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So since I am in California Smog country now.  I want the truck to run the absolutely best it can.  I may be able to squeeze RV275's in it, but not much more.  Maybe a more efficient wheel in the turbo and thats that...  unless there is a ball bearing turbo that is essentially stock that could be an option.. SO the question is I have an Edge Comp now.. I am not real impressed by it as the truck seems rough on the high tunes and it smokes like a freight train on the high tunes as well...  So could the Quadzilla enable the power without the smoke?  smooth/smoother idle?  better EGT's?   etc...   I look forward to learning from this thread as I have not dug into quadzilla much yet.  
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Mopar1973man High Idle Kit Raffle
We are putting up a Mopar1973man.com High idle kit for a 98-02 Cummins.  Improve warmup and decrease engine wear related to long idle times all while improving MPG in the Winter by tricking the ecm into using a better area of the timing map!

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Here's what I followed to gain second gear lockup in my trans. My pacbrake controller will lock it up when it wired to think it's controlling a 48re. I can also command lockup with my mystery switch.
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What is the benefit of a torque converter having a billet front cover or not? 
Im not questioning the internals of the TC as I understand what bigger/better components within the TC do but I’m just talking about the billet cover itself...
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I have a brand new Geno's garage dash still in the box.  after I bought the Geno's dash & looked @ it, I liked the way that the LMC dash looked so I went that way. 
I paid $260 plus shipping from the other side of the country.  Make me an offer.  Im in San Diego, so unless your local I will have to ship.  Its still in the Geno's box, ready to go. 
the picture is one I took from the internet, I have not opened the box since I got it.
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Runaway Diesel: Jerk it out
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12v owners. I installed a Stant 13479 thermostat over the weekend. NO more wild 50* temp. swings from the old thermostat. Just nice mild 5-10* swing on open and closed. Got the idea from ghostman over on the other forum. Very very happy with the results. Truck actually made temp. on my way to work this morning in the 37* cold. It would have been barely off the 140* mark with the old tstat.
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Morimoto HIDs and PIAA 530 RF series LED's
Here you go gang you all wanted pictures I got them tonight after aiming my PIAAs. The PIAAs are the 530 RF series LED driving lights. 

I'll admit the PIAAs are BRIGHTER than my HID's. For such a small lamp package and two small LEDs it really throws a bright patch of light out there. Here is just the PIAAs.

Now the Morimoto HIDs on low beam with the PIAA 530 RF series. Look closely you see the step in the beam in the middle of the road. Nice flat cut off of the beam from the Morimoto HID's. The beam path is actaully very wide it will travel at least 25-50 out in the ditch on the driver side. 

Now Morimoto HID's on high beam.

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I wanted to bring a professional appearance to the site. So I picked up the Classified Ads module for the software. The Classified Ads will show up on the site in the sidebar and footer areas. Displaying 5 random ads. The Classified Ads are going to be under the "Store" tab on the navbar. As for posting ads. You can post any kind of ad you wish. There is a category for truck stuff and personal stuff.
The types of Ads you can post are...
Member - Gets 30 days free classified ads small fee to renew after 30 days. Silver - Gets 180 days free classified ads. Gold - Gets 365 days of free classified ads. Platinum - Gets 365 days of free classified ads.  
Thing is I've been watch sites like CF and FB both and seeing lots of people trading parts and pieces as well as selling full trucks. I wanted to provide that same ability here on Mopar1973Man.Com where most of you trust the other members of the site. Please let me know if there is a issue or something you would like to add to this.

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Track Bar...
This will be my second failure in a total of 324k miles. My last track bar lasted over 100k miles. I will admit I screwed up this time. Being I'm doing all the back and forth trips I opted to just at the local AutoZone and pick up a trackbar. $90 buck with a lifetime guarantee. Didn't realize it a sealed unit that has no grease zerk. I found this out after I've already pulled mine out and need my truck. My last Track Bar was a NAPA unit and it did very well to go 100k miles. Just times are tight for me and had to take what was available.
I do plan on getting a Luke's Links and rebuilding my old bar since its got the small non-Moog head and can be done. So when this lifetime warranty non-greaseable AutoZone track bar fails I'll have a rebuilt unit here ready to go.
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Morimoto HIDs Headlights in a 2nd Generation Dodge
More and more people are converting over to the Morimoto HID headlights most are doing it themselves and using H1 Mini's. Few of us are using RetroShop and buying the D2S HID's.
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So I plan to jump on this train shortly, waiting for a check to arrive so I can get a Quadzilla Adrenaline with the wifi option.  I plan to use my current iphone 6, I was curious if I will need to have the app on all the time with gauges displayed for it to work or only if I want to see the extra gauges?  I may convince the wife to upgrade to a new iphone and I will use her 6S+ as a dedicated gauge display in my truck. I'm very computer illiterate, but after reading the info on the Quad multiple times, it's been making more sense. 
Another question, obviously I will be able to sell my comp and I don't imagine I will need my scangauge anymore either if I get a dedicated display.  Will the Quad allow me to change tire size in the computer or should I hang on to my smarty for that?
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Radiator Shroud Modification
I am tired of struggling to do repairs in that confined area between the front of the engine and the radiator shroud. I modified the top of my fan shroud and now the work area is very accessible - I should have done this a long time ago! 
The belt tensioner, water pump, and fan clutch are now very accessible, in fact I removed the belt and then the fan clutch assembly just so I could clean and inspect the fan blades.  The work was very easy.  I know that someone has probably already done this, but here are some photos anyway.

