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    Thank you, they did. However I was not thinking at all about retirement. My bud and I were in AV class our senior year in high school and near graduation while BS'ing he says we need to figure out what we want to do for a living after we get out of high school. More to the story but we decided firefighting sounded pretty good because of the 24 on 48 off so we could go screw around. We both got into it and near retirement we were in adjoining stations, same shift, different departments and responded on several fires together. Was a great life and job. I would urge your son to not give up on his dream. I nearly did and if not for my bud probably would not have gotten the job. Tell him to take as many tests as he can. Don't get discouraged if you don't place well or don't place at all. Learn from it and keep trying. Many years after I was hired I found out about a group of guys that were studying for tests and traveling around the country as a group taking tests all over the US. As some were hired others heard about them and would move into the group and learn. Not sure if that is till going on. A lot has changed since I was hired and more since I retired. It is not the same but still a pretty great Job. We were structural Firefighters but because Portland has over 6,000 acre Forest Park, which is pretty much wildland, we eventually received training in that type of Firefighting. I can tell you it is a LOT more work. Prior to the training some of our companies had been dispatched to fires at Wenatchee and E-13 crew nearly was overrun at one point in their rig. They thought they were safe. The fire jumped about 1/4 mile completely over the top of them and they nearly did not get out. One of the guys had a video camera and filmed it. PDX Fire has their own TV studio crew and they showed it and an interview with the crew on our closed circuit. Pretty impressive and one drill I never have forgotten.
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    No fuel pressure gauge yet. I’m currently trying to do the w-t mod.
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    Actually no standard synthetic is not slick enough and causes chattering og the clutches and bands. The friction modifier stops the chattering by making it slicker. Ask @Dynamic...
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    Well congrats on a successful retirement, sounds like your decisions paid off well my youngest son is expressing interest in the firefighting field, hope he follows through, but he would have to move somewhere line a big city to really make a career out of it, we have a lot of volunteer around these rural parts which is great experience but still got to make a living while your doing it. Their is no shortage of wild land firefighting though, we are constantly surrounded by wildfires every summer
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    ATF+4 is already a synthetic. What is required for the 47RE. Plus its loaded with lots of friction modifier.
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    I'd be giving @dieselautopower a call. Vendor on here.
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    Instead of Limited Slip Differential, you might consider an ARB air locker. Best of both worlds -- open diff until you need it, then basically a spool when locked.
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    Thank you all for your Input. I will follow your instructions completely. Next up - WT mod. Then PCM Protection Fuse. New alternator is on the way... Gunny
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    I had already ordered a new pump which should be here today, but I looked up fuel boss pumps and this is the message I keep finding....”Note on Fuel Boss availability: At this time we do not have an ETA on the Fuel Boss kits. Unfortunately the pump manufacturer closed due to the pandemic and we don't know when (or even if) they will be reopening.”
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