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  1. @Gregturley Take a look at the AT3 LT, it comes in that size. I guess the XLT is the slightly larger size series of the same tire. Minor sidewall differences. http://us.coopertire.com/tires/discoverer-at3-lt
  2. Currently running Cooper AT3 XLT’s. They are 3PMSF rated and carry a mileage warranty. So far I’m happier with them than any other tire I’ve run on my trucks. I looked at the Falkens but they don’t have as good of mileage warranty and the price difference was small. The Coopers are also US made.
  3. I was doing my Jeeps cooling system at this time last year... still going strong. I also did LED lights and WOW! Great cheap upgrade.
  4. You need to fix those codes. Are they new since the injector install? I would guess you gave loose connections or a bad wiring harness. All of it is in the vicinity of the injector install, and could have been damaged during install if they are new codes.
  5. We’re in the process of transitioning from a TT to a 5th wheel. For full timing I would prefer a 5th wheel as the living area and bedroom are more separate giving it a better feel. While 5th wheels do put more weight on the truck they also tow shorter and easier. Based on how we used the TT and ATV rack I’ll be lighter on the truck RAW with a 5er. We can double tow here so when we want to take the ATV’s we’ll do that. As others have stated the roof is important. Look for a 4 season unit. It will be much more comfortable in extreme temps, hot or cold. If I were looking for an older 5th wheel to full time in it would be an Arctic Fox. Built well, w/d hookups in many models, and plenty of room.
  6. For your sake I home you're correct... but something isn't right. You've had more troubles with the trans in the last little bit than most ever will. You have a receipt showing all new syncro's from last fall... Parts, Fluid,. builder, etc... something is causing you excessive downtime. I hope you figure it out sooner than later, it's a lot of time and money to be wasting.
  7. Dude, you can’t win on that transmission. Is he using cheap synchros? Clutch issues? Fluid issues? Something isn’t right. I think I’d be letting them do the R&R.
  8. Great news! It’s good to save some money and support local!!
  9. Dad ran posi loks on a 92 K2500 and then a 97 2500 suburban. We bought the kit for the 92 at the sportsman’s show in Seattle from the original designer/owner. Great products.
  10. Nope. CAD came back in 2013. It’s reported it came back for a ~1 mpg raise. Not sure I buy it. When I went with hubs on my 05 I didn’t see any increase. I'm not a huge CAD fan, and prefer how ford does their hubs.
  11. No it would not be visible. Jack up the passenger and spin a tire. See if the driveshaft rotates. Also, is there an additional cable? The PO could also have installed a posi-lok.
  12. Have you verified there isn’t a CAD delete shaft installed?
  13. Do you know why it's disconnected? Seems odd that it's just a random disconnection. Is it possible that it was a non-CAD truck that got a CAD axle installed in it for a repair? Can't recall if the CAD to non-CAD happened in MY01 or MY02. Or is there a CAD elimination kit installed?
  14. They should be rated for 3195lbs, which is what regulations limit LT 17” tires to these days.
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