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  1. First off welcome to the site... As for your setup your final ratio is too low. With 35 inch tires on 3.55 gears is going to produce 3.27:1 ratio to the ground. You need to change the tires or the axle gear to fix this. You need a final ratio of 3.55 to 3.73 to 1. Optimally if you changed to 4.10 axle gears it would give you 3.71:1 ratio final to the ground with 35 inch tires. Smoke is going to be a problem till you raise the final ratio. Like myself I'm running 30 inch tires and produces a final ratio of 3.69:1 with 3.55 gears. Turbo lights nearly instantly because of proper final gear ratio. Tuning will not fix a poor final ratio. The high engine loads to launch will always be there. Being your launching with 35 inch tires is like me launch in 3rd gear.
  2. Don't use Moog... No longer a quality product. I bought some CHEAP AC Delco ball joints and still running on them after 200k miles.
  3. Ummm... Order it and should be 2 or 3 days depending on location...
  4. Come gang order up your LED bulbs... @TheGreatWhite @98whitelightnin @Nekkedbob @sooxies @Ed ke6bnl @dripley @Russ Roth @Bmchmbrs @Threadzy If there is another product you would want to see post up...
  5. Like I said be careful you might not get them back out. If it does pose a problem you need a torch and heat that loctite up to release the bolts. Get yourself a hone brush for your drill. When the ball joints are out you can use the hone brush for the holes and hone out the rust and pitting. Then you can anti-seize the holes so installing the new joints should be fairly simple then.
  6. Be careful. I did the front caliper frame bolts in the front with loctite. Needlessly to say the loctite and being torqued in it was so hard to remove I broke 4 sockets just using a breaker bar to remove them again. I don't suggest loctite on those bolts. Torque is more than enough to hold the bolts in.
  7. Wobbly steering is typically cause from lift kits. As you lift the axle the caster goes more neutral. This causes the steering to wander. Now you need to add more caster and then get adjustable track bar to center the thrust line again.
  8. Even my AirDog 150 is stable. I've got idle pressure at 17 PSI cruising its maybe 16 PSI, Then WOT is about 15 PSI.
  9. If in northern states that use salt NO! It will rot the exhaust manifold and down pipe quickly. Not really a problem. Engine is off and cooling naturally. Up here in Idaho being the summers are much cooler this year I don't hold heat very long at all. Engine oil runs between 165 to 175*F. Coolant typically falls to 188*F and then Quadzilla drops the ignition. Without the wrap it drops temperature quickly being exposed to the air. Different story for performance. Now if your trying to get all that expanding heat energy through the turbo you would wrap the manifold holding the heat into the manifold so every little bit of expanding heat can be shoved into the turbo. There is no cooling down of the gasses from the head to the turbo.
  10. Personally... Don't do a bunch of these upgrades. Like myself I'm at 416k miles and still completely stock. Steering is tight and no issues. My tie rod ends last 350k miles, ball joints are over 200k miles now, steering box was replaced because of seal leakage (Blue Top), power steering pump is OEM yet. No wobble or looseness. The biggest problem is people doing lift kits and oversized tires now the geometry is totally screwed up. Never upgraded tie rods, Never used steering braces, Never installed any leveling kits, Never used oversized wheels and tires. Never had any steering issues.
  11. I've got a Samsung S10+ (Android) phone. All I got to do is start the iQuad App go to the custom tunes and and select the IMPORT button. I can also start the iQuad app and then just tap on the file in the Download folder and automatically imports.
  12. Lost Valley Reservoir is a local lake just south of New Meadows, ID on US95. Its a short ride up a dirt road to get to the reservoir. There is USFS camp site that you can cram into and pay $15 a night for. We opted to leave on Friday morning and lucked out and found a free campsite below the dam wall and rather peaceful at night. During the day its rather busy chunk of road with people using this road to travel around the lake. Very enjoyable 2 night stay here. Once the sun goes down the traffic comes to a near stop.
  13. Actually please contact @pepsi71ocean and update him with the company that you used and any information. He will update the page with your information you provide about ECM rebuilders.
  14. That's being "Dripley Racist"... Don't tell me your going to go out and tear down all the Chick-Fil-A restaurants... Fun to pick on good friends...
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