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    If anyone wants to share their favorite camp spot and invite others to meet up. Here is a place you can post others to join in the fun. I suggest a pm rather than a post when revealing your favorite camp spot. Anyhow .... IBMmobile and I been meeting at our camp for about 4 times now not counting the eclipse trip last August. Always fun.

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    Government & Politics - About all politics and government topics. Please be respectful of others and their views.

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    Spiritual & Religion - About all religion and spiritual topics. Please be respectful of others and their views.

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    Prevail Web Management - You have an idea of a great website? Do you want to get a presence on the internet? Come on in well talk about web design and layout and getting the most from your web server.

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    Herbal & Medicinal discussions. This is to discussion herbal methods of self-healing your body and mind.

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