts/mopar,55056421AA,vacuum+hose,6908
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    Some of you think I only work on the Dodge Cummins trucks. Far from the truth. I work on just about anything with wheels under it. Like my favorite truck from the Fire Dept. I've got to rework the battery cables on this beast. Cummins Big Cam 400, Eaton Fuller 10 speed. This thing is a beast and packing 4,000 gallons of water, 80,000 pound truck. I'm one of the few that can drive this truck. Shocker there is a Ford in my shop. Yup a 5.4L V3 Triton. Has a coolant leak in the crossover manifold. Rather good challenge to do but not fun. Then tomorrow morning I've got a Ford 7.3L diesel coming for a cooling system flush and then refill with coolant. I'll grab a photo of this in the morning.
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    Hoping everyone has a good time with family and friends today. Dripley please aim your rocket launcher away from my house this year. Thanks bud
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    my take on all this is im neither for nor against the police. yes on one hand they are being persecuted for doing their job, however there still is a severe amount of corruption and abuse of power. they chose to be police, they work for us, and they are not all high and mighty. sadly we can never have a just system as long as a human woman or man is in a position of power and authority as a great majority cant resist the temptation to turn to corruption or abusing their power. i dont condone the public murder of anyone by police nor do i condone the public murder of police by anyone, but law enforcement is not as perfect and law abiding as society puts them out to be. law enforcement needs absolute accountability for their actions and its wrong for them to be protected (we all know they are) along with the justice system, judges, etc etc... because in the end they are just human beings like everyone else capable of being corrupted and imperfect, just because they swore an oath, have a badge and gun then choose to abuse that power doesnt give them the right to be unquestionably innocent. i dont know why society has put law enforcement on a pedestal and worships them as they can do no wrong while they bend us over and rape our wallets and freedoms. we need change but sadly we are already going down the rabbit hole and all i see happening is martial law and a police state by the government... i have a headache now. sadly republican or democrat, both sides are playing the same game on the tennis court. we are the tennis ball... our entire government is corrupt and power hungry its called evil and the driving force is satan. so many people in the world today are willing to let themselves be led on the wrong path. what is happening now will only get worse as it is foretold and i am ready. i coined a phrase a couple years ago "we live in the age of the great distraction" the good will be portrayed as the bad and the bad will be portrayed as the good, even says so in the bible somewhere. this is all supposed to happen and we are at a point that only the big man above can put a stop to this sh!tshow.
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    I get similar results with the bio diesel, though no extra power for sure. The truck is running as quiet as it ever has. Just wish it was labeled better so you knew what your getting. When in doubt of the content and just throw some 2 stroke at it. If we raid the CFA's we have to burn peanut oil, will that work? Us chickens have 2 things going for us, #1 a thick hide and we dont get offended at the littlest thing. #2 We have not lost the ability to laugh at ourselves. The best is I get to give it back when opportunity presents itself. I do see a lot of this here between the members, we seem to have a pretty good time with it.
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    The last one I did was @JAG1 's work truck where we pulled the dash and HVAC box out. Before disconnected the wiring and vent hoses: turn the ignition switch to the on position set the heater knob to the 12 o'clock position, straight up and down then turn the ignition off once the door has rotated; about 30 seconds. This will "index" the blend door and motor to the middle position and make it easier to work with out getting the door hung up on a side when putting it back together.
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    Happy fourth to all of you and the country. Whilst I did drive thru 2 states that sell fireworks, I passed on the urge to stop. Before I left on my 2 week road trip I lost my check book with $600 in it. Figured I should save the money. Cut the grass about 2 hours ago and there was the check book sitting in the seat. Fell out of my pocket when I mowed before I left. SHAZAM!!! No mortars aimed at the left coast tonight. I love fireworks as much as man but sure do make a mess. Someone up the road just set off a large brick of fire crackers. Bet he has a giant pile of paper mulch in the yard now.
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    My wife gives me crap but whenever we go anywhere together we take the dodge. I'm 6'3" and 260lbs. I don't like getting down into her car (2009 Toyota Camry). It's a nice car for sure, loaded xle but that fact that it sits just a few inches off the ground sucks. I'm much more comfortable in my truck. Simple as that. Plus I love the sound of the Cummins and the turbo
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    Mike, did you take that video? Those poor town folk already having a tough time with all the tourism shut down. It's the only main source of money/ income to that town See now you should not have removed your muffler..... look what you caused
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    Vehicle: Betty White Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2020-06-23 Betty White
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    I agree! I had one of those (320) in a '65 off highway KW, It was an EX Southwest Forest log truck. It had a log loader on it. I bought it at an auction in Redlands, California and drove it home (Lakeside, AZ) it took two days, Lol. It had 60k Rockwells with 10.14 gears, 4x4 trans, topped out at about 42 mph. It was setup for 1200x24's but had 1000x22's when I got it, the front axle did have 1300x24's. The second day it was getting late when I pulled a good grade not far from home and I saw an orange reflection in my right hand mirror, I leaned over so I could see better and it had a foot of fire standing off the exhaust pipe, gave me the chills They were loud with a 7" muffler, the 9" was a little quieter. The old timers always told me they could break windows in town. I never was around one but the old timers told stories of the old 1091 Hall Scott gasser, they would out pull anything of that era. They used two fuel pumps with a 5/8" line, lol.
