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  1. Blown Turbo?

    I don't have a way to test it even if I knew how to.
  2. Blown Turbo?

    The turbo seemed fine, no play or excessive movement. All the fins are there. I hadn't had a chance to pull the valve cover yet and take a look. I'm starting to think i shelled an engine.
  3. Blown Turbo?

    Update: I looked at the turbo and it seemed fine, no broken fins and no movement. No oil in it, the air filter, or the innercooler. Hadn't had time to pull the valve cover but it's starting to look like I shelled an engine.
  4. Blown Turbo?

    Ok, thanks for all the input. I'll take pull things and start looking.
  5. Blown Turbo?

    That's what I'm afraid of and the first thing I thought of when it happened. I was hoping maybe the code would lean towards something else.
  6. Not quite sure what the problem is, but here's what happened. I had cruise set at 75 and everything was fine, tuck ran fine, good oil pressure, plenty of power, no warning lights, etc. All of the sudden there was a clicking sounding type of a knock, for lack of a better description and a lot of bluish smoke I think, it was dark but I could see smoke in the mirrors. It would increase as the RPM's did. I got off the turnpike and called a wrecker. Checked the oil it was full and no puddles or leaks. I had my OBD II scanner with me and it read P0234 with no check engine light. As far as I can tell I think the engine sounds fine but the knock/click is so loud it's difficult to isolate. I don't have a fuel pressure gauge so I don't know what the pressure is but I have replaced the VP and the lift pump. Never had that noise before, nor have I had a blown turbo. Is it possible the turbo and or waste gate could be making the sound?
  7. Tires

    As far as gas mileage I lost a few MPG because the set I have are fairly aggressive. I've had them since Nov of '11 and probably have 20,000 or so miles on them and there's still a lot tread left. They have 4 different tread patterns I think and one of them is a BFG all terrain KO and I think I'm going to get a set of those and use the ones I have as snow tires.
  8. Tires

    I'm running Treadwright retreads too and have no complaints on them either and will continue to run them from now on.
  9. Thermostat Question

    I burped both heater hoses couple of times each and the thermostat I have has the little swivel thing on it.
  10. Thermostat Question

    I'm also running a new water pump and radiator cap. For instance yesterday, it was 92 with 50% humidity and drove 7 miles and it still hadn't hit the 190 degree mark so I'm pretty sure I've trashed another thermostat.
  11. Thermostat Question

    I think I'm going to try a Cummins this time. Yes it's good, had it changed out with the heater core and ac evaporator in March of this year.
  12. Thermostat Question

    I thought you had posted before about going through thermostats. I've got to put mine in the shop for a heat/ac issue and I'm going to ask them about that. I'm with you thought, having a hard time believing that there that many defective thermostats out there.
  13. Thermostat Question

    Takes longer than normal to warm up except on hot days, and fluctuating temps. If i leave it idling, the temp gauge will drop to the next mark below 190.
  14. I've had 2 NAPA thermostats fail since the first of the year. Just wondering if anyone knows of any particular reason why they could be failing aside from poor quality in the first place and what others are using Cummins or aftermarket?
  15. Nice job. Noticed your XM radio, how did you mount it? Mine is just flopping around in the store. Also would like to know more about your map lights and your stereo and speaker mounting.