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    This was a memorable evening!!! Jenifer, IB and Jag combined efforts and produced a superior dinner party right on down to the chocolate ice cream by Jag. Their table rotated more variety than a Chinese Buffet. The food was amazing and we all gobbled through it. We kept a steady stream of conversation going. No cell phones....just human voices talking!!!! The camp ground was full but we were all so busy eating and talking that we did not pay a bit of attention.We left these wonderful people at midnight. We were here in Prama,Id. for the celestial event. Big celestial applause for GOD! Both events are memory-makers. Thank you God for letting me attend both squeezed into 24 hours.What an experience. If you get a opportunity to camp with these wonderful people....jump at the chance! You will be enriched by having to get to know them. Love MM
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    Personally, I would want to see the company web page, warranty documentation, etc. Then call and interview the company. BEFORE even considering dealing with an EBay page. Way too many times I've seen people stung by BS EBay pages and companies that fly by night. If a company is real and serious they should have their own web page and full disclosure of products, services, etc.
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    Just wanted to post my experiences here for others to learn from my mistakes! Went through my 1500 mile trans filter change and band adjustment yesterday. All went relatively smooth, front band adjustment was pretty straight forward. Draining the fluid was a synch with the Goerend pan and drain plug. Dropped the pan and adjusted the rear band, installed new filter and got everything else plugged up. Put back in the fluid and fired up the truck, let sit for 30 seconds or so, and went to head around the block. As soon as the truck went to shift into 2nd it felt like the truck was trying to throw me through the windshield! Slowed down and tried to speed up again with same results, so I dropped down into 1st and crept around the block to my house. Made a call to Jon who told me it sounds like I didn't back out the rear band enough or at all, so I dropped fluid and pan again and re-checked. Turns out I must not of even backed off the rear band as it was just about 72in/lbs, so I got that adjusted correctly and the next test drive went fine. Just wanted to pass long this info for anyone else that may end up in the same boat as me!
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    I agree the Donaldson B085011 is listed as a "primary" filter. But looking more closely at the details, it does not meet the old standards of primary secondary filters etc (and the old accepted use of those terms.) The new testing standard is ISO 5011. https://catalog.donaldson.com/productDetail/en/A?R=sku20081834A&productId=11631&skuId=s10132 Looking at this page, the manufacturer claims a 99.9 percent efficiency. When we look more deeply there are two types of test media.... ISO 5011 Fine and ISO 5011 Coarse. (see this page for the two particle size distributions. http://www.particletechnology.com/test-dust) Donaldson does not list which they used. Both samples have particles as small as 1 micron. Just different amounts. (the fine seems to have higher percentages in the lower sizes.), but it works pretty well. I have no conclusion from this information that it could be worse than the stock filter, and significantly better than a K blah blah type. Here is a good article where some guys got together and tested some of the filters available for a duramax. http://www.billswebspace.com/AirFilterTest.htm Notice the reality vs the claims. It is extremely hard to come up with the exact correct numbers. But from what I can see, I feel confident that the filter I use is "good enough" for a mainly on road vehicle, with some off road use, and an operator that understands his vehicle and maintains it properly. Anyway, I run my bhaf without worries. I use differential pressure for when to change. The only thing that i could worry about is water splashing. but I don't run mine in mud bogs etc. I might want to redesign the holder if water splash was more of a concern. just my thoughts. Hag
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    Dear John, I hope you can help me. The other day, I set off for work, leaving my husband in the house watching TV. My car stalled, & then it broke down about a mile down the road, & I had to walk back to get my husbands help. When I got home I couldn't believe my eyes. He was in our bedroom with the neighbor's daughter! I am 32, my husband is 34 & the neighbor's daughter is 19. We have been married for 10 years. When I confronted him he admitted they have been having an affair for the past 6 months. He won't go to counseling, & I am a wreck & need advice urgently. Can you please help? Sincerely, Sheila Dear Sheila, A car stalling after being driven a short distance can be caused by a variety of faults with the engine. Start by checking there is no debris in the fuel line. If it is clear, check the vacuum pumps, hoses on the intake manifold & also the grounding wires. If none of these approaches solves the problem, it could be the fuel pump itself is faulty, causing low delivery pressure to the injectors. I hope this helps, John.
