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    It's hard on any diesel, there are Cat, Detroit, and Cummins bulletins about it. Min temp for full load is 160°, so use that as a guide.
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    Down here in Tx I dont use it a lot but it makes for a fast start in the morning, motor ready to go. I also use a timer and set it to turn on about 3 hr. before I need it.
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    Here is the list of rebuilder I know that have all the tooling... http://articles.mopar1973man.com/2nd-generation-24v-dodge-cummins/25-fuel-system/247-bosch-certified-vp44-injection-pump-rebuilders Now don't let this sway you from using a vendor but make sure to ask the vendor who he's getting the pump from and about warranty. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0Q8qQ2UKRI So as you can see all pump must be tested for a long series of test and pass every test before the PSG is even gets flashed with new software. So the idea of just rebuilding a pump and it missing the test bench is not going to happen nor is a weak or failing PSG computer going to make it past the test bench. Killing myths one at time...
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