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    Actually had time yesterday so I put them on.
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    Not sure which model Cornbinder you have but a couple I saw at a truck event about a year ago were pretty nice and fit me really well. One of those would surely have been on my short list. My brother said the same. We ran into a couple of his buds and they checked them out an agreed too. Neither of us have been big fans of KW's or Petes. He drove for a mostly Mack fleet and I worked years there part time. Once the CH models came out those were really great rigs. Would have been my pick back then. Now not so sure. They got Petes on their last go round of new rigs becasue they were light enough to meet the required net on the haul contract. Macks too heavy and KW wouldn't dicker on price. Mack said they had Volvos that would meet the need but that was a huge NO. I don't drive anymore but do go to truck shows, Here is one we were at last Saturday. Not a mask in sight. Check out the marquee.
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    I could drive that KW in a heart beat. I have probably driven over 500 different semis. Because I worked on my days off I got whatever they needed to go out of the yard and whatever was there so a lot of different rigs over the years. More than once I was in the yard, started in one rig, moved into another and before I got out of there was finally in a third! I drove every combination they had. Included Truck/trailer, semi, doubles, live floor. I didn't have my "own" rig until I worked 4 years for Pacific Car Crushing. There I always had the same one which was really a nice change. BTW, I know you know this mike but the 80,000 lbs is gross with 5 axles and enough wheelbase. I am guessing in the neighborhood of 46.000 the way she sets. This was my rig at PCC. About 100,000 lbs. Some of the leasers hauled more but I told the loader/crusher guys I always haul legal.
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    In the case of the OP a voltage drop test might have shown the problem with the battery cable connection. Below is an article on how to perform the test. https://www.engine-light-help.com/voltage-drop.html 1984
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    Eaton working good, getting a little noisey thinking this winter might try putting new bearings in it, but changed the fluid before we left and the magnets on the drain plug looked good, engine rebuilt at about 850k , just got back to hauling commercially, after having ankle fused. Got my own Authority so I'm all legal and everything. Doing a lot of boats, have a broker that calls me whenever he sells one and offers the load to me. 3 NV5600's
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    Nice. I'm only 740,000 behind ya.....lol
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    He has this on order.
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    They think the truth is whatever their lips conjure up and have a bent to destroy. The colleges and Gov't handouts have helped to destroy the work ethic in America so they don't have the balls to do good honest hard work They are letting Evil get a stronger foothold everyday and lies are the main tool in their toolbox. I'm so glad to see all the members on this forum who know the satisfaction of hard work and tremendous sense of accomplishment we have all experienced. I am glad to be part of it and a member here.
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    I would get ahold of @dieselautopower very helpful and knowledgeable guys. Plus a site sponsor.
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    It's not news any more but propaganda; you better agree or you'll be called something nasty, cast out to wither until you prostrate yourself before the masses and shout "Mea Culpa"!
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    I just want everyone to be a bit wary of who they are dealing with these days. I find most on this forum to be good type folks. Plain simple honest people hard working... don't have time to protest or cause problems. We are all too busy just keeping life together for our families.
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    Happy 4th from Commiefornia! God bless America!
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    Yep it is possible, but pointless.
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    Here is a pro and con article on brake pad types. https://www.autoanything.com/resources/what-are-the-best-brake-pads-ceramic-or-semi-metallic/
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    Thank you, they did. However I was not thinking at all about retirement. My bud and I were in AV class our senior year in high school and near graduation while BS'ing he says we need to figure out what we want to do for a living after we get out of high school. More to the story but we decided firefighting sounded pretty good because of the 24 on 48 off so we could go screw around. We both got into it and near retirement we were in adjoining stations, same shift, different departments and responded on several fires together. Was a great life and job. I would urge your son to not give up on his dream. I nearly did and if not for my bud probably would not have gotten the job. Tell him to take as many tests as he can. Don't get discouraged if you don't place well or don't place at all. Learn from it and keep trying. Many years after I was hired I found out about a group of guys that were studying for tests and traveling around the country as a group taking tests all over the US. As some were hired others heard about them and would move into the group and learn. Not sure if that is till going on. A lot has changed since I was hired and more since I retired. It is not the same but still a pretty great Job. We were structural Firefighters but because Portland has over 6,000 acre Forest Park, which is pretty much wildland, we eventually received training in that type of Firefighting. I can tell you it is a LOT more work. Prior to the training some of our companies had been dispatched to fires at Wenatchee and E-13 crew nearly was overrun at one point in their rig. They thought they were safe. The fire jumped about 1/4 mile completely over the top of them and they nearly did not get out. One of the guys had a video camera and filmed it. PDX Fire has their own TV studio crew and they showed it and an interview with the crew on our closed circuit. Pretty impressive and one drill I never have forgotten.
