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    Yesterday was a long day and I'm about to head back out to the truck to keep putting stuff back together, but I wanted to post a quick note to say that @Tractorman was dead on (thanks!) and the pilot bearing had disintegrated. Luckily the input shaft was in pretty good shape (just needed a quick buff with 2000 grit) so was able to get the new clutch kit installed and the transmission bolted back up yesterday.
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    That is for the rear drop pipe. It has to be threaded to install and remove.
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    Right down the road from @Mopar1973Man forest campground is the Riverside RV Park on the Little Salmon River in Riggins, Idaho. I've been there twice and both times we found it clean, quite, and the owner, Doug Crump, is a nice, friendly guy. This was the view from our 5th wheel.
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    Took the mighty Dodge on its first road trip today. Over 249 miles, in rain with lots of 65-45 braking for the first 90 miles i got 16.57 mpg. After the rain cleared we got free of traffic and had cruise set at 70-75 most times. Tried to data log but couldn't, I'll have that fixed for the return trip. I will get some data and hope some people here can help me with a tune.
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    When you are hooked up to a water source the TT has a bypass valve in order to just pressurize yor water system without filling the tank. As far as the toilet, they have a foot valve to flush them. Simple step on it and the trap door opens and water starts to flow to flush the contents down in the tank which is normally directly below the toilet.
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    Where do the NPT fittings go in this assembly?
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    Just to follow up: my surging was a due to a loose MAP sensor connection. Cleaned, greased, done. Still bought parts and plan to accomplish W-T mods.
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    What apps sensors did you use, if anything other than timbo you're wasting money. Now for my problem it ended up being between a new set of injectors, alternator, wt mod and just going through all grounds and connections. Did you check for codes
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    I can somehow make it work with some 7018 rod. ;) I need lenses bad. I may just do them and upgrade kater
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    Exactly. That's where the 37.3 volt measurement is coming from.
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    Fusible link in the harness can be fried. 3rd gens have a fusible link buried in the loom. No alternator fuse like 2nd Gens but have a fusible link that burns in two inside the loom where you can't see. Why I say that is the ECM is telling full field to charge at max rate but the alternato can't reach the batteries because the fusible link is burnt in two.
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    No but if you zoom in on the sign you will see diesel for $2.49 a gallon.
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    I don’t know about the trailer tires but I bought 2 sets of 4 Kenda atv tires, they held up good
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    I hear that... Going down to -24°C tonight. I discovered a small fuel leak on my fuel pressure sensor after work. Work on it in the cold, or turn off the needle valve? ... Needle valve.
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    Four Isspro on the A post. From top down: exhaust temp, trans temp, fuel pressure, manifold pressure. I've had them since June of 2004 with no problems.
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    Got the pedal working and remade the dust collector. Ignore the nastiness in the buckets, i was trying a wet trap and didnt clean it up yet. Can't find the light fixtures i had so might have to buy more later.
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    My suggestion is just remove the the ABS module. You can have it sent out and rebuilt for a mere $130 by Module Master in Moscow, Idaho. https://www.google.com/search?q=module+masters https://modulemaster.com/rebuilds/shop/brakes/abs-modules/abs-kh-dodge/
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    Just went down a little. Cheapest right now is $3.09. Our PA fuel tax is $.065 alone. But then we have such nice roads and bridges to show for it OOOps. I was a little off. Appears it went up again in 2020. We're now the highest in the nation for diesel at $.0741
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