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  1. Injector ash

    Never been a big fan of Optilube personally because of the cetane booster typically used.
  2. Valuable parts question

    I come armed and with cash. I'll even bring "Diesel" for guard duty while I'm digging through your junk.
  3. Injector ash

    No. I pour approximately 1/2 quart for half hank a tank of fuel. Suggested is 128:1 ratio of 1 ounce of oil for every 1 gallon of fuel.
  4. Injector ash

    This is not normal. Cetane booster tend to add soot to the injectors. 2 Cycle Oil you might try it. I'm going to bet my 80k miles injectors are cleaner that your 2 year injectors.
  5. For me, anything above 32*F is warm and that jeans and tee shirt weather. Now between 0*F and 32*F is cold requires a good heavy coat. Below zero is plain frigid and dangerous survival at these temperatures is very short if out in the weather. Add wind to that you talking serious life threating problem. @Marcus2000monster It's all good. We both live in the cold country. That one of the reasons I don't carry a bunch of spare parts in the truck and tools. I carry food, water, blankets, extra clothing, gloves, etc. My own survival is more important than trying to fix the truck. The truck can be towed to safety. As for MoparMom and me, our lives are much more important.
  6. Lift Pump took a dump

    You need to unplug the pump. Bump the starter. Measure the voltage at the plug. If 12V is present everything is fine with the ECM and the lift pump is junk. If 0V is at the plug you just lost the ECM lift pump circuit. Also, the lift pump is junk too which caused the ECM failure.
  7. Lift Pump took a dump

    AirTex pump. That is direct connected to the ECM. Test to see if the ECM is still producing power to the lift plug (disconnected) with a starter bump.
  8. Does this bother anyone else?

    Another thing if you didn't catch it but I did the door jam in the first picture appears to be dark blue. Come on you can't even paint the entire rig door jam and all? What is this an Earl Scheib paint job?
  9. Laughter is very good medicine

    One of the few reason I never bought into the iPhone Craze. I might not be much better with an Android (just fitting for the video). My circumstance is different than most people mine is used as a true tool and like 99.9% iDiots out other. Since I'm on the road 3 days a week I use my cell phone to keep up with the website and business as a travel. Now seeing two people in the same room texting each other, now that is stupid. What happened to getting together and talking using your voice and looking the person in the face? I'm used to seeing kids playing in the river and swimming. Even back in the day kids creating places in the forest to go camping and hang out. Now all you see is kids sitting at home with their tablet or phone. Mostly on Facebook. Again here is a platform I don't really use. I use it for advertising the site but I don't go posting about what I did everyday.
  10. I'll admit its rather confusing but that's what came out of the book.
  11. Help with Mapping GPS

    Personally I've got two Garmin's Garmin nüvi LM42 Garmin GPS V As for the Garmin GPS V its been retired to my Search and Rescue bag. Don't need maps per say. I just need to landmark where the truck is at and then shut it off. Then when it time to come back turn it on and head back towards the waypoint I saved. As for the Garmin LM42 (Lifetime Maps), this is an awesome little GPS I keep in my truck. I can update the map free anytime I wish. Comes with micro SD slot so I can save information and screenshots if needed. Again I don't really use the navigation much at all. It more like night time coming home in storms where visibility is low I can peer at the screen and see curves in the road coming up ahead. Since address or location is impossible out here even if I got to call 911 I can give a LAT and LONG to the dispatcher.
  12. quad v2 wiretap settings

    Tap on the text box at the bottom and enter each one by hand. The EQ sliders personally suck. Look cool but impossible to use. Especially when you're trying to hit exactly one number.
  13. This is exactly true... Special X pumps and Hot Rod pumps are now a thing of the past. The other problem like I've learned in tuning now is everyone forgets about their fuel cetane rating. My current tune is bit retarded compared to stock in the cold weather. Being the fuel ignition ability is better as cetane goes up so adding timing on high cetane fuel will actually increase engine load (fuel consumption).
  14. Does this bother anyone else?

    The back seat is even worse... Can't you even afford to keep the interior the same?