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    Well I wish I would have done it a long long time ago!!! No more surging. Thanks guys
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    I'd be giving @dieselautopower a call. Vendor on here.
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    I have the kit made with a plunger type air compressor and I have in some cases with pressurized over flow tank vehicles cut the heater hose and installed a copper fitting between the hoses with a silver soldered schrader valve to test the system with air conditioning hoses. can set it in the window area and drive and watch the readings. Can pressurize at the schrader and look for leaks.
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    I'm chief of the looking stupid club.... you'll never be able to take that position away. You know, you have seen my posts.
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    I sure would take that 80’s model W9 KW over what I just got, nowadays trucks are designed around steering wheel holders, I just got a new semi recently, had to give up a 2000 model pre emission freightliner FLD, with series 60 Detroit and 18spd. Drove that thing daily for the past 12 years. Put 600k on it. Now I got a 2019 sloped nose Cornbinder truck with a 565 Cummins x15 backed with an 18 speed. It’s got the power but I hate it, It’s kinda like putting a Cummins 24v. In a Toyota Tundra, aerodynamic styling sucks and just wrapped in plastic
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    I’m just a few behind at 379k. I’ll catch up more now that it’s a daily again since the 318 is done for in the 1500.
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    Times are that we should be talking about defending life and property. For instance Is it against the law to fire warning shots if we have a prowler who clearly is up to no good and you live out in the rural county? I have never had a problem in the 25 years with anyone, but the world is becoming more dangerous so I'm putting a piece of armor plate below the window sill where I have a great vantage point up high. Also realize I need to have a loaded rifle ready on stand by.
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    @dieselautopower is typically our go to guy for parts. I'm running a ton of mods as in here is my list of goodies. (4 pages of mods) https://mopar1973man.com/garage/vehicle/101-2002-dodge-ram-2500/?show=mods Just basics... Quadzilla Adrenaline, DAP (7 x 0.010 @ 320 Bar) 150HP Injectors, and HX35/40 Hybrid Turbo (60/60/12) with 4 inch exhaust (muffled) and BHAF. I'm right at 500 HP. Towing ready no EGT's issues. Towing 31 foot trailer hit a max of 14.7 MPG and typically empty I'm 20 to 21 MPG.
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    I also vote @dieselautopower for parts. for body/interior it’s usually between genos garage or LMC truck.
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    We love trucks! We treat every customer like our brother or neighbor. We don't oversell and want to be honest, even if that means cutting the invoice in half. We prefer to be consultants and help customers get the best value. We even have some take off parts or returns for some items (unforunatley we can't list all of them due to MAP stuff) Most of us here have or had 2nd gen trucks so we know what up with them and the problems they have. You are certainly welcome to call us and tell us what you want and we can help you split your build into stages so you don't have to duplicate work/labor on future installs. Quadzilla Adrenaline and 150HP injectors + 62/68/12sxe works great for 500HP
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    Be quiet and not start a Riot?! Yer a riot act in itself
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    I haven't resealed mine yet, like @Mopar1973Man said I changed fluid then and just did it again last month. Still damp and not leaking, time will tell. At least I got the reseal kit on hand
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    You certainly can extend your intervals with synthetic. I run 12 month changes and don’t worry about mileage, thou it’s not over 15K miles these days. Besides extended life synthetic offers much better protection in hot/cold extremes. I did a freezer test a few years ago and was shocked at how thick 15w-40 dino becomes at -5 to -10°F.. well above it’s pour point. I’ve also noticed that dino gets much thinner when hot and towing compared to the same grade synthetic towing the same loads. How many miles do you drive in a year? There isn’t a better filter than the Donaldson BDL7349 and I recommend it regardless of the oil you decide to run.
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    My neighbor offered me the use of his rotisserie....gonna make finishing the welds SO much easier! Fun week ahead!
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    I had @Dynamic build mine. I shipped my core to him and 10 days later I had a stage 2 trans in my truck. I tow about 9k lb., a 5th wheel with a boat behind it, and the transmission puts the power to the pavement. Dynamic put a low stall speed Goerend torque convertor in it. @Mopar1973Mandrove it a few weeks ago and said " @IBMobile was here and I was driving his truck and wow! With full lock up through the gear that truck is just flat mean with 4.10 gears and 245's tires. Really firm shift and everything." Give Dynamic a call and see what he says. His customer service is great.
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