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  1. @dripley you were on to something with the needle valve! At least that's where I needed to look more closely. Turns out the fitting tapped into the elbow at the VP44 had finally shaken loose and was letting in air while the truck was off, and letting out fuel while the grid heaters were on. I tightened it while the truck was on high idle, and the difference in engine noise was quite noticeable! Doubt that has much to do with my strange EGTs, but who knows. At least now it should start better in the morning.
  2. Fuel pressure is same as it's been for tens of thousands of miles, 10-14 PSI. If air is leaking in through the fitting at the back of the head, could that screw up my starts? I sure wouldn't think so, but I'm not 100% versed on how Dodge engineers (or summer intern, Rube Goldberg disciples?) thought the system should work. Dripley, I suppose you're right that it could be the needle valve has just worked out of adjustment, it just seems very suspicious th pressure drop coincided with the rough starts. Could the VP44 pressure relief valve be weak, or a piece of trash stuck in it? I run Donaldson fuel filters, but don't remember the exact part number or specs. The relief valve has been externally dry every time I've looked at it.
  3. That's surprising to me. Didn't even OBD1 cars use IAT to figure fueling and timing? Or, does the ECM still see it and make adjustments so the Quad doesn't need to make changes?
  4. Over the last week I've noticed some strange behaviors from my truck and want you all's opinion on whether I'm being paranoid, I just need some maintenance, I'm about to have a serious truck breakdown to deal with, or something else altogether. Background: I'm in Minnesota, and my fuel tank is full of local "Premium" diesel. Temps are ranging from the 20s to even a few days in the 60s. Fuel from the same station I've used a lot in the past, newer station, sells lots of diesel. Other guys I work with fuel here, too, no problems. I'm running my Quad on Level 2 for MPG, as I have for a few thousand miles. Fuel pressure is unchanged. Can hardly tell about MPG changes as sometimes I fight a 40 MPH headwind on the interstate, and by the return trip don't get the benefit of a corresponding tail wind. Also, except for 100 mile round trips to a "neighboring" town, most of my driving is just putting across town to the local pork plant and back to the hotel. I've been keeping over 1/2 tank of fuel. Symptoms: I have had my "Turbo Timer" set for 300 degrees and until this week (after getting fuel the last time) the engine would run maybe 10 seconds after shutoff, even when 60 degrees out. The past few days despite it being in the 30s to 40s my truck would run for well over a minute before finally shutting off. I have since bumped the shutoff temp to 325 so it actually shuts off before I make it into the hotel from across the parking lot. This is even with a coolant temp of maybe 150 degrees (drove to hotel for lunch from the plant, which is just a couple miles of flat ground). My EGTs had seemed to be higher than normal despite same route, driving style, tire air pressure, etc. I have not noticed any excessive smoke, and boost pressure seems same as always, though I admit I don't usually pay a lot of attention to that. I thought maybe the thermocouple was just going bad until I had some rough starts the last two mornings, and even sputtered some at lunch today. This morning it hardly wanted to start, acting like it had an abundance of air in the fuel system, belching unburned fuel and running like crap. Once it ran for 10 seconds, it seemed normal, leading me to believe it's not a fuel gelling issue. Used to be when I flipped the key to Run to let the grid heater do its thing the fuel pump would run its couple of seconds, the pressure would come up a little and SLOWLY bleed to zero if I sat there long enough. Now, the pump still does its ~2 seconds of prime and the pressure just falls to zero FAST - actually, as I type this I'm not 100% certain the pressure comes up much, but I do here the pump run, and like I said above the fuel pressure is otherwise same as always. There is not a puddle of fuel under the truck, though I swear I have had a small leak from near the VP44 dripping down the front of the engine; however, I can never find it! Air in fuel causes delayed ignition, does it therefore also contribute to higher EGTs? Is this just a simple case of needing some fuel plumbing maintenance, or...? Not sure if if it's in my signature, but I run a stock "formerly engine mounted" pump, relocated to near the fuel tank, draw straw, 3/8" Parker fuel hose, stock filter housing, no banjos on the supply side. Would love to read your thoughts on the matter, thank you in advance. I will not likely be able to read or respond until tomorrow (Tuesday) evening.
  5. I'm sorry to hear you're still having a lot of pain. Lots of people out walking around here in KC, but last week when I was in MN no one was out (still snowing). It wasn't too far south of Council Bluffs that things were starting to turn a little green. Maybe some spring time weather will help your recovery.
  6. @Threadzy I just clicked on this link, and it's still $525. https://www.benzforce.com/collections/holset-hx35-he351-accessories/products/new-genuine-holset-he351w-4043980-4043982-he351
  7. How is your ankle coming along? Hopefully you got up and moving around really good before the Coronas hit. Have you taken the new turbo out for a drive? If so, what did you think?
  8. Every 0.59" is appreciated when trying to climb in the truck! I just looked at the Cooper website, and going to 245/75/17s will take me down 1/10th of an inch and loses 2 pounds per tire while narrowing the tread 3/4 and resulting resistance. Going to the 245/70/17 would take me down 1.1" and shave 6 pounds off of each tire, but it loses 195 pounds of capacity (3195 vs. 3000) per tire, for anyone that cares. Since my truck doesn't run like a Cheetah on cocaine or even caffeine, I need it to as least look a little cooler with the 1.1" taller tire! May go with the 245/75 tires next time.
  9. I do, but don't have super wide wheels nor 285s. The tires on my truck when I bought it were 285s, but I knew I wanted to shorten it some for the same mileage reasons, and for climbing in since I still have not found or made running boards, steps, rails, or bars that I like and only have a 32" inseam! I'll try to remember to post them from my computer.
  10. I have put 40k mostly highway miles on my G015 tires and have lots of tread left. They do fine on wet pasture without tearing up everything, though 4WD is key on hills with no weight in the bed. I'd buy them again, but would like to try an American brand like Cooper next time. They own Mickey Thompson.
  11. @Evan is one of your new tires supposed to be 265/70/17? See 4th picture down. Simple Tire has done me wrong in the past - wrong ply rating was sent. I ordered the right part number, they sent the wrong thing.
  12. I still like my 3rd gen steering. I don't do a lot of rough off-road needing articulation, but the potholes where I drive can put a beating on parts. I've hit some doozies and every time I check toe, it's spot on. I do hypothesize that the steering gear will have a slightly shortened life, but cannot estimate by how much. There's not much flex in anything to soften a big blow; of course that is one benefit to slightly larger tires. If I didn't already have 17" wheels and brakes, I'd seriously consider 235/85/16 tires and a gear change to 3.73 (my rear gears are VERY worn so would just change the fronts, too).
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