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  1. dripley

    Front axle u joint

    Well, you could be in for a treat.May the gods of the wheel bearings be kind to you.
  2. dripley

    Front axle u joint

    Yours have never been separated?
  3. dripley

    Front axle u joint

    Seems to be a toss up anymore as to where anything we buy is made in the USA. Good luck with the install.
  4. Never doubted that heat does rise just not a significant difference with the fluid churning is all.
  5. I am a bit leary of of doing it myself on dry pavement with all the drive shaft joints wth 450k on them but let the roads get damp and mine will break loose when the turbo lights in most gears.
  6. This is why a fuel pressure gauge is so important. It is the only way to know consistantly what your FP is.
  7. dripley

    Vp44 finally done

    DAP is where I believe @Mopar1973Man purchased his. Most likely where my next one will come from also. They run around a grand or a bit more for more warranty. They are good folks to deal with. We have seen a lot of folks pay a lot money for pumps from some sellers who get a large premium for the same pumps, upwards of 2 grand for the same pumps made by the same folks.
  8. dripley

    Towing without gauges

    I dont see why not. I have all the wiring run at the windsheild towards the driver side then down into the backof the dash. Could not make my self drill a hole in the new dash pad.
  9. dripley

    Towing without gauges

    Here us another option. Very readable. Much better than the picture shows. Got a good deal on a 3 gauge set with the pod from vulcan.
  10. dripley

    Towing without gauges

    Dont feel bad, my head gasket replacement is taking my Quad money. I wish it was just a gauge taking mine.
  11. dripley

    Towing without gauges

    No reason why you cant. They are independent from one another.
  12. I would have to add that even though heat rises I dont think the temp is enough different from top to bottom with the gears stirring the fluid up.
  13. dripley

    Towing without gauges

    And just how does a dingus drive? Are they a member of the dumb *** clan?
  14. dripley

    Towing without gauges

    I towed with mine for 4 years with no gauges, completely stock. Then 7 years later my Banks tuner crapped out and I towed for 3 years after that with nothing but a fuel pressure gauge. This with RV 275s. No issues what so ever. Like @Dieselfuture says keep your rpm up and dont lug the engine you should be fine.
  15. Careful now, thats what I have on mine right now. About 20 bucks apiece but they still keep planted and ride about like the originals. I was poor when I bought them but they worked.