I made the cut in a specific manner so there would not be any sharp corners when you reached into the work area.  I used two zip ties on each side for easy removal and installation of the modified shroud top.  Note that in the photo with the shroud top installed, the zip ties are not very conspicuous.

- John
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So I'm going to be making a thing.
It's close to how I want it and yes the license plate recess is off center because I goofed lol. I will be able to have everything cut with a CNC laser thanks to a guy I met at Cola Warrior. 

Also what is this?
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Torque Converter Lockup Switch with Brake Pedal Release System
What it will do
This system can keep the torque converter locked in 3ed or 4th gear.  With a modification to the valve body 2ed gear can be locked up.  When driving normal freeway speed the torque converter can be locked up with the momentary switch and stays locked up.  The transmission stays in direct drive even when the accelerator pedal is released, there is no freewheeling, RPM level is maintained and torque converter unlock is done with either pushing the momentary switch again or pressing the brake pedal.  
 When going up long grades select 3ed gear, overdrive locked out, then lockup the torque converter with the momentary switch.   I have found that by doing this I see very little rise in the transmission temperature with a decrease in exhaust temperature of 200o F.  Unlocking the torque converter is done again by pressing the momentary switch or brake pedal.  The trans mission will up shift from 3ed to 4th  but will not down shift from 4th  to 3ed with the torque converter locked. 
When go down a long or steep down grade the locked up torque converter will help in slowing but without the added benefit of an exhaust brake.  Another switch* is incorporated in the system which will lock up the torque converter and stepping on the brake pedal will not disengage the lock up.  

Prepared by:  J. Daniel Martin / Martin’s Mobile Maintenance
AKA: IBMobile
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Ok guys I am having to replace my head gasket and while I’m at it I decided to put in a new turbo..... after a ton of searching I am no further along in my quest to find the turbo I want. With all the sales going on next week I’d like to take advantage of it!!!
-I would like 500 ish horse power
-this is my daily driver
-I tow a 10,000lb horse trailer once every other month
-I’m running a FASS 150
-ARP Head Studs
-HX40 down pipe
-Quadzilla V2 tuning
I’d like to pick the right turbo so I don’t regret my decision down the rd. I am torn between a few turbo sizes...
-S300g (57/60/12)
If you guys guys had the opportunity to start fresh with a new turbo what would you purchase?
Hopefully you guys can help me reach a decision!!
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Edge Comp look alike tune
View File This tune is built to imitate Edge Comp timing more so. Fueling is close to 5x3 on CANBus only. This tune does not have any wire tap setup yet.
Submitter Mopar1973Man Submitted 11/16/2017 Category Quadzilla Standard Tunes Injectors +75HP (7x0.0085) Turbo(s) HX35/40 VP44 wiretapped? No Injection Pump SO  
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Mopar1973Man.Com now accepts all major debit and credit cards for donations and store purchases now. 

This should make fund handling easier for people and not having to create a PayPal account to make donations or purchases on the site. 
Enjoy the upgrade on the site... 
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Mopar1973Man.Com is a SSL Certificate secured site!
Be aware Google Chrome will now start marking sites as " Not Secure ". Like for example, Cummins Forum is not a secure site. Because the simple fact anyone can sniff out your login data and gain access to your account. At Mopar1973Man.Com we are proud to say we are 100% covered by SSL encryption all pages and all communications are encrypted protecting you the members and Mopar1973Man.Com from data theft. Take a look around we are one of the few if not the only Cummins Forum that is providing an SSL Certificate site wide protecting our members and even guests while they surf the site.
Mopar1973Man.Com is protected by Comodo SSL Certificate we even carry the logo at the footer of the screen.
As for Google Chrome and how it handling non-secure and secured sites...

