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  1. Close only works in horseshoes and hand grenades... It's not uncommon for fluid specs to be close, but not the same.. hence different specs. GL-4 fluids don't meet syncromesh, and syncromesh doesn't meet GL-4, it's not rocket science.. only different specs. The same company makes both transmissions, as well as many others, and they are the ones that call for different specs... is that just for fun? Not to mention that the GL-4 specification does not have a designated weight associated with it. There are many different weight GL-4's, kinda like CK oil. The weight is published with the oil/lube because the designation of GL-4 does not denote the weight, unlike syncromesh. This another one of those solutions to a problem that doesn't exist. Syncromesh is not a thin fluid, certainly not thin enough to cause a bunch of concern . This is not a case of the vehicle manufacturer ignoring the transmission manufacturers specifications, unlike the G56. The dealership putting ATF in the NV's is also not a valid argument, warranty is LONG gone and published fluid specs are still GL-4 and Syncromesh. Besides who takes a 14+ year old vehicle to the dealership anyhow
  2. Exactly, diesels have exhaust brakes because the unlimited airflow combined with high compression means there isn't any restriction in the motor. Gas engines don't have that problem. The issue with some gas motors is that they are always fueling, even above idle and 0% throttle which will overcome some of the throttle plate drag.
  3. It's a NV5600 so GL-4 isn't relevant... let's not create problems or confusion where it doesn't need to be. The NV5600 has never spec'd Gl-4, it specs syncromesh. Trying to make Syncromesh match GL-4 specs would be like using a Powerstroke FSM to rebuild a 5.9, it's simply the wrong application. That's why it doesn't have a GL-4 rating, it's NOT supposed to. FWIW Syncromesh isn't that thin, similar to a 75w-85.
  4. November can have nasty weather, but it rarely lasts more than a day or two...unlike January. Always better to grab a hotel than a ditch. Chains are a must, I carry 3 pairs in the winter. One set of quick fits, and 2 sets of v-bar HD chains... ya never know, thou I've never chained up the truck on a paved road. I have put drag chains on thou, and recommend a set of them. The Les Schwab buy and return deal is pretty good on chains.
  5. Maybe it’s the camera angle, but that looks like too much air.
  6. Yikes! Any idea why the rod wanted to go on vacation?
  7. Air pressure depends on load. You want the bottom of the airbag bracket level with the ground.
  8. I talked with one of them earlier and I guess they are slammed right now. If you submitted a ticket they will get back to you ASAP.
  9. Create a login, if you don't have one, and go to this page. https://smartyresource.com/support-page/
  10. I suggest starting a trouble ticket, they will likely respond to that faster.
  11. https://smartyresource.com/contact-us/ Towards the bottom is the phone number and hours
  12. Maybe the older ones, but the newer ones are not as nice as Ram. I'll take my powertrain and cab over my brothers '17 F-250 any day of the week. Each one does have some benefits, but the Ram is a better cab hands down, IMHO.
  13. What are you using to ensure the truck is up to operating temp?
  14. Maybe I missed it, but I don't see where you have said what the dash is reading.
  15. What is the dash showing? Sounds like the quad might not be looking at ECT.
  16. Since 98% of pin weight, or more, goes on the rear axle with very little effect on the front axle (unlike a TT) find out how much room you have to spare on the rear axle. Make sure you account for weight in the bed/cab too. Take the remaining weight and divide by .25, that will give you a max trailer weight with a 25% pin weight. Dividing it by .20 will give you a max trailer weight with a 20% pin weight. Somewere in the middle is what you want.
  17. A while back the wife and I decided we wanted to upgrade to a 5er for a couple of reasons. Our current TT has been great and served us well since buying it new in 2012 (2011 close out model, great buy). Alas, a 5th week as been on our list for a bit but we’re rather picky on brand. Based on construction techniques and frame design we were only willing to purchase a trailer built within the Nash Family of trailers. Those are the commonly known Arctic Fox or Fox Mountain 5th wheels, or the less common Outdoors RV’s. Our TT is a Outdoors RV, so we have first had experience with their “off-road chassis”. Most Outdoors RV’s 5th wheels are in their Glacier Peak line (debuted circa 2014), which is very rugged but have also turned into one of their luxury lines.. which has made them more prohibitive cost wise, at least while we’re still camping with dirty kids Up until 4 days ago we thought ALL Outdoors RV 5ers were Glacier Peaks. While perusing kslI came across a 2011 Outdoors RV Wind River 275SBS 5er and did a double take. I know about the Wind River line but never knew that they had a 5er (actually 3 floor plans in ‘11). So to make a long story longer the wife and I talked about it, really like the floor plan and made a deal we couldn’t walk away from with the dealership. So yesterday I drove down to Logan, UT and brought back our new 5er. It’s in great shape and should serve us well. We have to do a little prep work for 3 kids to sleep inside when the weather is too cold, but they are usually in tents these days. It has the same insulation package as our current TT that is 4 season and has served us well. It also has the upgraded thermal pane windows and a 8 cuft fridge. I transferred the 16” wheels with LT tires to it from our TT before towing it home, as the others were OE. Over the next little but I’ll get the rest of the stuff we want to keep transferred, inverter, ammeter, voltmeter, lifeline batteries, etc and sell the TT. It towed great. Had a 20mph head wind most the way home and never felt it. We crossed the scales at 16.7K. I do need to level it with truck. In the photo the truck is in the lowered trailer height that I tow in. The pin box could be raised, but I like the clearance to the bed rails so I’ll likely lift the rear of the trailer a little. We do lots of dirt road camping so a little more clearance, it already has lots, isn’t a bad thing. I also want to say how great the guys at Castle Countey RV in Logan, UT are! Great price, easy to deal with, and fast communication. I’d do business with them again, thou I hope to be out of the trailer market for a while.
  18. Slight level with airbags worked the best for me. It rode the best, and handled the best empty or loaded. Airbags, when not over inflated, will improve ride and reduce body roll. My 05 with a 1” level ran at GVW’s of 9-14K. Normally a hair over 12K GVW with 7.5K on the rear axle... heavier than most SRW’s. 40 psi in the bags and it handled amazing. Almost as good as the OE leveled 18. Now I need to level the trailer 🤣
  19. Federal law doesn’t vary by counties within a state, it’s federal. State laws on testing my vary by county, but that has no effect on federal law. Idaho emissions testing varies by county, but I haven’t found anything that shows any different laws on modification by county... just state and federal statues. The cop was likely an ahole, but we need to know the laws as well as they do to be able to accurately argue them.
  20. There is always a little draw on the batteries, so that spark is likely normal.
  21. Haha... few blocks is a long ways to carry a battery :-) It should have still ran with the bad one hooked up thou, interesting.
  22. Are you sure it was the voltage regulator? Often a bad crossover cable will present like a bad voltage regulator. Which battery overcharged? Exactly, unless there are other issues going on as well.
  23. I would remove the ECM connectors and ensure they are dry, and reassemble with some dielectric grease. You will probably also want to check your differentials for any water intrusion.
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