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  1. 04Mach1

    Dead truck P0216

    I am a Professional Diesel Mechanic, meaning I make my living by diagnosing and repairing diesel engines and have to say old school engines are fun to work on but let's face facts, they are becoming like the dinosaurs, extinct. Most of the professionals you are probably referring to likely only know the old technology and are in rural non-emissions enforced areas and lack the critical training and knowledge needed for electronic diesel engines, especially the modern diesel engine. I don't believe adapting old fuel injection technology to newer engines is the answer, for one thing is the CM551 ISB is only certified to meet US EPA emissions with a VP44 injection pump. Installing a P7100 on a CM551 ISB would violate Federal emissions law and subject the truck owner to hefty penalties. All it takes is one tree hugger to report the non-compliance of emissions to start the investigation leading to the penalties and forfeiture of the non-compliance truck. My best advice as a Professional Diesel Mechanic is "I didn't buy it, build it, or break it. If you can't afford the repair it's time to park it or get rid of it". Another little fun fact is if it's got boobs, tracks, or wheels it's going to give you trouble. If you want to be in the diesel game you have to pay to play. The Republic of California ruined the days of diesel engines that delivered consistent reliability and longevity with regular maintenance because they have a air quality problem, unfortunately the US EPA followed CARB's lead and ruined the reliability and longevity of diesel engines. We might as well get used to it since technology and laws will never revert back. Even with modern diesel engine fuel system failures they don't amount to what the modern diesel will with exhaust after treatment repairs. I make the biggest part of my living repairing emissions related failures, mostly DEF and SCR related. My experience relates to mostly class 7 and 8 trucks but the technology is the same no matter what size of engine is being used. With that being said I'll go back to part of your quoted post above. I would and have strongly recommended to run 2 stroke in the fuel to owners of VE pumped 6BT's and VP pumped ISB's many times. Reason being is fuel lubrication was a whole lot better pre-2007 fuel which is the fuel the VE and VP were designed for. I think most VP failures pre-2007 fuel were likely due to Cummins poor choice in lift pump which didn't carry enough volume and pressure under load. Then we had Daimler which is the current owner of Freightliner, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes Benz, and many other brands come up with a brilliant idea of retrofitting our Rams to an in-tank lift pump which was a minor if any at all improvement over the Cummins / Carter lift pump. IMO if a constant 15-20 psi of fuel with 2 stroke oil which will get fuel condition closer to what Bosch designed the VP to operate with will greatly improve performance and longevity for a VP44 pump.
  2. 04Mach1

    04 ram 3500 5.9 cummins rev problem

    Many on here will recommend DAP. https://www.dieselautopower.com If you have more than 100,000 miles on the injectors just go ahead and plan on a new 6 pack. Don't do remans... It's an almost guarantee the injectors are failing if you have more than 100,000 miles on them. I know injectors are expensive but a fairly common maintenance item on Common Rail diesel engines.
  3. 04Mach1

    04 ram 3500 5.9 cummins rev problem

    My first thought is defective injectors or maybe a sticking actuator on the cp3. Could also possibly be an APPS issue. It almost seems like it wants to run away, If you can get a diagnostic tool with live data capabilities for things like fuel pressure, apps voltage, cylinder misfire it would definitely make diagnostic easier. Any faults stored within the ECM or PCM? Not all faults will cause the CEL to illuminate. This is Cummins QSOL troubleshooting tree for you syptom. 4021271-t041-tr.pdf The J1939 is a communication link similar to what Daimler Chrysler calls a CANBUS on the Ram trucks.
  4. 04Mach1

    What does the red light on my grounds mean?

    Lol Everytime I see reference to weed made on here I think of a Katt Williams skit.
  5. 04Mach1

