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  1. You are right there is no fuse or relay for the lift pump unless you add them. Not sure what the brown and white to PCM is for. Maybe that has something to do with this. Are you using this wire for the power or the trigger for the relay?
  2. Is your WTS light coming on?
  3. Is any thing else working. Starter turning the engine over?
  4. My Banks, as many others, operates off of the vacuum system on the truck. For the most of them they close a butterfly valve in the exhaust turning the engine into an air compressor. The Jake brake does something the valve train. Someone else would have to explain that due to my lack of knowledge.
  5. If we told where is the fun you speak of?
  6. 2000 to 2002 Steering upgrade

    I worked in a Western Auto for my first job at the tender age of 14. Never touched any over sized wheels and tires back in 1967. To young to operate the tire changer. But Loyd the boss man helped mount the 4 tires and showed me how to mount the right side tires and then left me alone to mount the left side tires. Does any body remember that left side Chrysler wheels had left hand threads back then? I sure did not. Could not get them started. Lefty loosy and righty tighty is all I knew then. Loyd loved every minute of it.
  7. There are 2 bolts on the hold downs, you only remove one and the hold will sip off of the other. The instructions tell you which one. Then you pop the injector out. Install the new and you put the hold down on just dont tighten the bolt. You will see when you pull them out, a groove in the injector and a tongue on the hold down. That will get them close and snuggling up the injector line does the fine tuning, then torque the hold down. Bring it down here and I will make the same offer as @Mopar1973Man. It's just a wee bit longer drive.
  8. @Mopar1973Manis right, you dont have too. But after my first install and the leaks, I took them off and cleaned them. The second ime I just did it because I could. Most everything is loose anyway, why not. Just a personal choice for me.
  9. I like to beat my trying stop leaks after the first time. Another thing i might is while you the lines off clean the mating surfaces with a scotch brite pad. Those surfaces make the seal. The nuts just apply pressure to for the surfaces to seal. The threads themselves are not the seal.
  10. I wish you luck, not hard to do at all. There is one thing I learned and I am not sure any instructions refer to this. After you install the injectors and before you tighten the hold downs be sure and snug up the injectors lines first. This will help align the two so you do not struggle with leaks later. Then torque the hold downs.
  11. The ECM takes care of lowering the pressure for starting. That is why it is important to use it to control the pump. Using the relay and letting the pump lead control it is the best way. It takes the load off of the ECM. Trust me my hearing was leaving me before the Cummins.
  12. The relay makes your ECM much happier. Do you have a hard start problem?
  13. I should say that I have NOT heard it in a good while. My heating aint what it used to be. You reckon 434k in the 2nd gen might have something to do with it?
  14. I have the Banks. Bolted right and and worked great until 6 months ago. I think something in the actuator went, but not sure. It is possible I have some vacuum leakage that could be the culprit. Not getting much time at home lately to check it out. Has around 165k on it and worked fine right up to the day it quit.
  15. I have at times heard my relay clicking on and off during an extended crank.