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  1. What did you decide on? I'm with the other guys that youl likely not notice any difference. I dont know what turbo your running if its stock or near stock and you tow you will have drive buy the egt gauge and moderate pedal accordingly. My 7x009 sac ducky injectors have worked well for 100k or more. Over half that on the hy35 pedaling off Temps while towing. 62 turbo has transformed it it a cool running mash the pedal to floor and forget it kinda truck. Im not on the tune Temps through computer game. I like to get mechanical and go from there.
  2. I got you beat. I can make grants pass from mtn home on one tank.
  3. I accidentally orderd a 3rd gen short actuator 4.4" outlet turbo. I got it on but its far from bolt on. This turbo seems to be riding this territory
  4. Soon as you said your truck drives weird my mind went to castor settings. Weird and wandering in my mind go hand in hand. I'd adjust castor more positive if castor washers aren't already maxed out on the positive. Then test drive she if it improves or stays the same.
  5. You guys are older than dirt must be 30years ago but seems like yesterday. Yes negatives are normal but not -20s Thanks loren for bringing these bulbs to my attention. I blew a bulb last week luckily I had a spare. My housing are junk. Gota decide on cheap replacement then order these bulbs. Thanks
  6. 1972 was the last time idaho saw -20s I have ounce seen -10s while driving. But normal temp like today is 17 mike might see 10is on a normal winter morning. Yes I have had halogens snowed over gota wipe em off everyone in awhile
  7. Heater cores in. Then decided to service and rotate tires. Turbo is looking good and clean Definitely putting heat out the vents now.
  8. I'll give it a go. I broke the brake light switch dont even know why I unplugged it.
  9. Wasn't as horrible as I thought. probly an hour to get it out. I am reinstalling with heater hose adapters. Instead of tearing the truck apart more. I may see if i can finangle the swivel lines through but on a quick look in the dark I don't think they go without do the other 3hours of disassembly
  10. I do believe the pitman arm taper is different. I know fir sure 2002 is the correct taper. Not sure on the other years. It will bolt together in the wrong taper but uts not seated like it should be
  11. I leveled mine 2" rear is still about2" higher. I measured 5" rake before deciding to lift the front 2" Still tows stuff just fine. However its a 3500.
  12. My lie o meter reads 28 with duck sac 7x009 actual mileage is 17-19 i can bust 19 if i run only freeway Thats with smarty on 9 and 62 turbo auto trans with 3.55s and rpm less than 2000 tires about 32.5
  13. Driving a big rig teaches pedal. I guess i do agree with 0-100 in that since. Ounce and done. If aut also make sure it dhuftd at or very near 3000rpm
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