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    When I put a camera down mine, I noticed lots of bubbles (air in fuel). As my old return line used to exit real close to supply line. Tank was about 1/4 full at the time. When I replaced fuel module, new return line spits into module at a different angle now. Return fuel now "slides" down the module making less of a splash. Also convinced me to fill up quicker, so I'm not sucking up as many bubbles. I know airdog is supposed to remove bubbles, but have no idea how much or how bad they are. Made me feel better anyways. (Can also report harbor freight camera doesn't like diesel)😎
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    Fires have managed to travel from my place to nearly out to New Meadows along the ridge tops. It can be seen running below Pollock mountain tonight on the way home that is roughly 10 miles south of me.
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    Yes the AD will remove any air that it can, but air bubbles will be generated at many points past the AD.
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    Yep Mopar1973man is a real wrench slinger does a dang good job on those VP's, but If I'm any where near the job and a bolts missing, get a flashlight and look down the intake tube. He beatin me to death over that even tho my own truck
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    Return from where? Your airdog should already have a 1/2" return. The return from the injectors/head won't return enough fuel to warrant a need for a 1/2" line.
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    Answering machine at home is off. My voicemail on my cellphone is full. Now my WiFi number is really cool since its setup with Google Voice it sends me an email in text form of the entire phone call plus the phone number. The part I hard is a person calls 10 minutes of blah blah blah... Then at the very end run through there phone number extremely fast. You hear maybe 2 number. Now you got to play that message over and over again. I've wasted an entire hour to crap like that. Why typically I don't worry about voicemail or answering machines if you really want me you call again. My WiFi number is the only one that is really good about making text back with a readable phone number.
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    I was having the same issue. Once warm it wouldn’t start unless factory lift pump was disconnected. New VP solved that. Now I have a FASS on a relay but no delay and it starts up after one revolution at 15ish psi. I did the same thing wiring the pump up to a switch.
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    unknown 12 pid 22A051 appears to follow TPS, but 1/2 value. unknown 7 PID 22A004 is baro
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    OK, sorry, should have said connected on pin3 ECM side.. As Mopar1973Man, brantcummins and Haggar correctly observed. Have some experience with buggered shielding on slightly bigger wiring- mainly power bus on 50kW frequency controllers... do the shielding in an alternative way and you know where the term "sparky" comes from...
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    I'll have to check with them to see if they can rebuild the old one or build a new one.
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