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  1. The one year warranty pumps are about $125 cheaper than the 2 year ones. That is just the regular HO or SO pumps.
  2. dripley

    Ready to do a fuel system

    I have an AD in mine. Installed 8 years ago. The only problem I had was a failed pump years ago. AD replaced no questions asked. The one I bought came with a kit to replace the in tank pump, the only I could find at the time that came with it. The added filtration was a big plus. Mine is mounted on the inside of the frame rails but does hang below a little. Beings my truck does not see alot of off road I dont worry about that aspect. I have never seen any damage to the filters. As Mike mentions you will need to do a larger fuel pick up. You need that for the full benefit of the pump. I have no experience with the mechanical style but several members here use them and are quite happy with them. IIRC they cost about the same but you have go elsewhere for more filtration and that means more money. I would defer to them that has them to say for sure.
  3. dripley

    Saying hi again

    Welcome back.
  4. dripley

    No boost

    Waste gate stuck open maybe? Can't remember if you checked that. I still don't believe it is your turbo. Fuel related, electronic maybe mechanical, hard to say with no codes.
  5. dripley

    No boost

    Was the MAP sensor connected to the oe harness and not the quad?
  6. dripley

    No boost

    The whole purpose of the test is to completely disconnect the Quad from the truck including the map sensor. Then you will need to drive the truck. You should be able to feel the boost and hear the turbo charger. Are you just revving the engine or are you driving the truck? Free revving the engine in the driveway will produce no boost.
  7. dripley

    No boost

    Is the MAP sensor reconnected to the oe harness?
  8. dripley

    No boost

    You unplugged both what??
  9. dripley

    Bouncing Around

    Had some Ranchos on mine, liked them pretty well but they wore out in couple years. For the price I expected more. Less than a year of good use, i would warranty them.
  10. dripley

    Center Console/Armrest

    Direct bolt in?
  11. Not without issues. There is sn article in the 2nd gen section about this very thing. Sorry I can't link it at the moment.
  12. dripley

    Lift Pump

    Ain't that the truth!!!
  13. dripley

    Lift Pump

    No sir I did not. Still have it and I now have 225k on it. Mstter of fact my oe lift failed at 150k and i did not loose that VP either, put another 70k on that one for a total life span of 145k. The oe VP was the crappy one at only a 75k life span. Dodge got stuck with that one.
  14. Clamp the line or take the line off the actuator and clamp a bolt in it. In 20 or 30 minutes you will know. And if that does not work then dig deeper. Try the simple things first. Sounds very much like the boost elbow is not doing its job.