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  1. Just depends on whether the dealer has someone smart enough to deal with the old technology. Some seem to have no clue or no habla when convenient. All you can is ask them. Almost forgot this part, their fee.
  2. Much easier to do that with the knob on the door though, dont ya think. I am near the limits on mine but it sure beats leaning across the seat to adjust. Now if I can just remember to flip up the passenger side before I get in the truck. By the way how is the potato farming this year?
  3. Yes I do. Go rent a pressure washer and put it in the bed. Then drive until you have to slam on the and the pressure will knock them both into the front seat. Thats only time I had mine out. All kidding aside, i dont know. I dont even remeber how I got them back in. Still cant believe it didn't break either one of them.
  4. By mixing l mean pcm off of one and ecm off of the other. I know you mean keepi g them in pairs but if one fails you might have to mix them and thats when the VIN match might be a problem. Maybe maybe not though.
  5. Well its about time you mini mirrored potato farmer.
  6. I pulled mine once with a small steering puller. But now l have one from DAP for pulling the gear which works better. About 25 bucks. My VP failed on the highway and l had nothing else with me to pull the gear.
  7. Some folks seem to have VIN problems when mixing them some dont. Kinf of a crsp from what l have read. No personal experience however.
  8. No zerks, they are sealed. I have never touched them for any maintenance. I would like to find an original carrier bearing but no luck with that one. I am going to repace them after l retire. Be interesting to see in the caps.
  9. Definitely no fuse for the lift pump. The fuel system fuse in the pdc is for the VP.
  10. I still would want mine under ECM control and no just a key on hot.
  11. Have you read the codes since ECM replacement?
  12. Well i will not scold for buying the pump. I paid big bucks to Dodge for one about 9 years ago. If I had to depend on for anything but getting to and from work i would have been in bad way. If you re using the truck for hauling for a living, you need a better pump. Just my experience.
  13. My oe last 75k. Better than some l have seen here though. My last one came from Blue Chip 8 or 9 years ago for $1700. It wasthe only one I could find with new electronics at the time. Not sure how much better theirs are today since they dont build theirs either.
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