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  1. Look at the article, I dont remember anymore, but it is in there. Sounds like a wiring got bumped and you have a short in the 5v system
  2. Me78569

    New to quadzilla

    I wouldn't worrya about it. timing spike due to cold weather is not something that happens iwth the quad only stock timing
  3. Me78569

    New to quadzilla

    I would guess he is right that some days it feels peppy because the ecm jumps right to 12 psi offidle
  4. 98.5-00 truck ecms report brake status, 01/02 do not. This is why I prefer OEM high idle.
  5. Me78569

    New to quadzilla

    I wouldn't replace anything yet. from 0-16 psi the quadzilla is reading boost from the data sent out from the ecm. If the quad shows 12 psi all the time then the ecm is seeing 12 psi all the time. More than likely it is a failing map sensor, but I would wait until it happens again and troubleshoot when you have the issue to make sure you narrow the issue. It is fairly common for the map to fail like this. Most never reconize it as most tuners dont show you the issue.
  6. late trucks dont report brake engage on the canbus plug under the hood. Early trucks do, and that is in place in the code to disable high idle. Does MPH read in R? the code is set to disable high idle if brake engaged -early trucks mph > 0 tps > 0
  7. Me78569

    New to quadzilla

    boost stuck on 12 means your map sensor or your map wiring is causing issues. you are going from 0 psi map at idle to 12 psi map off idle. thats a large jump in fueling.
  8. Nope they wanted the distance from center of scope to center of barrel. I figured it out tho, the firing pin is visible so I can get calipers in there and measure center of pin to bottom of scope then add %50 of the OD of the scope. Came out to be 1.57"
  9. @AH64ID any tips on measuring the scope height for the leupold cds cap lol? I might be overthinking it, but I am struggling to get a good measurement on it.
  10. Cummins brand worked for 19 years , Id say it worked well enough to go with them.
  11. sure sounds like a bad cam or crank sensor.
  12. Me78569

    New to quadzilla

    mph > 0 tps > 0 brake engage on 98-00 ect > that set temp
  13. They break. Go new if you can.