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  1. Mopar1973Man

    Quadzilla display project

    A stupid and crazy idea... @Quadzilla Power ... I wonder if its possible to change over the Quadzilla communication to USB for a cellphone. That would be killer option too. Being my LG G5 cellphone already has Type C USB and just change up the app to communicate over the USB instead of the bluetooth. The killer part is the USB cable could supply power to the cellphone.
  2. Mopar1973Man

    Engine stumbles

    Might not be worn out but pop pressure to low and getting inefficient.
  3. Mopar1973Man

    Engine stumbles

    Like im going to be next on injectors. My DAP 7x0.0085 are getting a bit dirty, haze, and faint misfire. I've got close to 100k on them.
  4. Mopar1973Man

    Axle shaft u joints

    When I did my wheel joint the passenger side I beat on for four hour using heat, PBlaster, and more beating. Driver side I could even start one cap. This shaft required a press which was extremely violent when the caps let go. There was no amount of hammer to free the driver side. Hence why I don't want super life span again by that time of 16 years and 350k miles the caps will be bound up again.
  5. Mopar1973Man

    Axle shaft u joints

    Yeah, I might have gotten 350k miles from my factory OEM joints. Still, the fact remains it was a horrid nightmare to get those joint out and replaced. I would much rather have a joint that is not going to last very long and replacement and greasing much easier. So what if I got to change u-joints every 100k miles much better than beating on stuff for over 4 hours with 6 pound hammer. A lot of people like the seal units. With all the flood highway and snow I travel its just not a good idea. Now that Idaho is using strictly all salt its making suspension part fail sooner. Causing issues on replacing simple things like u-joint a royal beach.
  6. Mopar1973Man

    Axle shaft u joints

    Those could of last much longer if there was a grease zerk and able to flush the old debris out and keep them lubed.
  7. Mopar1973Man

    Damn stalkers

    I did get an email back from him.
  8. I've been enjoying the 245's. way more power on the highway I can accelerate much faster now. Still the MPG is not changed much. Still drifting around the 19 MPG with winter fuel now in full swing. The higher final ratio really does make a huge difference in acceleration. I like the fact I can remain in 5th much longer now. I'm in my top gear sooner.
  9. Mopar1973Man

    Modern Power Point

    Need measurements. I've got plenty of scrap metal and a grinder.
  10. Mopar1973Man

    Modern Power Point

    Crap I don't want to buy another socket. Just want the tool.
  11. Mopar1973Man

    No Bus question

    Geno's is just a vendor. dodgeram.info.
  12. Mopar1973Man

    Rattlesnake Fire, Idaho - 2018

    I've not even gone up the trail behind the house beyond the dam yet. I've even asked around to see if anyone else in the neighborhood has... Nope... I've gotta take a ride up there and post some pictures as well. I know the hunting in the area sucks and animals are not around. I saw my first deer today in the yard. Finally, some animals to eat all the fallen apples.
  13. Mopar1973Man

    No Bus question

    http://dodgeram.info/tsb/2000/08-05-00.htm Found...
  14. Mopar1973Man

    No Bus question

    Yeah I'm going to bet loose cluster. I'm pretty sure there was a TSB for cluster related no bus issue too.
  15. Mopar1973Man

    Boost gauge hookup

    That hollow bolt is just risky either break the bolt torquing or the tubing get broke every time you pull the valve cover or injector lines.