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    The people that tell you to sell old and buy new know nothing about fixing vehicles nor do they work on them. I work on hybrids and electrics. There is a huge disconnect between the end user and the vehicle.
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    Sounds like a classic example of CRS disease, fairy common in the aging process. I am showing symptoms of it myself,but you don't need to seek medical attention because thier is no cure. C. (can't) R.(remember) S.(....it).
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    "The Heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims his handiwork." -Psalm 19:1. Hope y'all have a good time. I'll try to catch a glimpse of it down here, but the above verse comes to mind.
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    These diesels can rattle a house down. The pins job is to keep the timing case 'centered' on the block, due to the injection pump and vacuum pump being bolted to the case, if it shifts, the gears will no longer be in alignment with the cam gear which drives them. Because of all the weight hanging off the case with a 50lb injection pump and the engine vibration, it's not unlikely. The handful of bolts holding the timing case to the block are also known for backing off due to engine vibration. So it's a good idea to take them out one by one and red locktite them.
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    i love the southern CO area. some amazing places to fish, hike and drive around on. growing up on a ranch in cortez offered me the chance to explore lots of this area. Anyhow here's some from my trip sunday. over 100 mile loop in the UTV.
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    I know all about that stuff I have to think about everything I do when putting something down. Forgot where I put something so go look around meanwhile I put down what I didn't forget and then freaking loose that too. I hate that drives me nuts.
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    well I took it out camping this last weekend. Truck was able to pull it fine up i-70 above 11000' altitude hold 65 mph which was nice. I did have to gear down to 2nd locked at 45 to climb from silverthorn to eisenhower tunnel, No big deal there. Managed to get 13 mpg heading up which is A-ok by me.. should be closer to 15-16 on flat ground. stayed dry in the camper, nice to have a full bed. truck drove 10x better compared to having the camper in the bed.
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    Thats one leaky truck. Guess he want have to worry about that if the front end fall off of it.
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    Just to keep this updated, I did install a new Mopar fan clutch (Works perfect), a new PS pump, and a new hydroboost. Brakes do seem to work a bit better, and there's only a touch of noise coming from the PS pump when turning at 1100ish rpm. The trip to Arizona wasn't fun. We left around 8pm and around 3:30 to 4:00am blew the #1 injection line just above where it seals to the injection pump. With no options and another 5ish hours to go I decided to just run it on 5cyl and let it blow fuel everywhere. I had plenty of power, but things were running pretty hot. The smell of fuel in the cab was miserable but we pushed through and made it to our destination. The guy I bought the skid steer from had a 24v sitting there that hadn't run in a while, so we "borrowed" his #1 and #4 injection lines. It took about an hour of bending the #1 line to fit the Ppump and head well enough to seal. Once that was on, all was good. Tons of towing power, engine stayed cool when we weren't climbing 6% grades at 50mph, etc. Thanks @trreed for providing SOME company along the trip.
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    Here are some more photos off my big camera so far... IBMobile's wonderful 5th wheel RV. MoparMom (left) and IBMobile (rght) IBMobile Wife (Left), JAG1 (Center), MoparMom (Right)... Diesel (Down in front)...
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    A few pics from my trip to Isle Royale, MI last weekend.
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    Here is a pic from 3.5 years ago me at about 285 lbs a month or so before starting my healthy grain free lifestyle change and the next one is 3 years later December 2016 at 202 lbs where i have been holding steady for about 2.5 years now. Both pics taken while on vacation in Florida. First fat one was on top of Fort Jefferson in Dry Tortugas national park off of Key West and the other is at FT Meyers beach.
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    that's me on the driveway and pics of the cabin we all built together. Kids all out on their own now. Man how time flies.
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    Here are a few of my boys from last week. We spent the week at the county fair showing and selling the animals that they spent the summer raising. They each did awesome and they had a great time.
