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    You never gave the Quadzilla a true chance. Just expecting the "default tune" to work right out of the hole. Not the way it works. There will never be a canned tuner that will be perfect either. Being most of them are only designed for stock injectors. Like @dripley can say about +50 HP injectors and Edge Comp are smoky. Just running of the ECM stock tune is going to be pretty retarded in timing. Making it even slower.
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    Probe the map sensor output wire, pin c of the sensor, using a multimeter at Idle state. The Sensor should be outputting near 4.5v. anything more than .25 less than that means your map sensor is reading boost at idle. If it reads .5v at idle then you will trip a code p0237, but if it reads ~4v-1v at idle then you will get this p0234 code. effectively means the map sensor is stuck reading a single psi reading and not functioning.
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    Our trucks are fueled based on map input. A failed map will result in nearly no fuel.
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    I figured I didn't but this site is a big help in keeping the wheels turning on the truck and I see it also as info that saves costly mistakes and wrong purchases, bearing in mind there is a lot of BS on this old interweb thingy but here it's more fact and experience you're welcome
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    Ponied up and subscribed the full deal.... me thinks that's cheap considering I had another slack day today at work and read all 10 pages of Quad posts before I jump.... priceless info. I noticed though that before subscribing my account said I was platinum anyway I figured that previous donations had meant I was in already for the year but I went ahead anyway and renewed as it felt like cheating
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    Excessive idle time cold. Tar up the valve stems and WHAM! Piston bent the valve. Symptom/Condition: Extended idle operation, especially in cold weather, can lead to stuck valves and bent push-tubes due to insufficient cylinder heat. This allows varnishes/oils to condense on the exhaust valve stems, leading to stuck valves, and damaged valve train components. A new software feature, enabled or disabled through the DRB III (See instructions under Repair Procedure), reduces the chance of valve sticking and improves cab heat warm-up time.
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    Just wait till the alternator fuse blows and whatever that is that red wire powering will most likely burst into flames when the charge voltage goes over 20 volts. This is something I wish AirDog would take out of there install manual. Anything hooked to the alternator line will instantly burn up when the fuse blows this includes electronic devices or electric motors. Why? Because the PCM will no longer see the charge voltage and will crank up the field to max power so the alternator no longer connected it will fry anything hooked to it. NEVER hook anything to the alternator line between the fuse and the alternator you asking for vehicle fire for sure.
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    Will this work for ya? https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/led-light-pods/3-inch-square-18-watt-led-mini-auxiliary-work-light-flush-mount/1783/
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    I'm pretty sure my truck owns me. It keeps saying please drill 2-3 shift port. I'm like shut up I'm done with you for now
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    I can't speak for others, but I have 312,000 miles on the original six speed transmission with no repairs. I replaced the clutch with an OEM clutch at 297,000 miles (failed pilot bearing). I use the exhaust brake on my truck in the exact manner that @Mopar1973Man describes. - John
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