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    Fuel dumping into the fuel neck is a long way from the fuel basket. After the fuel meets and mixes with the fuel in the tank, its velocity is greatly reduced giving the fuel plenty of time for any dissolved air to rise to the top. Aerated fuel entering the basket right next to the suction could be a problem. - John
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    Sounds like it's stuck open. By rubber ring do you mean a gasket? They should all have one. Lots of horror stories with non-Cummins thermostats. I'd replace it with one made by Cummins.
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    It might be worth the time to inspect the new thermostat without removing it. If that rubber has separated, then coolant would be bypassing the thermostat at a low rate and it could match your symptoms. If the seal looks good, then remove the thermostat and check if any debris is lodged in the operating part of the thermostat. Sometimes it takes awhile for debris to settle after a radiator flush because you can't get all of the debris out. - John
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    Forgot to get back to this issue. Check AC ripple for a failing alternator diode, and use something like a Mopar Performance P4529794 VR. Continuity & voltage drop checks on all existing cabling are a must before replacing hard parts.
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    There will be a lot of Chickens Looking at this one, don't need to read, FAX says it all
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    I honestly don't know when Cummins and other manufacturers started pushing maintaining molybdate and nitrites in coolant. My grandfather had a fleet of trucks when I was growing up and I don't remember testing and maintaining coolant but I do remember rebuilding a Cat 1693 due to cavitation of the wet liners. I think molybdate and nitrites probably came about some time in the 90's. How do your cylinder walls and inside engine block look? It's never too late to start using the proper coolant.
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    It's supposed to go down as far as possible even on the factory basket, if it doesn't then the fuel will foam up and you'll be sucking in air
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    same thing for a hx35. you would only need minimal wiretap to hit the peak power a hx35 can flow air for. wiretap is REALLY good for extending fueling at high rpms, I dont like using wiretap to make up the meat under the curve. If I had my way I would not allow wiretap under 15 psi. I did testing with my hx35 and 7 x .009's and I needed too much wiretap for my liking.
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    Peak power isn't what is important when you consider injectors. Bigger injectors will give you more useable power under the curve without smoke. So a stock injectors truck with a quad at 350 hp will drive worse than a 7 x .010 injector truck at 350 hp if that makes sense.
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    Well, I would like to tell you it is stellar and ready to ship, but I can't. There are some features that need to be double checked. There are also some improvements and some functionality that is just missing that will need to be added. Also, our only working prototype died after a couple of days, so we can't test any longer. We are working with the developers trying to get something put together to put out there soon. -Thanks again,
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