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    @Mopar1973Man unless you have employees that are paid I would not suggest volunteer labor to handle product management and support. people who have other 9-5 commitments will not be able to handle issues in a timely manner. the ball will get dropped and it will cause issues like the quadzilla shipping issue. We didn't even make a mistake, the customer that ordered it did, but we still got blamed and you had to bend over backwards. we need to look into affiliate programs through DAP or similar where we provide the traffic they handle the rest and the site gets a cut. As soon as we have to start managing shipping or customers we are going to be hurting.
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    My decision was influenced by the Big Three in 1987. Ford and GM thought it was a good idea to put naturally aspirated V8 diesel engines in front of three and four speed transmissions in their pickup trucks in the early 80's. Let's see - crazily run up the engine rpm's to handle the few gears, pour out back smoke (especially at higher altitudes), and enjoy all the noise without getting the power or fuel economy of a diesel. I give credit to Dodge for not joining the foolishness. I really wanted a diesel engine because I knew what they were capable of. I was frustrated that there was not an in-line four or six cylinder turbocharged diesel engine available in a pickup by 1987 - it's not like it was rocket science. So, in 1987, when I found out that Cummins was offering a 50 state emission certified turbocharged 4 cylinder diesel engine (4BTA3.9) that was already made to fit in any Dodge, Ford, or GM pickup with a small block engine configuration, I ordered one. I ran that engine in two different 1/2 ton vehicles totaling just under 300,000 trouble free miles. At the time there was nothing like driving up Vail Pass in Colorado at 65 mph in overdrive with no smoke. If anyone would have known that they were just passed by a 3.9 liter four cylinder diesel engine, they would have just shook their head. When the time came, it was a no-brainer to buy my 2002 Dodge Cummins which I will continue to drive for years to come. - John
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    Yeah I'm extremely happy. Will admit the natural herb at night and lot of prayers from all you and others is keeping going. Everyone has been so supportive and helpful. Super cool to ditch the the catheter. Really strange to see how small bladder shrunk up. In a normal human once again.
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    No. The gauge of wire doesn't matter. My solar panels are hook up on 2 ought cable and have only an 20 fuse. Fuse is a designed weak link so the fuse fails before devices, wiring, or fire is created. Hence why opt for the 5 amp and not the 7.5 amp.
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    not a possible thing to fix. Hence why I like oem high idle better
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    Warranty....you funny. That's a hell of a lot of power to do that. How much?
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    Lab’s name is Fish, and the Shepherd’s name is Bee. I didn’t name the Shepherd, she came that way.
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    Bitsy is short, for "Bacon Bits", not small. She is already big, Not gonna be bacon either Lol She outgrew the house so she has her own now. It was down to 5* this morning so I am going to winterize her house some more today. They say -5* before the week is over, that's rare for us. Sealed off the lattice with heavy plastic and made a flap out of an old bed sheet, grease rag from the shop
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    I don't think anyone want it for free with the amount of work you put in it, without you and few other people on this forum it will fall apart and never be the same anyways. I'm sure Nick is just kidding to cheer you up. But most definitely alkaline body naturally resists virus, virus likes sugars and low ph. Make body alkaline and eat healthy, it will heal itself. Just remember nothing happens in a day, it took years to get to this point, so it will take time to get better. Another crazy theory, God spoke this place in to existence, that means vibration/frequency has power, so if you tell your self that you are fine every day it will play a role. We're made out of water and dirt/clay and water has been proven to have a memory and is affected by electricity, vibration, frequency even thought, may sound crazy but it's a fact.
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