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  1. PCM starting issue

    Ok, I had some time today to work on the truck. I placed a new PCM on it and no change she would not start. The only way she will start is if I disconnect the C! from the PCM or I disconnect the ground coming from the battery. I am stumped still. I am thinking it is being shorted somewhere in the C1 wiring still. Maybe there is a VP cut off switch that is triggered when there is a short maybe coming from the C1?? I was thinking also maybe a crankshaft sensor could possibly do it. What are your feelings on it?
  2. 47RE Upgrade

    Thats really good!! Was it a total rebuild including the torque converter?
  3. 47RE Upgrade

    Nice! What was the cost?
  4. 47RE heater exchange flush

    I already pulled the tranny lines and cooler to replace. The only thing remaining is the heater exchange on the motor. This is why I wanted the info on the cleaning procedure for only it. Hopefully this makes sense. Lol
  5. Can you enlighten me here or privately please.
  6. 47RE heater exchange flush

    I wonder if it will screw on to those fittings? Do you know which fitting I should flow it through by chance? Thanks for the response!!
  7. Thank you guys, I think I will!
  8. Does anyone know how to flush out the heater exchange? I have pulled out all the tranny lines so I could replace them with the cooler, but cant find out any info on how to flush the heater exchange. I know it has a check valve, but thats it. LOL Thanks again fro the help!! /
  9. Flex plate selection

    Here is some pics of my flex plate that seems to have the bolt holes wallerd out a little at the toque converter and the crank. lol.I placed a torque converter bolt in one hole to show what I mean. Hopefully yall can see it.
  10. I know there is a lot of different opinions on the internet on purchasing a billet input shaft, but I have not seen a lot posted here. What do you guys think of purchasing a billet input shaft? I am rebuilding my 47RE with a triple disc converter and a towing shift kit and were wondering if I should get a billet input for it. I am purchasing a billet flex plate also for it. My sole purpose for this 3500 4x4 is towing a 16' trailer with aluminum ladders and aluminum screen enclosures on it for mu Construction Company, which really isn't a lot for the 3500 towing capabilities. I just don't know if the shaft is needed? No I don't hot rod the truck, because its one of my companies trucks. LOL , I do have power programmers on, but they are set on level 2 on one and zero on the other. Let me know your opinions I value them. Thanks!!
  11. Flex plate selection

    Thank you everyone for the responses! I have to ask a question about your sig. What do you mean by XZT and DS5? I cant think of it, but I haven't had enough coffee yet! LOL
  12. Flex plate selection

    Thank you guys! Great clip! I guess billet is the way to go then.
  13. I am looking for a flex plate for my 2001 5.9 diesel 4x4 with a 47RE transmission. I really dont see the need for a billet one and are having a hard time finding a non billet one. The only one I can track down is the one on MTS website. The F2-5.9 for $195. What do yall think of this thing? Do you know of any other non billet ones? 3 Times Thicker than OEM SFI Rated Flexplate Designed to handle extreme duty applications Designed to take the punishment of high horepower engines 4mm thick centerplate Ring gears are precision robotic welded with cold welding process
  14. I have a 2001 Dodge 3500 and this thing has got a few issues. My lights are flickering at idle and the truck is running rough. Also my gauges the volts and temp gauge will go to zero then come back either by shutting the truck off or just driving it and coming back up mysteriously?? I have done the external voltage regulator swap and it help for a couple days, but then starting acting up. I know its not a ground issue because I have checked and rechecked them. The batteries are brand new as well a the alternator and they were both checked again to be sure. What do you guys think? Maybe the PCM crapping out? The only codes on the truck that I had was PCU 1594/1693 and ECU 0177/1693. The ECU one I think was because when I washed the dang thing the circuit that is hanging from the old fuel pump got wet. Oh and the IP pump is a new rebuilt one also and I checked for wires being shorted and nothing. Well let me know what ya think. Thanks for your time!! Steve