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Enuf said...
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Idaho Turbo Diesel's Dinner meet/BBQ Member Photo Saturday October 7th 2017
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I feel that it is time to start building a list of tunes that we all use.


Please learn what each tuning variable does.  There V2 tuning article covers everything in depth along with a video explaining each item.


Update 1/15/17 V2.2 tunes should include timing maxes for various RPM's and fuel load timing


Copy this into your post and fill out the info


My Mods

7 x.009 DFI injectors, he351ve arduino controller



My Tunes









@Carbur8tr For your towing tune.


lvl's I like 6 because I don't like having to push the plus button 1000 times.  but you can set this to whatever you like

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PCM starting issue
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Smarty S03: Tuning & Testing of Can-bus Fueling
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Valve Spring seller?
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TCC lock-up issue with a screwy T.P.S
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The time has come to produce the Mopar1973Man High Idle & MPG fooler switches again.
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steering damper
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Blinkers, Brakes and Bad Drives
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another guy here for knowledge
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Getting the most from a LG G5 cellphone...
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I didnt want to mix up the threads by posting unrelated information so I figured I would start a new one.  This thread is for figuring out what works and what you find your truck likes.  


I did some more datalogging as of late and found that a more aggressive timing curve later in the rpm band, say 2500 + rpm, seems to pull harder up top.  Previous I was running tunes that maxed timing at 26*.  I took 2 tunes copied them and ran them back to back on the same stretch of road, same conditions.   I was not using wiretap for this so I will leave those details out


First Tune 29* max


Second Tune 26* max



The interesting thing is the tunes are the same except for the timing above 2500 rpm.  If you look on the graph rpms hit that 2500 rpm mark at about line 20-21, each line is ~.3 seconds so 3 lines = 1 second.    You can see where timing jumps and also where boost jumps. 


Now keep in mind the graphs are not exact so take them with a grain of salt, but everything appears to show that the tune with higher timing up top gives faster time to 50 mph, and a faster ramp up of boost.  The higher timing tune appeared to reach 50 mph nearly 1 second faster.


as always studs are a good idea, but I am fairly sure anyone can run this timing above 2500 rpm.    If people are not blowing their heads off left and right with other tuners then there is no reason why this type of timing curve will hurt with the Quadzilla. 



Food for thought, open to other thoughts.
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I have been after the guys at Quadzilla Power to make a couple changes for me. I'm hoping that, with a little combined interest from the community here, maybe I can get these changes implemented. The changes I have requested are: 

Trans temp reading from the can bus so I can use the trans/oil temp sender that comes with the Quadzilla for my oil tempo and still be able to read trans temp at the same time;

The ability to select engines and transmissions independently so I can have the gauges for me Cummins engine and the correct gear indicator for my 6 speed Allison. I get that this doesn't apply to most but I never heard anyone say more options isn't better;

The Quadzilla app to start up upon device boot. This way you could leave the device in the vehicle, remove the battery, and supply it with key on power through a USB power adapter. When you turn the vehicle on the device would power up and automatically load Quadzilla app making the device you choose essentially a dedicated display for the app and no fiddling around with out every time you start your truck. https://www.digi.com/resources/documentation/digidocs/90001546/task/android/t_faq_autostart_custom_android_applications.htm
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Edge Comp regular, NOT HOT, fits 2001 and 2002 only. Everything thing is there. No issues, downgraded and running a Quad XZT now. Used the BD stealth plate to tap the pump, still on my truck, NOT for sale. 

Private message me. $425 shipped. John

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Bumping this up to the top again.  The sweat shop is open for the winter, I feel like Santa, and High Idle switches are being made in bulk.
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DIY High Idle using the Stock Cruise Control Servo.
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This article will show you how to calibrate a HE351VE turbo using a cheap arduino board and a Canbus shield
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 Wanna see some of the members of Mopar1973Man.Com???
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Another Cummins with a plugged radiator. Funny part was the front was plugged with mud. The fan side was plugged with oil from the breather. The radiator needed a good rinsing the hit with purple degreaser and soak a bit then rinse it off. It looked nearly new afterward. I yanked the old breather bottle off and install a Mopar1973Man Crankcase vent. 
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Ok Gang...I've got a for sure way to diagnose torque converter lock up issues where it lock and unlocks at about 45-50 MPH. I had a gent call me yesterday with this problem and he's replace both batteries, alternator and the APPS sensor. Attempted all the different wiring issues (adding ground, tinfoil etc.) nothing worked. Like I told him the truck ran 11 years without all this stuff and doesn't require any wiring change to make it work. What it needs is the damaged part to be replaced. So he's returned the wiring back to stock setup.Now I told him to unhook the alternator fuse and take it for a ride... Guess what... No problems! Even though he replaced the alternator it has a damaged diode in it and it bleeding AC noise into the electrical system.So before doing any wiring mods, tinfoil, adding grounds, adding filter... PLEASE! Bench test your alternator! This is the second time I've suggested this and both time resolved the torque converter lock up issue.
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I've got to publicly announce this. I've got to say "Thank You Jacob and @dieselautopower!" Since he's been keeping in touch with me with the Quadzilla and other things. I got got a letter address from Utah I knew the address seen it enough times. Well Jacob sent me two prepay debit cards for fuel to help out with running @MoparMom back and forth to Dialysis. More or less bought me a tank a fuel and maybe a meal for both of us.


Again Thank you Jacob for this personal donation and helping out. 
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Here it is gang the Bosch VP44 Injection Pump fully disassembled.

Here is the rotor and injection pump assembly.

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I was under the truck today for other reasons and turns out my slave cylinder is leaking! I know they're easy to replace, and relatively cheap at NAPA, but has anyone else had this happen?  Seems so strange for the slave to start leaking, but then again the truck is mad it's been sitting...
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my 08, G56, was slowing for traffic, down to about 35 mph in 3rd. then rolled into it and the clutch slipped, let off immediately, next stop i lowered my programmer to stock from 3.

That said. i'm thinking after 160K my clutch has had enough. i DO NOT want to dual disk. and i'd like to keep it as quiet as i can.

So who to call? do i keep the DM flywheel.? or switch to the other one.


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