    Dead truck P0216

    I still feel lucky to have something as cheap and reliable as VP Cummins. Sure the P-pump is reliable but IMO stock for stock doesn't have the pep and drivability of the VP. I'd buy a CR Cummins, preferably a 5.9 but even the 6.7 is ok. I will steer clear of anything using a CP4 like the 6.4 Powerstroke and the Duramax. It's WHEN, not if the CP4 fails it will take every other part in the fuel system with it including all 8 injectors and if equipped with a DPF it will kill the hydrocarbon dosing block and injector. The 6.0 Powerstroke stroke is a decent engine after it gets head studs and illegal emissions modification, of course the HPOP and injectors can be costly especially for those trying to do extended oil drain intervals.
  6. Well as many of you know if started a new job about a month ago that has a bunch of green techs that think diesel tune-ups are difficult to do. The boss is more than pleased with my expertise and experience. Yesterday I was asked to diagnose a bad oil leak on a hostler which turned out to be a tappet cover. What I found odd is when I lifted the cab to find a 6BT with a VP44. I had to snap a picture to share. It is a 2002 model year.
  7. Same here. Installed mine August of 2017. I've yet to receive a single flash from oncoming traffic. I've even been in front of my truck in other vehicles with my wife driving on my butt. The LED beam was bright hitting the mirror but tolerable. I've had halogens hit my mirror harder. My only complaint with the LED headlights is they run very cool so the snow and ice doesn't melt off during inclement weather.
  8. Most of your high end vehicles are leaving the factory with LED's. My mom's 2017 Explorer came with factory installed LED headlights. HID technology is outdated and unreliable so LED will likely become the new standard as the years go by until that technology is outdated.
  9. In my Mustang right now I have Morimoto that are about 3 years old. I started having flickering on the left headlight then finally nothing. Turns out the ballast took a poop. I've had various brands and it's always been ballast failures. I love the light output of HID but hate wondering if they are going to turn on.
  10. @Tractorman I'm actually just running the LED 9007's. I have standard halogen 9004's in the high beams just plugging holes. I may buy a set of 9004's someday and wire them up in OEM sport configuration. SNGL's are good, I have some in the fogs.
  11. I really like the appearance of the sport headlights but with halogen bulbs seeing at night on a dark road was marginally if that better than the factory original yellowed headlights. After many years of experience with expensive HID's that were far from reliable in other vehicles I have owned I decided to give LED's a chance in the sport headlights on my 01. I'm went with a mid priced LED headlight and have been pretty satisfied, especially when I'm in BFE with no street lights. This is what I installed into my sport headlights on the 01. https://www.amazon.com/HIKARI-Ultra-Headlight-Bulbs-Conversion/dp/B07D7SWKBN/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1548995024&sr=8-3&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=hikari+9007&dpPl=1&dpID=51XQLRu9gxL&ref=plSrch
  12. 04Mach1

    Woo-woo-woo under load

    @Exalted85 the front cap is normally hand tight but if it's too tight to loosen by hand you can use an appropriate sized oil filter wrench. Another way to adjust valves is to watch the valve rockers on cylinders 1&6. Bar the engine over until you either see the valves in overlap on either cylinders 1 or 6, by overlap I mean you will see both the intake and exhaust valves being slightly open and there will be zero clearance between the rockers and cross heads on the cylinder in overlap on both intake valves and exhaust valves. If cylinder 6 is in overlap both rockers on cylinder 1 will have lash and vice versa if cylinder 1 is in overlap. If cylinder 6 is in overlap you adjust 1I, 1E, 2I, 3E, 4I, 5E then bar the crank shaft over 360° where cylinder 1 is in overlap and adjust 2E, 3I, 4E, 5I, 6I, 6E. I=intake E=exhaust. I've set valve lash many times by watching valve rockers like this when timing marks are impossible to see. Nominal valve lash for a 6BT and CM550 (CM551) ISB is 0.010 for intake and 0.020 for exhaust with engine temperature less than 140° Fahrenheit.
  13. Your welcome. I am glad I could help. I'm pretty knowledgeable with CR engines (even the 6.4 and 6.7 Powerstroke and most Duramax engines) if any questions need answered.
  14. I've noticed that alot of US manufacturers have moved manufacturing to Asia and South America. My bet is they did it because labor cost less, taxes are less, and laws are probably more relaxed as far as air and water pollutants. I haven't noticed a lack of quality with Chinese SKF yet... Even Cummins, Cat, and Detroit makes most of their parts in places other than North America these days.
  15. Just an FYI... pretty much all Napa branded u-joints are manufactured by SKF which is a premium OEM supplier. SKF is top quality. I have also seen a few Napa u-joints manufactured by Precision which I'm not sure who their parent company is. I noticed most of Napa's "Traction" line of u-joints are manufactured by Precision. When you get into heavy duty class 7 and 8 u-joints I have taken notice that Napa just re-boxes the OEM whether it's Spicer, Meritor, etc. Napa does not manufacture anything that they sell. It's all just re-boxed in Napa boxes and sold at a premium price. I will say that MOST but not all parts sold at Napa are of higher quality than say O'Reilly's or AutoZone. I like Napa because most are independently owned so most of the time you are supporting a small mom and pop shop instead of a greedy corporation. In essence Napa is like McDonald's, alot of franchisee's and very few corporate owned stores.