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Tyler's 4th Gen
Link to the truck info: https://mopar1973man.com/garage/vehicle/143-2014-ram-2500/?show=tab_3
I'm starting this thread to keep track of everything I do to my new to me 2014 Ram 2500 Laramie. 
I don't have plans to go crazy with it like I did the 2nd gen. The most it'll probably ever have is a mild towing tune and deletes. 
How I bought it: 32K miles Completely stock engine trans. 50 gallon transferflow fuel tank in the bed, Air lift bags with in-cab controls, and a tri-fold tonneau cover. 
Picture from the CL ad:

Pictures of the day I got it home:

Big difference between 96 and 2014

I did purchase the factory style in-bed gooseneck kit last week to pull the big trailers with. It's made by Kurt, and everything seems to fit and work as it should. I've put the truck to work right away as my 2nd gen is down at the moment. 2K in the bed there (bags at 20psi)



So from the pictures you can see I don't have the tractor sitting in the right spot. I was being lazy and didn't want to move the tractor after the ramps were up. The first thing I noticed is this truck easily stays level with the bags in the rear. I wouldn't be surprised if the tounge weight was around 3K+ with this load (trailer and tractor together were 13-14K)
It's very different towing with an auto - I've never done it with a larger trailer. The trans seemed fine with the load though. The truck has plenty of power in 1-5 even with 3.42 gears. In 6th at 70mph it is below 1500rpm, so I kept it in 5th. 
The turbo spools wicked fast compared to the 2nd gen, although I can clearly feel when torque management is holding the truck back. The exhaust brake feature is awesome. I'm not sure if it works quite as well as an aftermarket one, but it held everything back pretty well. 
So far I'm pleased with the purchase! If anyone has questions, ask away!
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I bought this truck from my brother in 2007 with 80,000 miles on it. It now has 138,500
It seems like lately every time I turn around I'm putting money into this truck. I use it mainly during hunting season and a handful of times throughout the year after that.
I've flushed the radiator and changed the coolant twice while I've owned it. I haven't had it checked out yet but I have a coolant smell coming from it. I'm guessing it's the heater core so I called the dealer, OEM parts $950 and a local radiator shop unknown parts $750
It's got rust from living here in Michigan and I was thinking about getting rid of it 2 years ago but I was told the steering wheel had some play and was off center a little. I didn't think it was bad but took it to the dealer and had it checked out and fixed. new steering box, steering damper, and track bar.
That cost me almost $1000 I went from the service area to the sales area and they offered me $9500 for it and I didn't even need to buy from them
Now a coolant smell and probably another $1000 and I'm gonna need it for hunting soon.
I'm bummed. Damn I wish I would have sold it when I had the chance......
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My Mods
Aurora 4000, 5" straight exhaust, ats exhaust manifold, flow max head with mild porting, Hamilton 110 valve springs, F1 Mach 8 injectors, .093 connecting tubes, Hamilton 188/220 cam, afe intercooler, banks monster ram, air dog 165, industrial injection hot rod vp44, 48re full gorend transmission, smarty s/03, quadzilla 4K adrenaline 
 I sled pull with this truck, only drive it on the road not Offen but when I do the tires seem to lose massive amounts of rubbber haha. 
My tune: 
i was talking to you earlier on Facebook about some tunning changes to my setup. You said to take the smarty away, any suggestions to my 4K tunning to get it to rev and fuel higher? My max Rpm when sled pulling is 3685.
I am also looking into getting my hot rod pump turned into a dragon flow, any suggestions with tunning when I do the pump change? Will the quad still work with the dragon glow, I have read that there is no need for a fueling box with that pump.
my end goal with this truck is to stay with the vp44 and go after the record with it. It will also stay a sled pulling truck as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated 
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Last Monday I drove from Challis, ID to Kuna, ID and got 22.8 mpg!
It's overall downhill but there are 2 descent grades to climb as well. 
My previous best was 21.5 and I've only broken 20 2 or 3 times. Normally mid 19's is excellent for this truck. It's heavy and has plenty of things to induce drag. 
I got full on the refill so I don't think it's a big error, and I'll have another change to try and duplicate it this fall. I did get 19.4 going the longer route two weeks ago and all of that was above 70 so it does check based on the slower speed of the shorter, but curvy, route. Avg speed for the tank was 47.0.
I took the pic while it was in my shop getting the oil changed, so there is even 5-10 minutes of excess idling on the tank. 
I've been tweaking my cruise timing but that's a bigger jump than anticipated but I'll take it. Bed was full of crap, to include a XL dog crate, there were all above the bed rails. I was all of 9,500 lbs and have my winter 33" mud tires on too. 
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Me78569 Anti Torque Management Tune / Dyno tune
View File This is my Anti torque management tune.  If you go WOT without rolling into it it should Overwhelm TM on late model vp44 trucks.  This tune is the most aggressive tune put out for a Quadzilla.  It will max possible fueling offidle if you go WOT.  HEAVY smoke and should only be used on the dyno or track.  This tune will make less HP than other tunes, but Torque should be very high very soon.  
Use at your own risk! Quadzilla, Me78569, and Mopar1973man.com are not responsible if you choose to run this tune.
Submitter Me78569 Submitted 06/14/2017 Category Standard Quadzilla Adrenaline Tunes Injectors 7 x .009 Turbo(s) He351ve VP44 wiretapped? Yes Injection Pump SO VP44  
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Brake are squeaky???
Enuf said...
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