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    Might as well join the party, I'll just post some pics of my work and play
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    " ...he got it jb welded and feels pretty confident in his job..." Sorry, but did anyone else spew coffee all over their monitor? Couldn't help it.... it just slipped out. Tell him that made my day!!! hope it lasts forever!! Hag
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    they prob kill themselves after dealing with all the oddities of the electoronics.
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    Unless you go Dexter EZ lube axles. Bit of difference where this design allows you to pump all the dirty grease out where pushing grease into the ABS hole is bad idea because you can't push the dirty grease and debris out past the seal of the hub. So no our hubs are not a greaseable design because there is no way to remove the debris or dirty grease.
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    If a turd floater is magnificent then yes we do. I watched once from inside a CFA I built in NW Tennessee. You could not see more that 5 to 7 feet out the window it was raining so hard. Stayed like that for 30 minutes and as it started slacking and we could see the parking lot again. Thats when I noticed my window was down. Took me a week to dry the seat out. Had to keep putting newspaper in seat to keep my butt dry.
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    You like the Pacific Northwest? Yes, we have some gorgeous scenery. Here are a couple pics from same weekend.
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    Yes it can that's why you would want to do this. https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/articles.html/24-valve-2nd-generation_50/51_engine/59_fuel/installing-protective-lift-pump-relay-r501/ 2 volts wont run anything. If you want 12 volts with key on tap the red/light green (rd/lg) wire at terminal 87 of the fuel pump relay in the PDC and use it as the triggering power at terminal 86 of a relay, you install, for just the lift pump. This will turn on the lift pump anytime the pv44 is energized.
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    Well it still runs pretty good with no problems related to HG thankfully, my next step is to catch up on v2 tuning, apparently some more updates I wasn't aware of, I guess I need to visit them forums more often to stay on top. Otherwise I think there are ton more discussion on how to go about v2 stuff. Like its suggested to start canbus at 90 or something for 75hp, but it's still too smokey for me and I'm starting at high 70s low 80s and playing with timing. Once I get it figured out a bit more I think I'll be super happy.
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    Same here I've got 4 rolls... Tie wire is handy you can make all kinds of tools with it. Like probe tips for electrical sockets, small snap ring tips can be made. List goes on and on.
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    I can't see without my glasses so I seldom take them off. Of course if I did I would lose them
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    Yeah explain that to my wife. Me: Honey it's a good idea to keep my truck it's paid for I like it, enjoy driving it and comes in handy. Her: you always working on it, if it's not one thing it's another. Me: well it's an older vehicle it needs things once in a while. Her: it just seems like every few months you're fixing it, would of been better off buying a new one and trade it in before it breaks. Me: yeah but we don't want another payment, already have one on yours plus it will never be ours and they don't make em like they used to and price on a similar truck is way high I'd rather keep fixing mine. Her: well it's not just money it's your time too. Get a smaller truck I'm sure they're cheapper. So are you done fixing it now. Me: for now yes it runs great but I can't see the future. And smaller truck take as much fuel and not something I want. Her: what else can possibly go wrong you must off fixed everything on it by now. Me: anything is possible, I try to take care of my things, you know. And this never stops, in her mind I'm an idiot, in my mind I'm doing a right thing. Most of her friends have new cars, house etc, but hardly any of them have anything to their name, bank owns it all. But they say we live once might as well engoy it. To each their own I guess. Funny thing, I spoke with Zach and kinda told him why I even got a turbo and had to spend money on head and seems like something else breaks, thought about maybe selling it few times but like it too much to do so. Well his reply was just like all of us think, yeah whatever you do don't get rid of it, I thought the same thing and sold mine for a newer one and still fixing it just more expensive. So this is for everyone that might feel this way once in a while.
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    I doubt anyone's eyes would be good enough to notice a diffence in down road light between 4k and 5k bulbs. point of demisihing returns.
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    The 2 minutes of totality up in Garden Valley went by way too fast! It was quite awesome. Around 85-90% it got noticeably darker and cooler, shadows got fuzzy, and the crickets started their evening chirping routine. As the last 0.01% of sunlight faded it got dark quick and the coronoa appeared! We were able to see stars, most notably was Venus. What a great show!
