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    Myself and Dave Jr. He was born Tuesday evening, 7lbs 7oz a month early!
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    Mike, we are all driven at some level to want better for ourselves. I have learned over the years that balance is the key to life. Life is built on our experiences, and I generally find we want to experience what we haven’t yet experienced. I have a great wife and three kids at home. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything, but working a 12+ hour a day Groundhog Day makes me want to experience your quiet free life. See my path here? “Grass isn’t always greener” but the “grass may be different” on the other side. If my mom needed the care that you provide for your mother, something else in my life will suffer. I am happy to be a part of your life (this computer screen) which you provide some space for me to escape the chaos. I don’t know what’s best or worst circumstance, but I do know it all requires some balance. ULTIMATELY I want to say thank you for the time you spend at that computer monitor which provides some balance for me. Please let me know if I can help provide some balance for you.
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    Just got my new Quadzilla installed today, should have done it some time ago. Just one thing I did not see mentioned in the instructions for the IQuad or anywhere else. On the IPhone you should change the wifi settings for the IQuad. It should be set to manual instead of automatic in the Configure IP setting Set the IP Address to (in my case) the Subnet Mask to and leave the router blank This will allow the Iphone to connect to the Quadzilla and maintain LTE connection for interrnet.
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    New from Cummins. No warranty on their work of course. There is no one else in the region who could program the ecm unfortunately. My hands were kind of tied. So I hooked up my smarty s03 to check the codes. I decided to switch up the program I had loaded. And voila, I've got a grid heater again, and the high idle fooler is back to functioning properly. Not sure how long the ECM will last. I'll just have to deal with it as it comes I guess. I appreciate the input! I'll try my best to contribute to this community. Thanks again.
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    Congrats @Manimalmother!
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    I can relate to the medical appointments but that's about all. Been married going on 47 years, wouldn't know what to do without my wife. Most of my work life was on the road, 40 plus years but since I've had to retire on disability in 2011 my wife has helped me and taken care of me daily. I am a blessed man. Second neck fusion was on the 13th and I am seeing good results from it for a change. Don't know what I would do without our Church life, well I do know, but there is no point of preaching about it because most have heard the truth so the choice is up to them. My family is praying for you Mike, you're too smart to be hanging around empty coffee shops. I have the greatest admiration for you taking care of MoparMom the way you do. Believe it or not God is blessing you but there's a lot of forest in the way at times. You're still hear, you're still inspiring folks, and you're still our friend. Let us know what we can do to help. So far you haven't had to design a Tessla Forum (pull you hair out) yet. Dodges are still on the road and you are King when it comes to putting the information out there. God Bless and don't give up.
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    Any news on release date?
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    Gib monitor Jacob! I needs it! :D Bluetooth needs to go!
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