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  1. P1693 code is never alone... The P1693 code is a flag that lets you know there is a error on the other computer. So if the ECM is dumping codes and P1693 code is present then the PCM has the code(s). Visa Versa with the PCM reading codes and pop a P1693 it means there is more codes on the ECM. Yes you can have P1693 code twice meaning that both PCM and ECM are going to have errors.
  2. I never use any silicone or sealants. Install just the way the manufacture did dry and clean. Torqued properly and even.
  3. Quadzilla display of gear position is not a data thing from the transmission but just a math calculation from the roads speed and gear ratio you provide in Quadzilla. Quadzilla has a bunch of math it can do to the data to show a gear position.
  4. RockAuto sells that clutch safety switch. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/dodge,2001,ram+2500+pickup,5.9l+l6+diesel+turbocharged,1366602,electrical-switch+&+relay,clutch+pedal+position+/+starter+safety+switch,16665
  5. No help here with smoke tunes... Smokey tune just shows that you really don't know how to tune properly. Dirty tunes do not produce more power.
  6. Eileen is back at McCall, ID St. Lukes hospital. Her chest pain, vomiting, etc. returned. I rushed her to the hospital at about 2pm yesterday. I left this morning and went back up to get more information about what is going on. Still fighting to control the pain and control her blood sugar. I don't have much info right now. I waited nearly 4 hours for the doctor to get off the phone so I could find out more. I'm currently fielding all the phone calls for Eileen and I've got family members wanting to know what is going on. I came home to feed the wood stove and get a meal in me. Las
  7. Pop pressure of Injectors When you look at a 24V Cummins fuel injector and look at how it's designed and how it functions. The injector pintle is held shut by spring pressure. For stock injector, you need 310 bar (4,500 PSI) to make the injector open and release fuel into the cylinder. Now the bottom limit is 293 bar (4,250 PSI) below this point the automation gets poor and there is more smoke because the fuel can't be heated enough to get vapor to go BANG! As injectors start getting lower pop pressure they do flow more fuel but the droplets start getting larger. This typically creates mor
  8. LED Lighting - Courtesy Lighting Parts listing LED map light bulbs LED dome light bulb Dome light bulb install you need to carefully pry the driverside of the dome light lens downward. It will hinge on the passenger side. Simply pull the bulb and install the new bulb. If it doesn't light up turn it around 180 degrees and install again. Map lights you need to open the garage door panel. Inside there are two tabs and push to the opposite side and carefully pull the overhead panel downwards slightly to release the locks. Once you are done this it pulls re
  9. LED Lighting Parts List LED marker light LED Taillight Heavy duty LED flasher As for installing it just simple change of parts. The flasher is found in your driver side of the dash. If the flasher been there a while then it might be difficult to remove. Just take your time and work the flasher it will come out. Pull the stock flasher out and plug in the new flasher. As for the taillights you need a T25 screwdriver. There are 2 screws holding each taillight in place. The outside edge is a set of pins into the body. Need to be firm bu
  10. Alternator and PCM protection What I'm going to describe is a rare event. This is possible with any alternator stock ND or Bosch or even the aftermarket alternators that are bigger amperage output. In a nutshell, at any point, the blue field lead happens to short to ground the entire short is routed back through the PCM. Since the PCM is protected by a shared fuse of 20 amps this means the circuit board fails during these events. There have been two cases of this which is @pepsi71ocean and myself with the same failure. The only difference is mine failed so badly that it burned a hole throu
  11. Ok I know several members have done this mod and said it was easy. It sure is easy. It takes about 2 hours from start to finish to complete this project. You'll need the terminal lugs and the metric bolt that @W-T specifies in his article. First thing disconnect your batteries. I unhooked the two negative leads. You need to gain access to the loom going across the front of the engine. So you'll need to remove the upper alternator bracket and the the two loom holders on the front of the block. I did this during my coolant flush project so my upper hose and thermostat a
  12. I'm going to refer to my VP44 post for the first part here. So you should be to this point if you have done all the work on the link above. So we'll continue to remove the tappet cover and replace the tappet cover gasket on the driver side of the engine. On my truck, the leak is very minor but I want to get this resolved before it gets worse. Being I'm already replacing a VP44 it just a good time to do the tappet cover gasket and fix that oil leak. You need to remove the two 15mm bolts for the rear hoist ring. This is so you can gain access to the #6 injection li
  13. I just got done rebuilding the front drive shaft. Rather easy task and the parts are easy to common by even to rebuild the cardan joint ball. Also forgive me I got the camera lens greasy on my phone. Before you break down the double cardan joint mark it so you get it back together the same way. I used a file a scratch a line across all the pieces. It hard to see but there is a line across the left joint cap, the middle joint and the rear joint cap. Now using my Harbor Freight Ball Joint Press I'm simple driving the cap out the other side and disassembling the doub
  14. Mopar1973Man

