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  1. dripley

    Hello from 67Cuda

    My older brother served as a medic in 69-70 in the central highlands, Pleiku and Kon Thum if I spelled those right. Any chance that is when you were there?
  2. I have to assume that the suprechips works like a Smarty and installs a program and then you have to put it back stock to install another. Maybe a call to them might help or take it to an auto parts place and see if their code reader will communicate with the truck.
  3. My original one stayed up but was not riveted. It just stayed up by itself, dont remember how. After replacing my damaged front end with new to me parts it hangs down and has no holes where it was riveted to anything but wont stay up. I guess it's just a wind flap now.
  4. dripley

    New from Tennessee

    Welcome. This is a great place for help. The only stupid question is the one you dont ask.
  5. dripley

    Hello from 67Cuda

    Welcome. Sorry to hear of your troubles. The best place to put this would be in the 2nd gen forum. It will get much more visibility. Have you ever checked for any trouble codes? They would help. Anything right now would be just guessing. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. I have 3 grandsons in the Army at the moment.
  6. I bet the engineers didn't know how useful it would be.
  7. Cant you just un plug the chip? Thats all I have to do to take my comp off. What code are you seeing? If the truck is stock the ECM will defuel the engine once you pass around 20 PSI of boost. My comp boost fuels the ECM into not seeing that. Not sure if the super chip does that, I know nothing about them. If it is not communicating with the ECM I doubt if is boost fooling. Was the super chip working before the VP failed?
  8. dripley

    Lost power

    I ran a booster bump on mine for quite a while along with the in tank pump. It served me well and fixed some issues with low pressure I had. It did work but I never had much Idea of the pressure nor what would happen if the other pump failed. You can do it but I would consider it a temporary fix and install a fuel pressure gauge to keep tabs on it. I did replace mine about 3 years later with a full AD pump, 1/2' lines and a fuel pressure gauge. Just did not know much about the fuel system back then.
  9. The only thing I can add is free revving in neutral is not a true measure of fuel pressure. Other than idle you need to measure under load on the highway. Chances are you are much lower that you think. Do you have the stock block mounted pump?
  10. Mine has the air dam also. Does the sport package not include the front air dam? I do not see it @KATOOM's picture.
  11. dripley

    Lost power

    You answered your own question on the lift pump, Not a good design. Bad enough that after some time Dodge would not even use one for replacement of a bad one. That is how the intank pump for a 2nd gen was born. Have you parked you truck and just let run and looked over for fuel leaks? Not sure how the filter canister would completely drain with out it leaking on the ground. Not sure but I dont think you can siphon that empty. I had hard start issue a few years back and it was on the return line from the head and the VP. It was allowing air in and draining the fuel from the VP. That seems to be a common spot, but as @Mopar1973Man mentions above it can be in other places also. And with the weak power could be from a suction leak letting air in the fuel stream.
  12. Your welcome. I went thru 3 cam sensors in about 4 or 5 months before one finally lasred on the wifes Dakota. Bad ones do come out of the box sometimes.
  13. Have that same thing in my spare harness. Got assume they are in all of them. I have not opened it at the VP to see whats there yet.
  14. Looks like the crank sensor. The codes are in the articles section under 24v 2nd gen, obd error codes. I cant seem to post the links to night.