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  1. So my housings are now terribly moisture filled thinking about drilling a hole so air can get out. 1/2" or so.
  2. It doesn't look hard to re pin the truck side. But yes bulbs are fixed in less I cut theyre wire and swap thd wires around before the plug or wire a new plug on. Here's a vid. After a quick drive im liking how I have them adjusted Mike will point out the dark spot on drivers side. I did play with bulb depth tonight they seem to work best shoved as deep in the housing as theyl go. Haven't had any one flash me yet. You'd think all this light talk would make me get my cab lights all going. Damn things.
  3. Morimotor told me to run the lights upside down. That was it im done washed. Im emailing gtr now to see wich way the ultra is wired 9004 or 9007. I do like the 2stroke 3.0 unreal light improvement compared to the stockish bulbs. I have walked about 200yds away from the truck and don't feel they blind me. Less so than alot cars that blind me with theyre bright as **** whatever lights theyre running. I've also come to realize photos and words of lights can't be trusted from the internet. Going off mikes or anyone else photos I couldn'
  4. I do believe them to be awesome but I can't say the same for morimoto or the retrofit source neither very helpful or informative Only reason I went morimoto was because I got on the damn mike bandwagon instead of doing my own research. That got me badass upside down lights. But now we know. The 2stroke beam is far better than the sv4 my freind has them There cannot be one replacement bulb for 9004 and 9007
  5. I'd been running it reversed in upside position. Just flipped it to its correct orientation. Cutt off is better now. Is probly livable in upside down orientation
  6. So morimoto is semi helpful but not realy. On my own I figured out what was stated above. 9007 9004 are reversed high low beam. The 2stroke 3.0 is listed as a 9004/9007 bulb the bulb is wired as a 9007 wich is reversed hi low in a truck with 9004. Make sense? I believe someone mentions earlier. These bulbs are not symmetrical too to bottom morimoto has now said to rotate the bulb 180 to correct reversed high low. I said that bulb is designed to run upside down. Morimoto seems to give information but only when I dig myself and confront them with the in
  7. Morimoto is becoming helpful. 9007 2stroke might not be the correct bulb
  8. Haha lol true that. I to dont care to follow anything the government says to follow either. I've emailed the retrofit source asking if I can return these bulbs. Doing some more research and more names are popping up of good led bulbs. Driving in a snow storm. Outside temp was about 32deg. I'd imagine these ice over pretty good if outside Temps much lower.
  9. So my bulbs are upside down. I only know from looking at pictures of morimoto bulbs. I've sent morimoto a email asking if they're upside down. Prior to that I sent them an email asking about what lense housing would be best suited to the 2stroke bulbs. Got the same response back saying they don't fit. I think ill be boxing these up and sending them back. I feel like I shouldn't have to deal with this they won't fit bullshit. They're a god damn 9007 plug and play replacement bulb. Maybe the jokes on me but . Im going to see if I can send these back. Get my refu
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