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  1. noticable pump in power compared to what?
  2. without timing mpg will be garbage. If you liked the edge run the edge.
  3. Guessing your timing is too high. what mods do you have? I would drop your 1500 rpm timing mark down by 1 or 2*. I am seeing 17* of timing at 1300 rpm in your images
  4. Ac noise and the wt ground mod pinned at the top of the section
  5. Reflash the box and see what happens.
  6. Really the entire front end suspension should be gone through. Steering, control arms, ball joints, track bar. Anything between the tires and the frame. Pull the pan off and check for stuff that is not stamped steel. Example would be a aftermarket strut. These are aftermarket.
  7. I would drop the Torque converter cover and look for an after market converter. Then do the same in the valve body. There are Pan off upgrades that could be done, if they are done it might give you an idea about what you have. Other than that the typical 2nd gen stuff like, replace the entire front end.
  8. If the computer doesn't beep at you when you plug in the quad then you don't have a data transfer cable. It should beep regardless of everything else.
  9. one developer vs a team of developers It is what it is, another reason why I wish Quadzilla wouldn't do a standalone screen and would put development money in place on the app.
  10. I am not saying it's not, but If I just left the app on and let it do it's thing it connected automatically on the 1st try %95 of the time. something in the app in the reconnect cycle code is causing the issue, but it only seems to be an issue if you mess with it lol.
  11. My app worked best if I just let it run 24/7 365.
  12. No sound when you plug in the xzt means the cable or the usb plug on the computer or tuner is not transmitting data. You need a sound to happen
  13. It is also important to point out that wiretap fueling is hard to control and the resulting fuel tends to end up with EGT issues when you push duration as far as it will go. Using bigger injectors and less duration means you will make the same amount of power, but with less egt and better mpg. Key thing to remember is the point of being able to control timing is to get your injection point tuned to a specific place in the rotation of the engine. The more duration you have the longer your injector spray and the more * of rotation the engine has for that injection event. You want to inject as much fuel as possible in the shortest period of time to keep things efficent. My memory is hazy at this point, but I believe at WOT commanding full canbus and an additional 2400us worth of wiretap puts you at or near 90* of crank rotation from start to finish of your injection event. Thats ALONG time injecting fuel.
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