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  1. Take notice to the amount of carbon. Like this truck was short tripped a lot and never got up to operational temperature much. Because if you get up over 1,200 EGTs that carbon and oil wouldn't be there.
  2. Valve guides and valve seal would be my next step. I had done mine back at 350k miles being the vlave guides wore enough to allow the valves to wiggle and then ruin the valve seal that are harden and no longer flexible. Be aware the head will require removal and new head gasket require. Don't just do new seal being the seal will most likely be ruined being the guides might be worn. No way to get around this.
  3. Being my random travels it makes no sense to plug in. Some days I don't leave home other days I might leave at 8am, 9am, 10am etc. Not to mention im on limited power here being daylight hours are short. If im heading south im warmed up in 5 miles with heat. Go north it will just about take 10 miles. If I want super fast warm up set 3 CYL mode flip on the exhaust brake. EGTs sore to 900 to 1000. I can go from -20F to fully warmed in under 10 minutes.
  4. I'm glad I got 9mm back after the last shortage. No warning shot given due to the price of ammo.
  5. Just think the stock engine and injectors with turn 235 HP. Now drop in a Quadzilla Adrenaline tuner and that is capable of 180 HP. So for safety sake that would make 355 HP to 415 HP just with tuner. There is a bunch of supporting mods to do to make this happen... AirDog 150 or FASS 150 with 1/2" fuel lines is a requirement. (Currently running a AirDog 150) Automatic transmission will need to be upgraded to hold the power. Manual transmission you need to look at better clutch. (Currently running a Valair Dual Disc) If your running over sized tire, then t
  6. Just to make a serious jump I would suggest just gettng a Quadzilla Adrenaline which is a nice 180 HP jump in power. Fully adjustable tuner that adjust not only thre fuel but also can adjust timing for the VP44 trucks. I'm running 150 HP injectors (7x0.010) popped at 320 bar, with the Quadzilla and my Economy tune I'm right at about 500 HP and 19 to 21 MPG. I got the best of both worlds good economy and more than enough power to light the tires up on dry asphalt. Just to give you a feel... As for all the mod check my sig for my modification list and there is 4 pages worth.
  7. Yes and no... Yes if you disconnect the little leads on the solenoids. That will trip both the P0380 and P0382. No. if you disconnect the battery power at the drivers side battery and pull the main power leads. This will not set any codes and allows for normal operation but there is no power to the solenoids. ECM is still hooked up and triggering the solenoids but just no power to the grid heater. This is what the solenoid is suppose to do as well. You can switch on and off the power to the main leads. As another member posted up that the solenoid burned. W
  8. I was handed a rather good challenge to fix. I needed to have a pedal assembly rebuilt being salvaged pedals assemblies tend to all have the same fault wore out on the clutch bellcrank pin and bushings. I did a bit of Google search and turned up a guy named "Altered Ego" that does awesome work. When he got the assembly I sent in he called me and told me it was the worst one yet to see and totally wore out. Now after 2 weeks of freight time and waiting for pedal pads I got it back and it looks excellent. Even with grease zerks in the pivots. All upgraded with brass bush
  9. OEM VP44 should have a VOID sticker wrapped around the VP44 connector preventing removal of the plug without tearing the sticker off.
  10. I'd love to give you +5 likes for that... That is one of my biggest factors is to make sure to allot enough time to do quality work and cover all bases. It when you pressed for a time schedule then you start to screw up rushing a job. One of the few jobs I got hired to do was working at the local Chevron Station for a summer. It was really tough to hold to a narrow slot of time to do big job. This is why I went into doing my own business and no longer held to a tight time schedules.
  11. Still to this day I do the control of the grid heater manually. April I will disconnect the main power feed to the grid heaters. Then in October I will hook up the the power lead again. My truck will start as low as +20°F above without grid heaters. I stumbles a little but starts fairly easy. At +32°F starts like a summer morning. I don't even consider block heater till below 0°F.
  12. They use tons of salt out here in Idaho now. That is one of the biggest problems I face is rusted fasteners for suspension and other thing external to the cab. For all that stuff like the camber adjustment you could pull the bolt out and mop on the anti-seize and reassemble.
  13. Now the bad news it snowing... Ugh! Now I get to work in the snow and cold today. For the moment I'm happy as heck to sit right here at my desk where its warm and dry. Last thing I wanna do is get dressed and haul out to the yard to install a pedal assembly in a Ford Powerstroke.
  14. That's what it feel like for me now. Seem like I run my tail off all day and still get stuck with one issue or another preventing me from completing a job (wrench work). Then like this morning I'm up a bit early and working the website making sure the server is running top notch. Still finding weird issues and configuration issues. This is why I'm looking at the hotshot angle it would allow me to do jobs possibly local to me and in the spring of the year be a good time to break free after a long winter of being cooped up.
  15. I get it on the road repairs are a pain and yeah I get that the idea of rebuilding a hydro booster in a hotel parking lots isn't happening either. 423k miles later it might be on my list of things to do in the near future too. I've been keeping my fluids changed and flushed out often so maybe I can get it to hold up a bit longer.
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