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  1. Same here, local building supply. There have been a very few that needed a slightly different size. Bigger or smaller I dont remember.
  2. I would definitely do them all. There is a good article here on a simple way to do it.
  3. If the problem did not exist until right after the AD install, I would recheckall connections on the new fuel system. You would see fuel if you over tightened the high pressure lines and damage them. I woul also check your return lines from the VP and the back of the head. The washers will go bad on the head and you wont see it unless its bad enough to hit the ground. The tee they join to back behind the filter canister is another problem area. Both can cause loss of prime. Try parking it nose down and see if the problem persists.
  4. LMC truck offers the dash and steering column cover. I could most likely find the parts if you are interested in. Not sure how far back though. Just picked a door panel for the 02 and he had a big pile of them. Going to vist him pretty soon.
  5. The ECM will shut the pump down as soon as the engine stops running in case of an accident. Handy if you are knocked unconscious.
  6. Got the dripley from AOL when I bought my first computer back in 2000. Just stayed with me. As far as Peckley goes you pecker head, NO. Darn I just called my old buddy@JAG1 a pecker head again. I just loose control some times.
  7. Sounds like it is wired to a key on hot. It should not run at just key on ecept for brief prime. By that I mean less than second. That is with the ECM providing control to relay that gets the power off of the ECM. I am thinking the AD you have should have come with that set up when new. You will have to trace the wires back and see how it is wired in. An alternator putting out to much AC voltage can fry the electronics also. Lost mine back in 2006, never knew what fried it. Who checked your ECM out and deemed it unrepairable?
  8. I rebuilt mine soley with parts off of RA. Compressor, lines, drier, and condenser. It has been holding up fine for the past 2 years. Got the evaporator from RA 6 years ago maybe.
  9. You could do either. But if your horn works just swap them and see what happens. Quick and simple.
  10. This is it. With the beautiful truck parked in front. Thats them place. You too can own your t shirt for 20 bucks in the store.
  11. A beautiful sky tonight at the newly constructed Jim'N Nicks Bar-B-Q in Marietta Ga. I built something besides a chicken house and am about to go another. The first time in 21 years with this company I get build 2 of something in a row besides a CFA.
  12. Turning into quite the project.
  13. Mine used the long sweep 90 on the filter and the hard 90 on the the VP. Got it tapped for a shrader valve for a test gauge. I cut.a tapped coupling about midway in the line for a gauge. I dont remember seeing anything like you have with the BSP on it. Did mine about 9 years ago though.
  14. I just used a set out of a 6.7 in mine while replaceing the head gasket. They also have a hole drilled thru them to allow more oil thru the trunion. Mine oe were gauled ip somewhat.
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