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  1. I'm torn on what I wanna get for my next truck... My perfect truck would be a Ford F-250 with a Cummins CR 5.9 ISB backed by a G56 or Allison transmission. I've always wanted a Harley Davidson F-250 but I'm not very fond of the Intertrashional VT365 engine. I'm debating on settling on a Ford with a VT365 engine with future plans of transplanting a CR 5.9 ISB in when the Powerjoke craps out.
  2. 04Mach1

    $12,000 failure

    Yeah they are very costly to repair. IMO most of the DPF and SCR failures can be avoided by NOT idling the engine. When idling cylinder temps are low causing incomplete combustion which in turn leads to excessive soot that the cold ATD can not turn into ash which leads to DPF plugging. Now you perform a Regen and all the sudden you have all the soot plugging the DPF start burning and turns into an uncontrollable inferno in the ATD itself that will either crack or melt the DPF and SCR ceramic material. About 1400*F is the maximum safe operating temperature for an ATD, I've seen a few light off when the 7th injector started injecting fuel at about 700*F and within seconds the ATD is above 2000*F to where the DPF and SCR is ruined very quickly. In the case of the last 1-box I replaced I feel excessive idling led to the SCR failure. There was an inactive SCR inlet temperature high fault stored in the ACM from 2 days prior to the DEF quality faults becoming active. Unfortunately with Detroit 1-box's if either the SCR or DOC fail the 1-box has to be replaced since they are not replaceable, however the DPF is replaceable. With Cummins or any manufacturer other than Detroit the DOC, DPF, and SCR can be replaced independent of each other. Here's a quick animation of the flow of a Detroit Diesel 1-box.
  3. 04Mach1

    $12,000 failure

    Just thought I'd share why I'm scared of the DEF and NOx nightmare that EPA10 and newer diesel engines are plagued with. This isn't the first SCR failure I've seen and I'm sure it won't be the last. Anyway truck came in severely derated doing the "5 mph crawl of shame". DDDL8 revealed active SPN 3364 FMI 0 and SPN 3364 FMI 17 faults which equate to the ACM saying the truck has "poor DEF quality" due to low NOx conversion efficiency. A check of DEF concentration with a refractometer showed 32.5% which is exactly what is needed. I then checked DEF dosing quantity which again was perfect at 4.5 ounces using the specific DDDL8 test. I then did a parked Regen which will show NOx conversion at operating high SCR temperature. This showed only 20%-30% NOx conversion efficiency at with the SCR temperature of around 1000*F and a very audible rattle with in the 1-box could be heard. NOx conversion efficiency during Regen should not be below 70% during Regen and most of the time is above 90% with a healthy SCR. During normal operation NOx conversion efficiency should be 85% or better to keep from causing NOx or DEF related faults the will cause engine derating. Anyway due to the audible rattle with in the 1-box and the very low NOx conversion efficiency of the SCR the 1-box got replaced at a substantial expense of $12,000 and some change.
  4. 04Mach1

    Throttle required to start

    The Dodge instructions on the driver's side visor of my 97 auto instruct to depress throttle 1/4 of the way before cranking. My 97 cranks alot longer if I don't depress throttle. It fires instantly if I apply just a little throttle.
  5. Ok. Thanks. I may still be interested. Doors have been very difficult to find. The ones you have may be a better starting point than my current doors. The only other option I have is to re-skin my current doors. I'm great at body work and painting but it's definitely not my favorite task.
  6. I for sure will check on the injectors. I've seen too many engine failures caused by junk aftermarket injectors. Here's another I'm sure someone will rip the back pocket of their jeans trying to get their wallet out to buy. https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/2001-dodgespeed-cummins-ho/6764230648.html So many choices... I don't know if another 2nd gen or a newer common rail is in my future.
  7. Even though this one is a 3rd gen something is attracting me to it. I may just have to go kick the tires and check it out. https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/2006-dodge-ram-3500-megacab/6746345408.html
  8. 04Mach1

    P1693 no other code

    My 01 will report ECM and PCM on the cluster. I'm not sure about older trucks though.
  9. 04Mach1

    P1693 no other code

    I missed where you said you did the key flip, sorry. My thinking was your SC programmer wasn't reading the PCM. Anyhow I've never seen a P1693 without any other faults in the PCM or ECM. Maybe you have a bus communication problem in your truck where the ECM and PCM aren't talking to each other. I would look this thread over and find a scan tool that is capable of reading live data. Live data will likely help find the culprit. I hate to see people randomly throw parts at a problem and still not be fixed.
  10. 04Mach1

    P1693 no other code

    @crusher773 I suggest using a little trick that @Mopar1973Man demonstrates in this video. It will give you ECM and PCM fault codes.
  11. 04Mach1

    Steering Linkage Y, T, ?

    I love the 4th gen "T" steering on my 01. I went with Moog but in retrospect I should have went with the Mopar due to recall issues with Moog. Since you have a 99 you will need a reamer to get the tapers correct in the knuckles to use the 4th gen "T" steering on your 99. You would probably need a new pitman arm also. I've read that there is a "HD" steering for 99's but I didn't pay much attention since it didn't apply to anything I own. Maybe someone else could be of more help with the "99 HD" steering.
  12. Does the driver own the credit card? Drivers signature on the receipt won't hold up in court if charges are disputed with credit card company and you get screwed out of the repair bill. You need absolute proof the credit card owner gave permission to charge the card by having it in writing. Credit card owners signed credit card authorization form with the exact amount to be charged to the credit card with a copy of the the front and back of the credit card along with a copy of the credit card owners state issued photo identification will give the credit card owner little to dispute. Trust me this is not a new scam... Truck owners have been giving verbal over the phone permission to charge their credit card for years then turn around and dispute charges claiming stolen card or unauthorized charges resulting in shops performing free labor and giving away expensive parts. Get the permission in writing or the permission does not exist.
  13. 04Mach1

    Started another inframe today

    pH may be a little more alkaline with pure coolant. The Fleetgaurd ES Compleat Ethylene Glycol coolant I use is on the alkaline side with a pH of about 10 out of the bottle. The Fleetgaurd ES Compleat NOAT I will probably switch too next flush is about neutral with a pH of about 7 out of the bottle. Alkaline and neutral are is ok in a coolant system. Acidic coolant is bad and what is causing a lot of our members coolant leaks.
  14. 04Mach1

    Overhaul time

    In the tear down picture you will notice the long side of the rod on the exhaust side of the engine. In the assembly photo you will see the long side of the rod on the intake side of the engine. This is a 07 5.9 CR engine. Per Cummins the long side of the 5.9 connecting rod should be on the intake side. Cummins put the rods in this engine opposite of what their engine manual states. I of course put it together the way their engine manual stated. However on a 6.7 the long side of the rod will be on the exhaust side of the engine according to the Cummins engine manual. I probably should have done the pictures without the block stiffener installed because it would have been much easier to see.