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  1. Should of already done the W-T ground wire mod and PCM protection fuse.
  2. @IBMobilejust being a ... I always love that blink fluid joke... Even sold on Amazon... https://www.amazon.com/Blinker-Fluid-HAND-VERSION-Hilarious-Gift-Stocking-Stuffer-Car/dp/B06ZXSKDZG
  3. Hey gang... Just a general tech tip. If your coolant has been in your truck for 3 years or about 75k miles you should consider doing a coolant flush and new thermostat. Then you might check your A/C pressures and top off the freon. Double check all your fluids axles, transmission and transfer case (if applicable). Brake fluid is another that needs to be changed every 30k miles as so does power steering fluid.
  4. Crap! Sorry for that I already had the Timbos APPS show up a while back but forgot to update the stock number. Again sorry gang...
  5. Put the filter minder to your lips and lightly suck on the filter minder nipple it takes very little vacuum. It actually measured in inches of water column. Just like a drink straw how much vacuum to pull few inches of water up a straw.
  6. Not to hijack... Just had a customer complain about her power steering leaking on her 96 Chevy truck. It was filled with ATF. Really common mistake.
  7. When I last pulled my transfer case off my 2002 Dodge I resealed it with Grey RTV silicone and not seen a leak at all.
  8. Normal here at home I can tow about anything and stay around 180*F towing but about 140 to 150*F empty truck. This includes climbing 7% grades for 7 miles. Now as for Arizona I make a simple heat shield out of a piece of sheet metal and two 4 inch exhaust clamps. Just tucked it between the NV4500 and the 4 inch exhuast. In Arizona with 110 to 120*F daytime temps and climbing a 7% grade it was just getting up to 200*F my alarm on my ISSPro is set for 225*F. After adding the heat shield it dropped roughly 30 to 40*F off the trans temp. I was able to stay in 5th gear and leave the cruise set for
  9. Basically in a nutshell. Now notice the oil/silicone inside does the clutch action. If the fluid is lost the the fan clutch fails. This why after sitting and cooled the silicone/oil will settle to the bottom. So when fired up there will be a locked fan clutch for a short time in the morning then as the silicone/oil moves to the hub again it will unlock. This is totally NORMAL. It when you reach 210*F and the fan is not locking up then there is a issue.
  10. I got a customer that called me asking about his clutch in his 94 Toyota. I went over to his place and hopped in the cab and could feel the pedal was super soft and like its not even pumping. I pumped the pedal up and could make a good shift. I knew at this point the hydraulics on the clutch were fried. The brake fluid was black in color. (day ends) Next day I'm down in town getting supplies for another job. Stopped at the local Chevron. This customer happen to be there. He was talking to guys at Chevron about changing the clutch hydros. My friend there was like I've n
  11. One of the few reasons I've never liked the CAD axle design. Any vacuum issues can and will leave to stuck without 4WD. Trust me I've been left stuck in deep snow and fighting to figure why the axle is not locking. They are right start at the cowl and check if there is good vacuum then work your way down to the 4 port switch and check again for good vacuum. Then move to the red vacuum lead and check again at the CAD axle. I've seen weird cases where the diaphragm is torn or small pin holes which makes it weak to pull in. I've seen bent vacuum motors that bind the shaft too. Make s
  12. If you look there is only a fuse in between the fuel relay and the VP44. Which is the same fuse that powers the ECM, PCM and VP44 all share the same power source. (Red/white) Then the (brown/white) is the trigger to the relay. So my suggesting is change the #3 fuse in the PDC and then change the relay.
  13. For sure not the turbo. I would look at the transmission and torque converter.
  14. That Chevy held up good. Any accident you can walk away from is always a good thing. Sorry for the misfortune of having an accident but glad your not hurt. As for the build I was wondering how your going to do the doors.
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