    IAT Sensor Cleaning

    I just want to attempt to kill off some Internet myths again. Cleaning IAT sensor WILL NOT improve engine performance or fix any engine problems. This right here is an IAT sensor for 98.5 to 02 Dodge Cummins 24V engine. This sensor has about 50k miles of gunk on it. This has ZERO impact on the sensor ability to read air temperature in the manifold. Cleaning the sensor will do nothing for performance or MPG. The way to check the IAT sensor for problems is with a live data tool like OBDLink, ScanGauge II or even the Quadzilla Adrenaline. Now at first key on of the day tak
  15. 2003 Dodge Cummins Wiring Maps ABS Brake Wiring (4 Wheel) Air Conditioning Airbag SRS system Anti Theft System Automatic Transmission System Backup Lighting Body Control Module Computer Data Lines Charging System Instrument Cluster (Page 1) Instrument Cluster (Page 2) Instrument Cluster Lights Courtesy Lights Cruise Control Engine System (Page 1) Engine System (Page 2) Engine System (Page 3) Exterior lighting (Page 1) Exterior lighting (Page 2) Grounds (Page 1) Grounds
  16. 1999 Dodge Cummins Wiring Maps ABS Brake Wiring (4 Wheel) Air Conditioning Airbag SRS system Anti Theft System Automatic Transmission System (Page 1) Automatic Transmission System (Page 2) Backup Lighting CCD Network Central Timer Module Charging System Instrument Cluster (Page 1) Instrument Cluster (Page 2) Instrument Cluster Lights Courtesy Lights Cruise Control Engine System (Page 1) Engine System (Page 2) Engine System (Page 3) Exterior lighting (Page 1) Exterior lighting
  17. Mopar1973Man

    Crankcase Vent Mod

    Crankcase Vent Modification for 24V Dodge Cummins Trucks People been asking for me to redo this article so here it is. Supplies you'll need... 1 stick of 1/2" PVC pipe (minimum of 57" long) 3 - 1/2" PVC elbows slip to slip 1 - 1/2" PVC elbow slip to NPT (male or female) 1 - 1/2" PVC straight connector slip to NPT (male or female) 3" piece of 3/4" heater hose 2 hose clamps 1 Small can of PVC glue Hacksaw Sharpie black marker Tape measure Can of spray paint 1 Zip tie 6" l
  18. Mopar1973Man

    Valve Lash Adjustment

    Valve Lash Adjustment For Cummins Valve lash adjustment is suggested to be done at 150K miles which I think is too far down the road. My valve lash were out of adjustment a bit at 92K miles. So this is how I did my valve lash adjustment on my truck. Valve lash adjustment is fairly simple to do and doesn't require much for tools. Tools Needed: 1. Feeler gauge set (0.010 and 0.020) 2. 9/16" box wrench 3. 10mm short socket 4. 15/16" socket 5. both 3/8" and 1/2" ratchets 6. Allen wrench 7. mirror. Valve
  19. Mopar1973Man

    Who is Mopar1973Man?

    Who is Mopar1973Man? My actual name is Michael S. Nelson. Where did this nickname come from? The nickname actually should have been MoparMan but most sites and email account had that taken so I needed a way to get around this problem. So I added the year of my first car to the middle which fixed this problem. My first car was a 1973 Dodge Charger SE. Mopar1973Man, Why did you start a website? Well, that is a strange story. I'm like most of you just a Common Joe needing to buy a new truck so I bought a 2002 Dodge Ram Cummins Turbo Diesel. The first 50k miles went good and then the
  20. Cubby Hole High Idle / MPG Fooler Mopar1973man.com no longer sells a specific Cubby hole mount, but we do provide the below template if you wish to make one yourself. You can use the current PCB mounted switch with this faceplate. As for installing you need to carefully pull your dash bezel from the dash and remove it. Then taking 3 screws out holding the cubby pocket in place and remove. Also remove the 4 screws holding the HVAC controls. This will give you room to routing the wires across the dash. Now mount the face to the cubby and using the supplied screws and n
  21. Mopar1973Man

    2002 Engine Wiring Map

    2002 Dodge Ram Engine Wiring
  22. Mopar1973Man

    2001 Engine Wiring Map

    2001 Dodge Ram Engine Wiring
  23. PCM Operation Two different control modules are used: The Powertrain Control Module (PCM), and the Engine Control Module (ECM). The ECM controls the fuel system. The PCM does not control the fuel system. The PCM’s main function is to control: the vehicle charging system, speed control system, transmission, air conditioning system and certain bussed messages. The PCM can adapt its programming to meet changing operating conditions. The PCM receives input signals from various switches and sensors. Based on these inputs, the PCM regulates various engine and vehicle operations throu
  24. I was warned on a few forum sites that I shouldn't do the NAPA replacement master and slave cylinders for the clutch system. I was also told that they are nearly impossible to bleed out the air in the system. Well... I figured out a way of doing it and it was very easy to do! Now there is no more need for expensive dealer units or high performance units. You can purchase the parts at your local NAPA auto parts store for about $150 buck and replace both units. First thing first remove all you old system plumbing and all in piece... Mopar's Notes: This is a requirement and can'
  25. Winter Front Basically my winter front is a old road sign cut up to fit the opening in the grill.(Thank you! Kelly Hinkley - "The Metal Shop" Riggins, Idaho) I've seen several other ideas including, stainless steel, plexiglass, lexan, and several other materials. But the principal is simple. Keep the cold air from blowing across the radiator and engine. This will aid in engine warm up times and fuel mileage. Remember the cold air will extend the warm up times hence this will cause more fuel to be consumed till the engine is completely warmed up. (Roughly 160-190°F) I'v
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