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  1. actually, I dont have a tilt steering wheel. The truck only has air conditioning as an option, so that wouldn't be the problem. Thanks, arcwelder
  2. Well, I wound up buying a new VP44. Ouch!! Now I have a whole new problem. Twice it has happened to me and once to my daughter that when the ignition is in the on position no dash lights appear nor does the engine turn over. There is no power at the ignition at all. The batteries are 2 weeks old and are Interstate 1000 CA. Any help would be appreciated as I am leaving on a 3500 km trip this coming Sunday pulling a 32ft trailer!! Help!! Arcwelder --- Update to the previous post... Oops!! Truck is a 01 QC 2wd.
  3. I would recommend running the line directly to the gauge and lose the isolator. I have IssPro gauges and it works perfectly, no bounce at all. Just make sure the valve is barely open and when turning the engine over the needle should rise slowly to the proper pressure. Mopar1973Man has a video showing how it works on his website thats how I know! Good Luck Arcwelder
  4. I don't put my foot into it very often. I got the Quad XZT+ only because when I pull my trailer the truck is a bit of a dog, otherwise I would've left it totally stock. I wonder how many people that complain about the FASS DDRP may actually have reduced pressure because of a plugged filter screen in the inlet banjo bolt. It is very small!! Arcwelder --- Update to the previous post... Mike, are you saying that if I keep the fuel pressure around 17 lbs or so I will have enough pressure and volume for cooling? Have you ever heard of Blue Chip Diesel? Thats where I bought my FASS DDRP. Its been a long time since I've been to his site but I think he says 5 lbs of fuel pressure is enough for adequate cooling of the IP.
  5. Thanks again for all your replies! It was definitely a shot lift pump. We installed the new FASS DDRP pump and it rocks. I am amazed at how quiet it runs. The FP gauge is also awesome and thanks to MoparMan for posting video footage of a properly set snubber valve! Mine is open less than an 1/8th of a turn and like Mikes the needle rises gently to 21 psi at idle and drops to 14 psi at WOT. I got the IssPro Tranny, Pyro, and FP gauges in the pillar pod and a 2" hole saw made a nice spot to the left of the ashtray for my Boost gauge. I will post pics of the setup.Next project is to repair my QUAD XZT+. The mice ate through the electrical wiring this winter as I must have left it in the way of their nest building plans!
  6. Well, we went over everything tonight and like Mike said we came to the same conclusion: low LP pressure. My truck runs and starts great so I hope that it is a very recent failure and that my Vp44 is still alright. I have a ScanGaugeII installed and it hasn't thrown any DTC's yet:pray: I have had a new FASS pump for about a year now as well as a FP gauge but haven't gotten around to put them in, so the truck is parked until Saturday which is when it will be installed. I am moving my family to Alberta for 6 months and we will be living in our 32 ft. Spree Travel trailer so my truck needs to be in top notch shape!!Thanks for all of your guys help. I am running the same setup for the FP gauge as you guys are. Will post pics on Sat. when I'm done!!Arcwelder
  7. No, the 01 bolt is in the bottom of the canister. The older models with aluminum tops tap off the top. Mine is plastic on top. The LP is working but we keep losing prime when we go to bleed the air out of the line at the gauge, and can,t figure out why.
  8. My buddy was off today so while I was at work he took my 01 Ram to install FP gauge. He put the required banjo bolt in the bottom of fuel canister complete with snubber, then attached the plastic line fird up the truck and it sucked in air instead of blowing out fuel!! Why doesn't it pump the fuel/air out when running or cranking over? It actually sucks in air and the lines need to be bled. Any help? I am not running an isolator.Arcwelder
  9. Yes thats exactly right. I was told that it was a programming issue, but that it is resolvable when downloading new tunes which I have done, but the problem still exists. Perhaps I need to call Quadzilla to find out whats up. Thanks Mike. Arcwelder --- Update to the previous post...
  10. Hi Guys:For some time now my truck shudders with my QUAD XZT+ programmer. Someone told me this problem was fixed at the factory and that it was available in the download section of Quad's webpage which I did, but the problem is still there especially at lower speeds. Any ideas?Thanks,Arcwelder
  11. shucks! with such a temperature variance per truck I see it is going to be hard to accurately gauge my true turbo temp. I might have to plug the tapped elbow and drill pre turbo as Mike's photo shows.....hmmmm......Thanks,Arcwelder
  12. My pyrometer is located post turbo in the elbow and runs between 500-600 F at 55-60 mph. For those of you that run pre turbo setups what is your normal range?Thanks,Arcwelder
  13. thanks Michael!Thats EXACTLY what I was hoping for!:thumbup2:Arcwelder
  14. Can a fuel source connection be made off the bottom of the fuel filter canister for a fuel pressure gauge? The canister is the plastic top version from the 01. Thanks guys,Arcwelder
  15. Hi Guys,My 2001 2500 Ram fuel gauge shows 3/4 full with 700 kms on the trip OD. I filled it up and it took 90 litres and the tank is 128 Litres. Previous to this, it showed 3/8 of a tank and I ran out of fuel and had to bleed the system. Is there a fix to this other than replacing the sending unit? It occured right after I installed my ScanGauge11 but I'm sure thats just a coincidence.Thanks,Arcwelder