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  1. You correct about flow rates. There are a few things you missed. The total flow rate between the return and the supply is still fairly close to the total it is reduced volumes minus the captured pressure and filter flow loss. The pump is not under deadhead load like Raptor and non-returning pumps. The Non-returning pumps tend to redirect the output flow to the inlet again which makes them cavitate and create air bubbles in the pump if the pressure is turned up too high.
  2. Mopar1973Man

    Testing Injector Pop Pressure in the real world

    1 Bar is 14.5038 PSI.
  3. Mopar1973Man

    Testing Injector Pop Pressure in the real world

    Thank you for specifying that... I know the Bosch ESI[Tronic] I might have to fire it up and look it over.
  4. Typically they all supply 1/2 draw straw with the kit. I happen to have a 1/2" AirDog replacement straw that is steel.
  5. Mopar1973Man

    Testing Injector Pop Pressure in the real world

    Don't you mean 293 to 327 bar? So 4,250 PSI equal to 293 bar and 4750 PSI is equal to 327 bar. At least from the Dodge FSM book.
  6. Mopar1973Man

    New from Tennessee

    Dave is right ask plenty of questions every if it sounds silly or stupid because that's have your going to learn about your truck.
  7. Mopar1973Man

    Loss of power under load

    Wiring issues. This is why I would ask for error codes. There might be P1694 or P1698 code which both are communication issues.
  8. Mopar1973Man

    Loss of power under load

    Yes, but typically the cost of about $120 for the flash and appointment with a dealer. My thing is if that SuperChips can't talk to the ECM I wonder if the dealer will too? Get my point.
  9. Mopar1973Man

    Loss of power under load

    Check all your OBDII pins. I've had a Smarty Touch behave the same way and found one of the SCI bus pin pushed out the back. You'll have to push the plug out of the metal tab on the dash and verify all the pins are locked in. https://smartyresource.com/forums/topic/1968-smarty-touch-communication-errors/
  10. Mopar1973Man

    How much to charge?

    I love picking on you for that bolt in the intercooler... "Where does this go?" Clank!
  11. Mopar1973Man


    Have them double check the balance on the tires.
  12. Mopar1973Man

    How much to charge?

    I love seeing there are you guys out here willing to cut your teeth on the mechanic realm. Make sure you guys jump in the 911 Contact list you might be able to help out other members. Like my A/C work I typically charge $40 for A/C recharge (if the system is just low). Repairs can't go up depending on the extent of the repair. VP44 replacement on site I typically get $120. I've done them in the middle of a hay field in a rainstorm. Even bailed @IBMobile out when he broke down in Riggins, ID. The only thing DON'T let @JAG1 hang around while you do a VP44... Electrical jobs I typically edge up my price depending on the type of repair, modification or installation of an accessory. This is one of my strong points I'm not going to cheap out on that. Then with my Prevail Web Management, I'm doing server admin work or website building for a price. Depending on the task it can be simply $20 an hour or upwards of $60 an hour depending on how in-depth and working off hours. I even teach Linux OS. Back when I had "Cloud 10 Computers" I was getting $120 an hour for computer and network service. I closed this business down in 2008 when the economy tank locally. I switch to Mopar1973Man.Com.
  13. Mopar1973Man

    Vp44 transistor replacement

    Welcome to the website @Dirtworks ... I see you got your post going. The ones you might try... These are our Europian members maybe they would know. @wil440 @Ronniemx3 @AlpineRAM @Tiller
  14. Mopar1973Man

    How much to charge?

    I agree. You have to start somewhere. For a basic part changer that not a bad place to start. I think the worse part is investing large amounts of time in the diagnostic realm. Better your tools, and experience the less time you invest. I win over heart locally with if I can't fix I don't charge. If I diagnose a vehicle and it's beyond my skill or experience then I typically will pass it up and not charge for the diagnostic work. The honesty wins. I end up with a return customer typically. If I doing a job I've got no experience in I'll outright tell the own straightforward I've never done this task and I expect to take more time than typical. Again the honesty brings them back. Acting like nothing phases you and you can handle anything make people uneasy. Try to allow yourself extra time for diagnostics, extra time to learn, extra time just in case you need special tools.
  15. Mopar1973Man

    Hello from 67Cuda

    Ok. I jumped in and moved the thread over to the 24V to get him visibility. Now... I need to do the basics with I need you to check for error codes and what is your fuel pressure like (idle, cruise, and WOT on the highway).