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    JAG1 and IBMobile (and his wife) made it to the event. Had a wonderful time having dinner with them.
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    Yes HUGE issues with the shady pos. Do not trust ANYTHING that comes out of that mans mouth. I am less than impressed with anything Thoroughbred diesel as well.
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    The rod that comes out of the back is what makes the difference for all the different applications.... The rebuild places just rebuild them, they don't know what rod or length you are supposed to have. GM crimped theirs on. All of my pictures are how to "uncrimp it" then put it back so it is the right length. Don't let this fool you. It is amazingly simple inside.... You will kick yourself. The only "worry" is that the accumulator has pressure. Just apply the brakes on the truck 5 or 6 times before you start pulling the unit out. a big C clamp is how you remove the accumulator. Picture of removing the accumulator Here are the two housings coming apart. (previous picture showed you the silver pistons out of the housings) and a picture of the output rod and spring. and a cross section of the assembly, just for giggles.
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    Batteries act as a filter test from the alternator itself.
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    17-22 psi idling, 25-35 psi @ 2500 RPM no load is the spec. I got mine at 35-40psi because it gives me the warm and fuzzies.
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    Do not trust anyone these days with these trucks. I've never seen such a shady group of owners.
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    Advancing timing puts more power to the crank, but retarded timing makes for a cleaner burn. It's less efficient but cleaner. It's much easier to see the effects with a pilot injection. Too much timing and the CRs smoke easily and sometimes the difference is really just a degree or two. Around 1000 rpms advancing timing should reduce black smoke, as the crank speed is slow, but it doesn't take much to go too far. So from idle to 1200 a little advanced it good, but by 1600-1800 advancing timing will increase black smoke. With different injectors it can also alter the normal reaction. I've had to retarded timing to clean up idle - 1200 low load black smoke. The chart on this page is a good general rule of thumb. http://dodgeram.org/tech/dsl/FAQ/timing.htm
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    Rust Ohhhhh. I'm so used to Minnesota vehicles I looked right past that! That rust isn't bad at all. You still have paint on most of it!
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    A new small pulley is installed to the front of the crankshaft pulley/ harmonic balancer and the pump attaches to the engine block via the front oil pan bolts. This is where the belt adjustment is also.
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    I installed mine just over 4 years ago (5/2013) . Fuel pressure was 17 at idle and 19 going down the road when first installed then went to near 0 a few days later. I found a bit of debris from the installation keeping the fuel pressure regulator stuck open. It's e-z to open the regulator and clean out or adjust fuel pressure if there is a need for it. I keep a spare belt under the back seat but there is also that spare fuel pump in the fuel system. All I need to do is in stall the fuse.
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    I had the lens in my left eye replaced some years ago and now working under the hood is right in my best vision zone. Easy to work above the engine with them off. I only notice it when I am walking away. Two words for that one. Telescopic magnets. I would have no air flow if it was not for that simple tool.
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    same here boss man.
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    Holy smokes you guys are kinda agreeing I was scared away from the fluid you are using @Mopar1973Man because of the cold issues while using it with the G56. It looked about 50:50 on those who did and didn't have issues. I can say my G56 is very happy with the fluid @AH64ID sold me. Temps are always in check and it shifts very well in the cold.
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    Alright guys and gals, got my turbo today. I'm giving it 9 out of 10 and this is before driving the truck. Came with cnc machined beer opener. On first glance it looks good, on closer observation I've noted and older more pitted exhaust housing, very similar to mine( wish it was a bit better ). But I'm sure they would not send it out if they were not sure. Bearing housing is brand new compressor housing is used in very good shape ( I had to re clock it ) I'm guessing it's a hx 40 machined out to fit 62. What I did not like is flange for the exhaust brake (which is also new) was bolted with too short of bolts, literally 1.5 to 2 threads in. I reused bolts from my old turbo, (not original ) when put my exhaust brake on I changed them, but pretty sure factory ones were still longer then what this turbo came with. Reason I even took them out is I was going to reuse my old flange but decided not to, they look identical. But because of that I found short bolts. Here are some pictures, turbine is considerably bigger and so as compressor. I can only emagine bigger ones.
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