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    Members profile pages are only internally viewable. A guest from the outside world that is not registered cannot view your profile information. This includes search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Mopar1973Man.Com places your profile information out of the reach of  prying eyes. We do not sell or give away any of your profile information to anyone without your consent first. This is all within our Privacy Policy .

    Display Name

    This is the name that will be used to login into the site. Please keep the display name clean no foul language or rude names. 


    Email account. Please provide an email account so notifications and newsletters can be sent to you. Please be sure not to mark emails from Mopar1973Man.Com as spam if you want to opt out of any email please go over to your notification setting and change it to opt out of the emails. When members mark emails from Mopar1973Man.Com as spam, it put us on a blacklist and makes it extremely difficult to get back out of. During this time, all people using this email provider (Ex: hotmail.com) will also be stripped of their email as well. Being blacklisted blocks all emails from Mopar1973Man.Com from being delivered to said email provider this means all email are blocked. 


    Please create a good password to secure you account. It should have a letter, numbers and at least 1 symbol of some sort. for a good strong password. No one including all staff can see you password. We can change your password for you but highly suggest that you change it to something only you would know for security purpose. 


    Yes. We do ask for a phone number. This is for internal reasons for providing support to you in the future. When there are issues regarding purchases or maybe just easier to contact you and aid you by phone. 

    Real Name

    At least a first name is required. Full name suggested. This again is for internal support means. Makes our job easier to know who we are attempting to contact by their real name and not their display name. Sometimes family members get rather confused when a staff member calls and ask for this person by their screen name. The other places your real name might being ask for again is during purchases of goods from the Mopar1973Man.Com Store . Another place is if you decide to join the 911 Support Group .


    Location. We would like to have at least City and State. This provides some location reference to other members for that might be looking for local support. We don't want your address just a city and state is fine. 

    Other Contact Methods

    Mopar1973Man.Com provides other means fo linking to social media. In you profile, there are URL boxes where you may put your URL to your Social Media pages. Like, for example, link to Facebook page. Please, no using misleading links for advertising or linking to questionable sites. This was design to allow people link up their social media page and share their content with others. So like if you got a YoutTube account with several helpful video put the link to your YouTube page up so others can subscribe to your channel.


    We provide a signature for people to list their vehicle information. This is so other members can help you diagnose your vehicle problems and the basic information. We would like to see the year, make, model, engine size, transmission type and any modification you may have done to your truck. This allows other members to see your basic information and take a go at solving your problems. Please no, unauthorize advertising in your signature.


    Avatar we suggest should be a photo of you with your truck. It can be a photo of your truck or just photo of yourself. Please, no questionable or rude photos, please. This is a family site and we would like to keep it that way. It nice to be able to put a face with a truck. 

    Status Updates

    Status updates is more or less like a personal shout box where you can post just about anything that you want people that are following you to see. So if you get people to follow you and you post a status update for example about a trip you made or mod you installed then all people in your follow list will be notified. 

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