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    I want to bring up something that happened to me. Now last night a friend showed up with one of his friends and we started talking shop, trucks and diesel be exact Cummins in a Ford. Of course I open the hood on both the 2002 and 1996 Dodge let this other guy preview the trucks. After it was all said and done it was getting late the guys packed up and left. I went out and locked up both trucks and had to roll up the windows on the 1996 Dodge. Went in for the night. Got this morning hauled some trash down to the trash can and hear faint music playing to me it sounded like across the road from me. Disregarded the music being its Jet Boat Race weekends figure people are parting somewhere. Fast Forward. Still hearing the music and walked a package down to the mailbox but didn't hear the music come back up and realized its the 1996 Dodge was the source. Unlocked the door and sure enough, the ignition switch was in ACC position and the key was there. So that means last night when I reached in and turn the ignition on to roll up the windows and turn the key to OFF i managed to pull the key out in the ACC position and the radio played all night long and half of today. Funny part the truck started right up. So be aware of your ignition switch and make sure you get it turned OFF after your done in the truck.
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    Imo the hardest job is getting one. After getting one you'll probably exposed to other places that are looking for help. One thing leads to another. You're going in right direction imo.
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    Good for you! After you get it, keep going (very important) with something you like and is marketable and in demand. I keep a copy of my GED in front of my stock work book, just to remind me that there are some very smart people out there that have studied how to separate you from your money. I retired at age 58 everything is paid for and no money worries. Marines wouldn't let me re-enlist without GED. Then I past the GED after 3rd try. But I still got out of the Marines and started driving truck. Then after couple of years realized what benefits I was walking away from. Re-joined military, this time Air Force Reserves retired from them and truck driver. Always spent under what I was bring home. Never took a vacation till I was married 10 years. (bla, bla, bla) Anyway don't let anybody tell you what you can't do. This whole country about fell apart with all these "smart" people on Wall street and in DC making decisions. (Edit part) Should probably add that I hated the work I did. Finding a profession you enjoy is worth a lot also. If you can combine them even better for you. I wasn't stupid in school, just that money was in very short supply. So if I needed money I had to hit the streets with bucket and window squeegee or lawn mower. Unlike today hitting the streets with a homeless sign.
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    I feel like the alphabet is on the attack!!!!
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    Stop beating around the bush and get the quad, I think you'll be amazed at what it can do with your hx35 and 75hp injectors.
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    I'd update your box to the latest v2 from the downloads section. If this only happens in the 1000 rpm area you might be jumping between the quad and ecm.
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    Welcome. Look forward to seeing how this all goes.
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    I had trouble with mine a while back blowing fuses. I ended up replacing the plug and it has worked fine ever since. The bottom of the plug was rusted pretty good.
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    You're going to be hard pressed to find a filter that will meet the flow potential of the AD165 in the thread size offered by the AD165. That being said, lots of the flow is lost to build pressure so most of the time it will be within the ratings of the filter. You're correct that the BF1275 is what you should be running on the suction side. There just aren't a lot of options for the 7/8-14 thread that AD uses on the pressure side. The P551315 is probably your best bet and it's a 90 GPH filter. And a FF5817 as the final filter. IMHO it's the best 3µ filter media you can buy. If the FF5817 won't fit then look at the FF5814, it's the same filter but shorter. You could try a FF5322/P551312 in place of the P551315, but it's taller and there is a very small gasket diameter difference and it's about 1/2" bigger around.
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